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  1. Instead of the bowl do you have something like a 5 gallon bucket that hasn't had any soap or household cleaning materials in it?? Or better yet can you invest in a rubbermaid tub. Anything larger will be better then the bowl you have your fish in. For the mean time you don't have a filter, change 30% of the water very frequently making sure that you put water conditioner in the untreated water. Also since your bucket, tub, or bowl is not cycled pay attention to your water parameters. If you don't have one already get suggest you get a water test kit so that you can test for ammonia, nitartes, and nitrites. High ammonia and nitrites can kill you fish fairly quickly. Good luck with the fish.
  2. Yesterday we took a trip to nnnnnn. As usual we stopped by the fish section and this is what I saw. This really upset me so I asked the lady what was wrong with the fish and why they were selling the poor sick things. She said "oh that's the way they sleep." I was so mad and grossed out I just walked away! ( my husband was the one that took the pic for me with our camera phone so sorry for the bad quality) All the fish that are on the ground are so close to death. The ones that are grouped up in the backround are dead stuck to the filter. The tank was a 20 long and the floor of the tank was covered with fish.
  3. That's good news daryl!!!! I am so happy to hear that your precious fish are doing a.o.k.!!!
  4. you can name him/her Hershey or snickers
  5. ^_^ Good Luck ... I know that your fish will be super happer in her new tank!!!
  6. Hey My apple snails name is Gary too. LOL I named him after Gary from Sponge Bob also
  7. ooo Thats so cute!! Earrings with mice?? Yikes
  8. You all have beautiful orandas.... Here is a pic of the late charlie..
  9. Maybe its a disease called Pop eye! I really don't know much about treating it but I'm sure someone will come along and help you better! Good Luck
  10. Chelsea.. SOrry to hear about glimmer. I know how if feels to lose a favorite fish....((((HUGS))))
  11. Thats great news Chelsea!!! I'm glad glimmer is doing better.
  12. Toothless, No disrespect taken. Like I said correct me if i'm wrong. I just read somewhere when the fish starts floating around with the current of the water they go no where but downhill. SBD is different though, the fish doesn't just let the current take them anywhere. They actually try to swim to where they want to go. So please forgive me if I'm wrong and Please try to help glimmer
  13. I'm sorry about Glimmer Chelsea....At this point I think that you can no longer do anything for your beloved fish...When they start to float like you are describing they go no where but downhill. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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