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  1. Gel food with various vegetables and vitamins, and occasionally daphnia, bloodworms, dry shrimps. Sometimes pellets with spirulina or Tetra crisps, but rarely.
  2. Beautiful fish ! How big are they?
  3. Great pics, Curly is so cute and has beautiful colors !
  4. I have Eheim 2224 Pro and it works great !
  5. Nice video, your ryukin is beautiful ! And I love background color, so impressive!
  6. Wow! He's beautiful ! Have you named him yet?
  7. Congrats! Your fish will surely enjoy in their new, big home !
  8. Like amynmitchell said, it really depends - i have three fish, and just one shows interest in plants. She eats valisneria, crypt etc., but for some reason she won't touch anubias or echinodorus . And, I'm vacuuming gravel once a week, but not parts that are close to plants.
  9. They are all beutiful! And baby moor is so small and cute !
  10. Poor girl ! How many male fish do you have? I mean, my female fish gets exhausted sometimes, and she has only two males to harass her.
  11. The fish is really huge! And gorgeus ! Do you have in mind some company for her/him?
  12. I really enjoyed watching this video! And fish are beautiful !
  13. They are all adorable! New fish has beautiful color, how big is he (or maybe she )?
  14. Thanks, Lynda for very informative post and recipes! I can't cook that gel food right. Yesterday I've made some and it's all sticky... Obviously my cooking skills are lousy . And I didn't know that I have to heat gelatin . So, If I want to add more gelatin, I have to reheat all that food? I'm really not sure, maybe both? Whatever I give that fish to eat, she has problems. Pea doesn't help and poop is often filled with bubbles (here you can see photo: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...howtopic=75879). And I don't overfeed her. It's really frustrating.
  15. Yes, and they love it, but I forgot to put some processed food, so gel food was just with veggies! After few days, fish with floating problem is better, but one other fish has gotten diarrhea or something , although I was feeding the other two fish sometimes with pellets, not only with gel food... It's hard for me to make some balanced diet when fish have different problems. Obviously I need some good weekly feeding plan, it's a little bit confusing. I have package (20 g) of instant gelatin - is it okay with cup and a half of veggies?
  16. Well, after 3 days of fasting, one day she was swimming straight (for the first time in very long time). Then I began to feed her with gel food, and now she is ok, but still looks like something is dragging her on the top of the tank and she doesn't swimm total straight. Let's say - it's definitely better from laying sideways and flipping over, but she still has problem.
  17. Fresh veggies are sometimes problem for me, especially in winter, maybe I'll try with baby food. Daryl, thanks for detailed description! I'm not such a great cook, this was very helpful. Till now, I used one and a half cup of frozen veggies, mostly peas with few caulilflower, brocolli and carrot (some vegetable mix from supermarket - I cooked all for ten minutes), and one cup of instant gelatine, with few drops of fishtamins. And I blended all, I didn't know it's better to stirr gel, also I wasn't sure about food proportion ? how much vegetables with how much gelatine?
  18. I hope so, because my gel food till now contained mostly peas, it would take me hours to do that . I just put boiled peas in blender, but... my picky fish won't eat peas shells, so they spit it and make a big mess. Luckily, I have good external filter and in combination with gravel vacuuming, it works somehow.
  19. Thanks! I will definitely do that - put processed food in blender, I think I even have leftovers of baby fish food which is tinier and I have some daphnia (in jelly form). Can I use frozen spinach for gel food? And other frozen vegetables, such as brocolli, carrot... (cooked first, of course)? And, which veggies are better to avoid? I read somewhere that cauliflower and beans cause gases, is it true? Kathy, when you say baby food, you mean like baby food mash ?
  20. Hi! Can you tell me which vegetables (beside peas) are good for fish with floating problem? My fish responds not so well to any kind of pellets or similar food, even presoaked, and also peas doesn't help so much lately (gas problems). So I want to prepare gel food for her, but I'm not sure about ingredients... Are all veggies really good for that kind of problem or I have to avoid some? Any suggestion or recipe would be really helpful. Thanks !
  21. I'm not so sure... Yesterday she grabbed one piece of pea from another fish . Except that, she hadn't eat since friday (today is third day of fasting), and she is up on the top of the tank, with usual balance problems. She isn't laying sideways, but she struggles with swimming. I will not feed her till tomorrow, but I don't think it's going to work out.
  22. Thanks for very good advices! She has balance problem for a very long period of time, two years, maybe even more (she is now 3 years and a half). Until now it was ?under control" ? she was struggling when swimming sometimes and ?something" was dragging her up to the top, but for the last few weeks, it is worse ? in the evening, after feeding, she is laying sideways and yesterday, she even flipped over few times . I gave her, believe it or not, belly massage and some salad and today she is better, probably till next feeding. I've noticed before that processed food isn't good for her, so I feed all my fish almost every evening with peas (or like I said, sometimes gel food, salad or daphnia), and every weekend with peas only. And it worked until now. And yes, she is gulping all the time, I was thinking of shutting down the air pump, but my external filter also makes bubbles. PH is around 7.2, I think (not so sure with those multistick tests). So, I will try fasten her for three days, and then give her veggies, but I'm not sure I will hold on. Can I give her just a tiny, tiny bit of pea? If it doesn't work, I'm not sure what do you mean by overfeeding ? What amount of food causes overfeeding and what kind of food?
  23. Thanks! Maybe it is digestion problem and gasses ... and lately she has also floating problem - when she eats anything, even peas. I feed her with various food - tetra crisps or pellets (JBL, for goldfish) in the morning (before feeding, I sink them in glass of aquarium water), and peas mostly in the evening or sometimes salad, daphnia or gel food with peas, carrot and cauliflower (mostly peas, because my fish don't like all vegetables). What can I do to help her?
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