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  1. sorry it took me so long to reply the other 2 are not koi they are common gf (i meant to say that but oh well) and my dad dug up for the pond along time ago (we just never put anything in it before) they are still doing well but one of the plants it not growing so i am going to have to fish it out and return it probably. they are still doing well but the white ones tail is even more red know like a jikin(i know that isnt what it is) but it is colored like that only the tail is turning colors not the rest of the body i bought this stuff that is suppused to keep algea from growing but it doesnt seem to work very well thanks for all of your compliments.
  2. they do produce mucus and sometimes if they have been sitting for a while it will build up a little so this could just be excess mucus. is the white stuff on the rim of the shell? if so it mat be new growth what color is the shell? some times they do sit on the bottom for days at a time so it is somewhat normal. is it eating? they cant just eat lettuce i usually feed mine snail bisquites(spelled wrong ooops) and shrimp pellets(love em well not me but the snails) usually they will be at the top and once they hear(or notice whatever) the pellets hitting the water the make the little scifon(sp) with their saying "give me food" and i plop some in their foot and they eat away at it. if it doessnt seem to be eating it is good to take it out for a few hours a day (or every other day) and put it in a small bowl of water (enough to cover its shell) and put some food in there so it can eat but take it out after a few hours and that will help. and yes take it and smell it it will smell awful if it is dead it wont just smell fishy or weird it will smell BAD so you will know if it is dead or not. let me know if you have any more questions
  3. i also had my female in withy some platties and guppies but one day i saw her ripping the eye out of my oldest platty. i am not sure if it was because she was old and dying or she was sick b/c she never bothered them any other time so i think she should be fine. if you want to put a few female bettas together 4-5 should be fine in a 10 gallon(at least that was what i was told but correct me if i am wrong) assuming they are all pretty mellow you should also add them all at the same time so the older ones arent territorial.
  4. what size tank do they need? what do they eat? can you buy them in a petstore? i think those things are sooo cool i have seen them alot but always in zoos and stuff.
  5. here is my blue snail bungee jumping on one of the plant stems ther is a little bit of algea growing on the glass but you can still see it he was bouncing up and down and everything it was soo funny
  6. this is my new pond i lietrally fell in trying to catch the fish haha b/c they are so stubborn i was soaking wet haha i know how is it possible? for me anything is the bad thing was i had my camera and i didnt want to drop it in the pond. i was literally laying over the top luckily it isnt soo big that i couldnt catch myself any way here is my pond (by the way it is supposed to be blueish it isnt dirty just in case it looks like it was dirty) and another and here are the fish they dont have names so im open for suggestions here is the white one(but for some reason its tail has turned orange could this be from the sunlight?) here is the gold one and i just had to buy a sarasa comet b/c they never have them at the store usually and it is soooo cute so what do you think there is a lilly in the pond but it has to grow (that is what the floating thing is remember any name suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  7. i would never kill them i dont kill living things. my nieghbor has a large pond (with a dirt bottom) next door so i took the frogs from my pond and put them in th stream that leads to the pond hopefully they will like it there. the frogs around here are huge and they have claws so i would be afraid they would accedentally scrathch them especially since they are smaller fish and theycould possibly eat them especially since it is mating season and i read in another topic that sometimes they cling on to the fish. i cleaned out the pond today and i filled it with water so i will add the fish in on sunday if everything goes well. i even bought a lilly plant. thanks for all your help.
  8. it is cute and i dont want to upset anyone but a am pretty sure the duck is eating ducks usually eat and then take a drink eat then take a drink ect. but it does look like they are beeing fed by the duck. maybe i am wrong
  9. i am going to put 2, 1 1/2 - 2 in. in my ~150 g pond and frogs were in there but that was before i emptied it i was wondering if they come back will they hurt the fish and if the water is kept clean will they even come back? if they do come back i dont really want them in there just to be safe how could i keep them out? is there any way to make sure they dont go in the pond? any info would be greatly appreciated.
  10. thanks i was hoping they would be fine. i didnt think pond filters were that cheep. the price of regular aquarium filters is soo expensive that i thought pond filters would be too. around here a filter for an aquarium of that size would be at least 100 dollers and that would be if you bought a cheep junky one. the fish are pretty small 1 1/2 - 2 inches not including their tails ill post pictures as soon as i take some they have really pretty tails though they are really long and flowy(is that a word? it looks weird. the temperature is pretty warm now so once i clean it out(it has brown gunky algea in it) and put fresh water in it ill let it sit for a day or two and add them to their new home.
  11. the lady next door had two really pretty commons/commets in a small bowl and she was selling them at her garrge sale and said if no one boght them she was going to throw them away. there was only 15 minutes left until she was going to end the sale so i bought them. we ahve a pond in our yard that holds about 150 gallons and i was wondering if i could keep the goldfish in there without a filter if i siphoned out the bottom every week. or if i absolutly need a filter would i be able to go without a filter for a few months until i could afford one? i would rather not have to get one at all because they are so expensive and i would much rather do alot of work than buy an expensive filter. especially since our pond is about 150 feet from the nearest electrical outlet. what are some good plants that help with the amonia? and what are some other ways to keep that down? any info would be good. also what temperature should the water be before i put them outside thank you
  12. i volunteer at a cat shelter and yesterday we cleaned up a fish tank the neighbor dumped in our yard. i have seen it before and i guess it has been there since before i started working there (at least 5-6 months) the tank was pretty boken but there was a hood and a light and a heater for a 10 gallon and the other volunteer was just going to throw it away. sooo i saked her if i could keep it and she said yes so i got all that for free. yay!! it all works too i dont really need the heater now because my tanks stay pretty warm but if i decided to get a fish that needed more heat that would work. i really needed the hood and light though because i had been using cardboard with a hole cut out and a light for a 1.5-2 gallon tank which didnt provide much light so now the tank looks much better.now all i have to do is clean up all the pest snail poop off the bottom grrr i clean it and the next day it is just about as bad as the day before so lets just say my tank isnt spotless on the bottom.hehe oh well but i am still really excited to get the free stuff.
