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  1. Oops sorry lol but thanks I just wanted to make sure it was ok b/c they stuck all over the fish too and they didn't really act weird or anything but I just wanted to make sure it wouldn't cause breathing problems Well that makes for easier water changes at least lol I will go and try to find that other post too thanks
  2. Hello I just have a question about bubbles in the water. When I do water changes I get a bunch of bubbles in the water and on the fish and I know that can't be good for them (at least I don't think it is) so I have been putting water in a bucket letting the bubbles go out then pouring it in the tank which wouldn't be a problem but it takes forever to refill 50-75% of an 80g tank lol sooooo is there something wrong with the water or is there something I can do to get rid of the bubbles so I can refill using my python? Thanks
  3. java fern Is fine with salt b\c it is a brackish water plant I have some in my one tank that has a salinity of 1.006 and it is doing fine alot of plants can tolerate more salt than you think
  4. i have never heard the loaches make noise i will have to listen next time i bag one up but i have heard other fish like pictus catfish and iridescent sharks both make a noise and you can feel the cup vibrating if they are in a cup of water.
  5. ok but substrate isnt absolutly neccessary? i only have 3 goldies right now but was thinking at the most 5 goldies and 2 loaches in the 80g? would thise be ok? thanks
  6. oh cute i was thinking of getting a few to help clean up the extra food on the bottom of my tank(and b/c they are cute lol) but would they do ok in a tank with out gravel? my tank is bare bottom and i do not want to have gravel, at least not anytime soon and i wasnt sure if they would be ok without gravel or not? and they need 10g a peice? oh well i have an 80g so i have plenty of room lol thanks
  7. is this a good brand? http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=3602 and which one would i need i have an 80g tank i already have an aqua clear 110(500gph) and was going to get another but thought instead i would get a canister filter what is the rule for gph and canister filters? i know with hob filters you need 10x filtration is it the same for canister filters? i have heard you only need 4x filtration with them also what kind of maintenance do they need? do you change anything? how often? also i noticed on the package of the one i was thinking of getting said it does 300 gph but it said when it was full of media it only does 160 mph so does it not count b/c it only matter what the total gph is? i was thinking of getting the xp2 which would be enough for the tank alone pretty much if the 4x filtration is true anyway any tips would be great thanks
  8. thanks everyone they all seem to be doing great and the funny part is that gumball the biggest one seems to be the most stressed b/c the whole move lol but they are all eating looooooved the spirilina flakes i gave them last night but were a bit more wary of the gel food but did finally eat it silly guys lol so far they all seem to hang out together mostly except squirt who is a little adventurer swiming everywhere exploring the tank lol and i graduated from lexington high school too in 2007 i have lived in lexington since i was 5 b/c my mom wanted me to go to a great school lol
  9. hello i just got my new goldies today (i have had goldfish in the past 2 beautiful huge babies that were spoiled rotten unfortunatly died when our power went out for a week while we were on vacation and i wasnt there to save them ) anyway i finally feel ready to get back into goldfish i was so excited i made them some gel food last night(like i used to make for my other guys) i just wanted to post some pics of them and their tank here is their tank it is an 80g no decorations b/c of the bubble eye which is also why the intake tube is covered in foam lol here are the new babies all together getting their salt bath gumball-(think it is a girl but not sure) everyone else is just a guess but her vent looks like a girls from what i can tell lol coco-(might change this but hope he keeps his chocolate color but he probably wont lol) pearl-(she has a little wen beggining to grow what kind of pearlscale does that make her?) bubbles-always wanted a bubble eye and will be sure she gets enough food but so far she has been eating like a champ lol simba-(i really hope he keeps these colors but if not oh well) and here is squirt- he is my problem guy i saw him at the store and i just couldnt pass him up for some reason his tiny wen has grown entirely over his right eye it doesnt seem to be bothered by it though he eats very well so idk here is is pic of his eye also just to add this tank is fully cycled(has been since june long story a friend was borrowing it for his fish(kept it at my house) until he could afford a 200g for his fish he found that were geourgous and didnt have anything to keepthem in so i said i would keep them in my 75 until he got his tank set up(they were just little oscars when he first got them and by now they are 7 inches lol so they are now moved up and i get a cycled tank lol) anyway those are my new babies and i am soooooo excited what do you all think?
