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  1. Congrat Pickles!!! I love your fish so cute
  2. I agree with daryl and Blue. I would get a 20 g one at least (if the space is not a problem). oop
  3. i wish I have space to set up one like yours. In NY, space is very limited:(
  4. Great Daryl, what a great experiment. Are you majoring in Chemistry? lol. Thanks a lot buddy.
  5. wow, that is fast, I am so sorry for yours.
  6. Thanks everybody. You guys are the best!!! What's wrong with those people from LFS? They should tell the truth or know what they are doing. man.. I am so %^& piss. Thanks again everybody
  7. Hi All, My LFS is trying to sell me Ammo-chips and sale man said it is pretty good to remove ammonia from the tank. Does anybody using it? If not, is there any alternate one? Thanks...
  8. Where do you keep your frozen food? and how?
  9. Does any body has experience with Siamese Algae Eater going together with Goldies? http://www.aquariumfish.net/images_01/waynes_sae_w240.jpg
  10. Yeap, mine is the same. between 6.2 and 6.5.
  11. Seems I have to add more. Thank everybody. Glitterfish, I think water in Brooklyn has the same issue.
  12. From what I can gather you do need to replace it/top it up, as it gradually dissolves other time Thanks, I will check it, when I get home. Mine is in the filter.
  13. Is it neccessary to replace coral?
  14. I am using it also. But instead of using it alone, I add the baking soda first. Then I feel the coral maintain the PH for 4 days. I have to add some baking soda again. I am not sure I use it correctly or not though.
  15. I would like to leave the fresh water for at least 12 hours. This is what I do, I put the fresh water with water conditioner(I also have to add baking soda for PH) in the bucket before I go to work. Then I do the water change after I come back.
  16. For me, I wouldn't add anything. 10g for Orlanda and frog is already small according to 10g rule thumb. Please post the pic of your tank, I would like to see it.
  17. For me I prefer Ranchu follow by Ryukin. I also like Lionhead..
  18. Thanks for a quick reply. I guess I have to use pots since I can't find 1" diameter Gravel vac. Thanks again.
  19. I have told to clean the gravel at least once a month and I am doing this process using Lee's Ultimate Gravel Vac. Also I am think to have live plants for my goldies. After having a large a mount of plants how do you clean the bottom of the tank? Thanks.
  20. check this one also... http://www.aquariumplants.com/ Good Luck!!!
  21. Also don't feed them for a couple of days before your trip. It will prevent the risk of high ammonia in water during the trip. Have fun !!!
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