  13. i dont really know i use calcium every night but other than that i dont do anything else(besides feed them of course) which i never even know how much food they get because i never see them eat only sometimes when they suck food in at the top and only someof them do that.
  14. here is a blue one i got about 2 weeks ago with horrible shell growth and her is after 2 weeks with much better shell growth here is the golden i have had for about 5 ? months before: and here he is now and here is my ivory one riding my golden one(i thought it was cute) it is sort os hard to see with the flash and the fact that brown algea is growing on my tank and i cant get rid of it grrrr i cleaned out the tank and scrubbed it all off and i have been scrubbing it off every other day and it keeps coming back.
  15. thanks i hadnt heard they were aggressive or anything but i wanted to make sure. also would it be better to get two b/c i heard they do better in small groups but they can do fine on there own as well so that is another question i have thanks
  16. i know they get along with gf but i was thinking about getting one or two hillstream loaches but i was looking up info about them on the internet and wanted to make sure they were compatable with snails because i have some apple snails all brigs except one haustrum so i wanted to make sure they could live together? thanks
  17. heres an idea: i bought a lazer cat toy to entertain my cat and i was putting it along the walls(she ignored it of course) but i ended up putting it accross the fishtank and they went nuts. they were following it around all over the tank and they looked like they were haveing a blast. the great thing is they arent too expensive. i got mine for about 3.50. i dont really know if it can be considered exersize b/c i dont know if fish can loose wieght by "running" around the tank but i assume they can maintain their health by doing this but it looks like a workout to me.
  18. they are kindd of blurry arent they? oops oh well here is a pic of both of them together that wouldnt fit on the other page.
  19. heres mogadore: thet is the only one i could get of her b/c she wont stay still for 2 seconds and heres wadsworth(not much easier to capture on film): i have had them for a couple of months so theese are update pictures i really hope their wens get big but as long as their healthy i dont care. i am thinking about getting a pearlscale what do you think? should i or not? anyway heres a group photo(of the two)
  20. my tank now (and before you couldnt see the plants) i want to get some anarchis and some mossballs but my petstore doesnt have them and they dont know when they will get them in (hmm) what do you think the water needs filled b/c eventhough i have a lid the water still evaporates if you look close enough you can see my snails ps. the one plant floated back to the top before i had a chance to notice and the other one is next to the coral thing and then the other one you can see.
  21. i was in a chain petstore the other day and every time i go in i look at the fish. anyway this lady wanted to buy an oranda so she asked the sales lady if one could go in a 10 gallon by itself. the sales lady said no and said gf dont do well living alone and that if she wanted to buy only one she would need at least 40 gallons. i kept listening and thought it wasnt so bad to tell her that (at least the gf would get a big home) eventhough it was wrong. anyway what i heard next was the shocking part. the slaes lady said the point of the large tank was to try to trick the goldfish into thinking it couldnt find more fish but there were fish in there. how they could get fooled about that i have no idea. she told the customer that if she only wanted a 10g tank she wouls have to at least get 5!!!!! so they wouldnt get lonley i told the customer that they do fine by themselves and for fancy gf it is at least 10g per fish. luckily she didnt buy the huge tank and kept the 10 and bought one oranda i told her she should wait at least 2 weeks but better to wait at least a month for the tank to cycle but she didnt care about that. any way at least i saved a few lives. and in another place(wallmart) this lady was talking to the sales guy about oscars and he was totally lying to her.heres how the conversation went lady:they look really mean(which alot of people think bot i think they are cute) guy:they are. one day i was standing here and one of them ripped the head off another one. and i stuck my hand in the tank to retrieve(sp) it and it bit my finger and ripped a patch of skin off (why he would put his hand in the tank wheen he saw the fish rip another fish in half is beyond me)(this could not have been true b/c these were too small to have teeth(only about an inch and a half) so they could nt have ripped anything off) lady:can they be put in bowls? guy:yes!!!!!! they grow to the sice of their container i interupted and told the lady that if she put it in a bowl the out sides wouldnt grow as big as they could but the insides would keep growing and an oscar needs at least 50 g for one so he would die very shortly in a bowl. she did not buy on ebut this just goes to show you how ignorant people can be.
  22. i might try to breed them and sell them to this local petstore we have that takes good care of their fish but i amnot sure. yes i know they grow fast they already have new shell growth thanks
  23. heres my mogadore before not the best pic but the beat i could find i loved the black on her she also had "lipstick" and a letter T on her head she was soo cute but unfortunatley(sp?) she lost that oh well she is still cute here she is now does her color look brighter now or is it just me and can you see some lettuce pompoms or not? and heres wadsworths before picture as you can see her caudal fin was severly bent under and i dont know why but here she is now her color hasnt changes(which i didnt expect it too b/c i wanted a lemon head sooo bad) but she is not all hunched her wen is a little bit more pronounced than mogadores i have only had them for about 4 months at the most they are supposed to be orandas but they dont have very big wens yet i hope they will get really big
  24. my new snail (the magenta if you looked at my other post) has not come out of his shell yet he will sort of peak his tiny eyes out of the shell but he hasnt actually come out should i give it some time since i got him only 3-4 days ago? he is really cute the only reason i am worried is b/c the other 3 snails are all out and climbing around. thanks
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