  10. thanks and yes i did make sure of that the first store i went to didnt have anything with out the anti caking so i had to go the entire way into town(still not as far as the petstore though lol) oh the things we do for our fish
  11. ok i will run down to the gorcery store and pick up some pickling or kosher salt i have still had fish but i just got back into goldfish i used to have 2 i really loved and spoiled rotten and we went on vacation one year and our power went out for a week and i lost them b/c i wasnt home to do anything about it so i just figured i wouldnt get back into goldies for a while and now i have decided i am ready to i am so excited and i think i picked out some beauties lol ill post pics as soon as i get them in the tank and get a tank shot too i didnt figure marine salt would be ok but i thought i waould ask anyway lol
  12. i still usually pull at the orniments out b/c we either have VERY VERY tiny african ciclids that can go around them easier or we have REALLY large ornaments that take up so much room you have to remove your net from the tank just to put it on the other side lol buenos ares tetras are also pretty difficult
  13. hello i just got my new goldfish today i am so excited(pics will come soon lol)anyway before i add them to the tank i always like to give them salt dips just to make sure they dont bring anything home (i dont have any gf before today so i dont need to quarentine, i just got back into goldfish i miss them so much) anyway i was at 2 petstore and forgot to get aquarium salt i know there are a few other kinds you can use but i cannot remember what they are also is marine salt ok to use for salt baths? i have that b/ of my brackish tank so if it is that would be great lol thanks also i dont really have to do a salt bath i guess i just like to to make sure they are not bringing anything nasty home(i cant actually see anything though) thanks
  14. i work at a petstore and i think the worst thing to catch are african ciclids giant danios hmmm a few others i cant think of but those are super duper fast lol plecos arent bad but the chinese algea eaters are lol
  15. hello i used to order apple snails from terri at rainbow snails but since she isnt doing that anymore i want to know of a place that has apple snails as nice as hers and hopefully as nice a variety of colors also i didnt know haustrums were illegal(i new canas were) i had got one from her and she was my all time favorite snail i loooved her are there any snails that get that big that are legal that can live with gf? thanks ashley
  16. ok i am planning on getting a 55g tank and want to know what every one thinks i should do about gravel i either want to do natural gravel- looks nice easy to clean doesnt flake or chip now to have large gravel or small gravel? or i want to do black gravel b/c it really makes the fish pop but i have notised the paint chips and it flakes and then you have a bunch of little tiny peaces in the bottom of the tank i dont like the look of bare bottom tanks they always look nice in everyones pictures but when i tried it before(not with gf) it got all gross lokking on the bottom kind of scummy looking ewww and you could always see the poop it wasnt water quality issues b/c they always tested perfect and i did a partial water change every week so it want like it was left to pile up or anything lol anyway i just dont like them what do you guys think? i only have a black moore now and there are these 2 beautiful fish at work but i kind of wanted to set up the new tank before brought them home i do have room for them now but i dont really want to put them through the stress of mooving them i also plan on putting all the water from the other tank into the new one to get it started(it is a 30g) so there will be alot of bacteria growth and i will be usin gthe filters with that tank too i will have to buy another one though b/c those 2 combines only do about 350 gph but i dont htink i will have problems with adding fish right away as there will be alot of old water to get it started the new tank has to go on the same stand as the current tank as that is the only place i have room for it anyway i am rambling lol thanks for any suggestions on gravel and feel free to [ost pics of your tanks with the gravel tyoes i have mentioned so i can get a better look for what i want thanks
  17. i dont see that it would be much of a problem unless he is trying to get the fish on another note i would not keep my cats food or water in the bath room the spray from when a toilet flushes goes about 6 ft so unless you always put your toilet lid down he is getting filthy food this is why i dont keep my toothbrush in the bathroom its gross lol
  18. is rainbowsnails.com not open anymore? this is what i get when i type it in http://www.rainbowsnails.com/ why is it doing this? is there ar new page or something? i really wanted to order some haustrums and i love the shrimp pellets she has but something is not working thanks
