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  1. very nice puppy face ranchu :exactly

    Thank you.

    they are so gorgeous and cu-u-u-u-u-ute! May I ask where you got them? GFC auction, by any chance? Oh, my. They are adorable.

    sure. I got her from Paul. Last week I went to Paul house to pick up this fatty. :)

  2. With one exception. One of the fish unfortunately did not do well with shipping. He is in very poor shape, and its really sad. But - that is the true test isn't it? How will someone respond if things DON'T go well? Sometimes you find that people are willing to deal with you when things go RIGHT, but when things go wrong it's a different story. We've all dealt with that before (think ebay!). All of a sudden phone calls aren't returned or you hear "not my problem", and they couldn't care less.

    NOT IN THIS CASE. As always Ken responded right away though phone call AND email. I showed him a video of the ranchu and without even ASKING he right away offered a full refund. But not just that, he took the time to listen to everything, and discussed everything with me, NOT as a business person, but as someone in the hobby that you can actually trust. You can tell he cares about the fish AND his customers.

    I had the same experience and I really appreciate Ken's reaction. In my case, ranchu got headdown issue because of shipping. After show him video, he told me how to treat the fish and wait for two weeks. After two weeks, there wasn't any progress and he give me a replacement ASAP. The only part I have to swallow is another shipping charge.

  3. Thanks everyone. It's difficult to find a good white one as well.

    Awwww they are PERFECT!!!!!!!! And of course after seeing that I had to go hunt for this "paul"s website!!! : ) And found it!! OMG I've never seen so many ranchu together in my life : )

    You should see them in person. lol

  4. Thanks all. It tooks more than 12 hours round trip to pick them up. But I got a nice treat from Paul's family (nice Thai food).

    very nice ranchus.By the way what size are your sponge filter?

    5 or 4 inches diameter??B/c it looks big.

    Hi Juju,

    Sponge filter is about 5" diameter

  5. Well iv'e decided i want to and a substrate and plants to my tank. I already have 2-8" Amazon Swords, 2-4" Anubis I am going to be adding some Anacharis real soon. I also plan to one of these

    187166458_tp.jpg. Anyone have suggestions on what i need for wattage?

    Right now i have a 55gallon, it has 2 hood lamps 18"long. I know all the plants nee low to moderate lighting, but how do i figure out what watt bulbs will give me the light needed??

    You should have at least 110 watts for your tank (2 watts per gallon). If it is a power compact FL lamps, it comes in two version 55 watt and 65 watts model. So you can have two 55 watts or two 65 watts which is even better. I am a little bit confuse about your hood. I am not sure it is a power compact or regular shop light. Can you post the pic of it?

    Additionally I would check for 6500K(planted light).

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