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  1. Thanks for the help and once again, Happy Holidays!
  2. I am planning on getting a 29 gallon tank soon and would like to keep goldfish. I was wondering how many goldfish I would be able to keep. I will keep fancies and will most likely have a canister filter. I was hoping 2, but I wanted to make sure first. Thanks for the help and happy holidays!
  3. For a 55, you can really only have about 3, 4 at most.
  4. I've never buried a fish, but with guinea pigs, I've used old shoe boxes.
  5. Idontknow if this is normal, but I was testing my water today, since my tank was cyclying and I had done a water change last night using prime. First, I tested the ammonia and nitrites, and they were both 0. Then I tested the Ph. I use the API master test kit. I tested the Ph out of the tap,and it was about 6.9. Then I tested the Ph in the tank, and it was 7.8! I couldn't believe it, so I tested the water a few times, and I got the same results every time. I'm not sure if something is wrong, or what to do, so please help me!
  6. If you are somone who can not afford a phython like me, and the bucket and hose method is getting to stressful, then this might help. All you need is a hose, an adaptor for the sink, two large garbage with wheels, or rubbermaid containers (at least big enough to do a 50% water change. One can for clean water and one for dirty water. The dirty water can can be an old garbage can, while the clean can has to be new, same with the rubbermaid.) and a gravel siphon (can be the one used for cleaning the tank.) This will only work if your tank is near a sink. First, you will want to fill the clean can or container with water. Next, add the water conditioner, and let the water sit for a day or two. If you have a tropical tank, then you will need a heater. If you can, a filter or an air pump will help circulate the water. You will only need the pump and tubing. Next, siphon the water from the tank into the dirty can or rubbermaid, and then bring this near the sink, and you can siphon the water from the can or rubbermaid container into the sink. After that, take the can or rubbermaid container with the clean water to the tank. Finally, use the siphon to siphon the water from the can or rubbermaid container to the tank, but make sure the siphon is clean first. Hope this helps!
  7. This may be a stupid questions, but are the bettas togther, or seperated?
  8. I have a black moor and a red cap oranda.The ammonia is 1-2, the nitrites are 1-2, and the nitrates are 10.
  9. I was thinking about getting a minibow aquarium for my room (either the 2.5 gallon or 5 gallon.) I like the minibow, but they come with the filters, and I'm afraid it might be to strong for a betta. Also, I was thinking about getting a java fern, but when I set up a minibow 2.5 for my nana's betta, I realized the bulb is a 15 watt, and I wasn't sure if that would be to bright to grow a java fern.
  10. I have a Penquin 200 with a biowheel and a top fin filter. My tank is still cyclying, and I saw something for aquaclear filters that removes ammonia. I can't use a second flter media in the filter because if I do, there isn't enough waterflow to spin the biowheel. I was wondering if I can use that in my biowheel filter. I was also wondering if stress-zyme by Aquarum Pharmasutecals would help cycle the tank faster.
  11. Have the filters gone through the nitrogen cycle, because if not, it could be this.
  12. Unfourtunately, Pedro died, but I have a question. Is it normal to lose two goldfish in two weeks (which including today I have), or did I make a mistake in stocking all four goldfish at once. Its not that I wanted to do this, but they had 4 for $20 sale, and the guy who sold them to me was telling my dad that it is okay to put all four in at once, and me being the shy type, agreed with him, although now I feel guilty, but I know if they died because of that, I will never do it again. If it is my fault, I hope you guys can forgive me for doing that.
  13. They won't let me,so I'll see if I can do it tomorrow.
  14. OK, I'll see if my parents will let me.
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