  19. not that i dont agree that sales people should be trained but alot of customers just dont listen i work at nnnn and i ask all of the customers what size tank they have how many fish(if any) they already have in there etc at nnnn (and i am sure alot of other stores) you CANNOT refuse a sale for fish unfortunatly i am very blunt with them and i will tell them "it will die if you put it in that small of a tank or it needs at least this amny gallons" etc some people just do not listen i have to rant about this the other day a guy came in and here is what happened guy: can i have three of them fish right there(pionts to a pacu tank) me:what size tank do you have? guy: (very rudly and practically yelling at me) it is big enough and it is none of your business anyway i can do what i want just get the fish!! me: scared lol i get the fish and bag them guy: what are those called "red gravels? me: WHAAT? guy pointed to the sighn for gravel that is red (sighn for pacus was sitting on floor face up) me: (trying soooooooooooooo hard not to laugh) i said those are pacus needless to say he almost ran out of there from embarasment and i have never seen him again. he obviosly didnt know what he was talking about but he refused to let me help him. i try really hard to get people to listen to me and i have made it sound before like i refudes a sale but without actually saying they couldnt buy it but sometimes the people are just sooo rude i dont feel like arguing people are soo dumb sometimes and i really dont understand how some of them even live in normal sociaty take this person for example i answered the phone and this person wanted to know what kind of lizards we had i told him and the last one i listed was a basilisk he asked if it was like the one from harry potter!!!!!!!!!!! i said NO for one thing that was a snake and for another we dont sell 300 ft long poisinous animals lol i might have been rude but he just deserved it i am just glad he was not there in person or i probably would have slapped him that is the main thing i hate about my job is all the people who not only dont know what they are doing but arent willing to learn when i tell them stuff i am not like most petstore workers i do alot of research (especially w/ reptiles) i am the only knowlagable person in that department i loove to help people though especially the animals and i am glad that at least the majority of them are willing to learn sorry about the rant but that kind of topic always gets me going lol thanks
  20. i should have posted this in the gf photo section but oops if anyone wants to move it over there feel free to do so lol
  21. i got a new friend for mogadore and wadsworth he is a clack moore but he is already starting to turn gold yay he is soooo tiny and they are sooo big but they dont seem to be bothering him luckily here is and update on mogadore here is a before of mogadore (got her in august of 2006) after (one year) wadsworth before (got him in august 2006) and after (one year) they kind of picked at him when i first put him in but when they realised he wasnt food they leave him alone here is a pick to show the size difference wadsworth is kinda fuzzy in this pic but it is the best one i could get b/c he doesnt hold still lol he is in the the bowl/dish in the bottom od the tank lol he is soooo cute also i dont have a name so any suggestions would be very helpful
  22. luckily they all made it through the summer (b/c i couldnt see them half of the time) my pond doesnt have a filter b/c it is natural they have plenty of plants and algea growth to keep the toxins down. anyway it has been hard to see them for the last couple of weeks b/c someone (aka my mom and dad) keep getting grass in the pond wich durties up the water anyway i am moving them inside for winter bc our pond freezes and depending on how cold it desides to get (with this crazy ohio weather) and i wouldnt want to move them after it gets too cold b/c i think they would go into shock w/ the temp change b/c it is already about 60 degrees. anyway my question is i am going to get a rubber madetub to put them in with a filter if i do enough water changes and vacuum the crud out could i maybe get only a 20 gallon or so? i dont want to have a whole bunch of them and i cant really afford all those filters especially when they wont be used half the time anyway and if i get a tub any bigger than that the sides wont stay up or anything. i have 3 fancy's and 3 commets/ commons i now that is too small for a perminent home but they are still pretty small themselves and like i said before it would only be in the winter(about 5 months depending on how long it takes to get warmer0 when i bring them inside i will take updated pics of them) thanks
  23. if you can beleive it she is the newer haustrum and the other one is the oldest but he is about 2x less the size of her i dont know why he didnt grow as big but i got them maybe a month and a half difference oh well all my brigd died(i have had them for a while) so i went to the store(b/c i work there) and bought a golden and an ivory they are sooo cute b/c they are so small. i will post pics if i remember and feel like it later lol.
  24. does anyone know the link or the website where it tell you i got him from the petstore that i work at b/c i knew if he was sold it would never get fixed and now i cant find the link thanks
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