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  1. Thank you. sure. I got her from Paul. Last week I went to Paul house to pick up this fatty.
  2. Thanks everyone.. J. I was thinking about you when I was in PA last week. lol
  3. I just bought a new fish and here is her pic All comment are welcome for my new side view ranchu. See more pic here..
  4. I have used so many automatic feeders and New Daz is the one I like the most. Ebay Link Currently I am using two of it for afternoon feed and planning to buy one more for my third tank.
  5. If you can drive to Canada, you can get a few from fish Sempai. http://www.fishsempai.com/product_info.asp?product=995
  6. Please explain the green water culture and its benefits to ranchus or goldfish in general Please read from the first link inside the link. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=39607 Thanks
  7. Yes, UV is the best to kill GW except it is expensive(for me at least).
  8. Hi Fatchu, It's low in PH. Other then that I have no problem.
  9. I had the same experience and I really appreciate Ken's reaction. In my case, ranchu got headdown issue because of shipping. After show him video, he told me how to treat the fish and wait for two weeks. After two weeks, there wasn't any progress and he give me a replacement ASAP. The only part I have to swallow is another shipping charge.
  10. I have one. Instead of air stone I use sponge filter. In that way I have two filtration systems, HOB filter and sponge filter. But make sure you clean your sponge regularly.
  11. 100% impossible. I am thinking to do a small DIY project of constant water change system. lol.
  12. Thanks everyone. It's difficult to find a good white one as well. You should see them in person. lol
  13. Thanks all. It tooks more than 12 hours round trip to pick them up. But I got a nice treat from Paul's family (nice Thai food). Hi Juju, Sponge filter is about 5" diameter
  14. Hi Everyone, Here is pic of my recently bought ranchus from Paul. and one more here The rest of pictures http://s93.photobucket.com/albums/l68/smal...anchu/20081227/ Here is video What do you think??
  15. Hi, I want to add Vitamin C in Gel Food. I got Super C brand from drug store (link to product). Is it ok to add for fish? How much should I add if I use 4 packages of gelatin in one cook? Thank you.
  16. You should have at least 110 watts for your tank (2 watts per gallon). If it is a power compact FL lamps, it comes in two version 55 watt and 65 watts model. So you can have two 55 watts or two 65 watts which is even better. I am a little bit confuse about your hood. I am not sure it is a power compact or regular shop light. Can you post the pic of it? Additionally I would check for 6500K(planted light).
  17. I called him so many time with no success. I guess he is out of country(catching fish in Japan).
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