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  1. Thanks. Does anyone know of some fish, then, that could be a community tank of maybe 30-50 gallons? Something that is easy to carefore, and would be pretty. Probably not guppies or other livebearers.
  2. Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been on in so long. I have a question for a friend who is getting a new fish tank. She wants to know about peacock eels. Does anyone know how big a tank you need for a peacock eel, and what fish could live with it peacefully? Thanks Mariah
  3. For the fish that I am going to get: angels cories rosy barbs What type of heater and wattage, filter, plants ext should I get. I am planning on some live plants and I hope the fish won't be to rough on them. I am not sure exactly what temp the tank should be, the tank is a 55 gallon. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  4. Okay, mabe no rainbow sharks right now. I am thinking this is my choice: 2 angels 4-5 cories 7 rosy barbs (and then leftover space if needed later, LOL!) How's that sound? I hope it works out. My mom wants some live plants, and so we are going to take the dresser that the tank will have to go on and paint it black. Then We are getting a heater and that sort of thing. Mom wants to start growing some plants and then get some fish.
  5. Thanks. I have nixed the clown loach idea, because my mom wants some live plants.
  6. Your welcome. I love the rest of the site also, it shows you great pics of all different types of fish, and has allot of info.
  7. Sorry, another question. I already have a 10g tank with 3 adult platies (accompanied by a few babies at all times, LOL ) Could I put one albino rainbow shark in with them?
  8. Whew! I was about to go crazy because I thought that the angels wouldn't get along with the rosy barbs. Man, they are sooooo adorable! How many would you say I should get? I am sticking with 1-2 angels, only one if neccessary, then 4-5 cories and some long-finned rosy barbs (how many?) and mabe some danios or cardinal tetras(undecided) I don't think I can get any clown loaches because my mom wants some live plants (not sure if that will be OK with the fish I want, any suggestions will work for me, LOL!) Sorry for all of the confusion! Thanks for ALL of your help, it is all appreciated.
  9. Sorry, I didn't notice im-trying's post. I am thinking now mabe 2 angels, 5-6 cardinals, 4-5 corries. But what about the long finned rosy barbs? I absolutely fell in love with the ones in vvvv.
  10. I had a feeling that the neons were a bit small to go with the angels, are there any types of tetras that could? Or would a school of the long finned rosy barbs or long finned zebra danios be alright? Would any of these fish match a tank of 1-2 angels and about 4 cory cats? I really like the long finned rosy barbs, but would the angels nip at their fins? I also really like the albino rainbow sharks. Thanks! I am going to New Hampshire, so I won't be able to respond until July 17th or later.
  11. Okay, here are some fish I liked when I went to vvvv today: Angelicus Botia long finned rosy barb long finned zebra danio rainbow shark (regular and albino) clown loach I still like the: cory catfish angel fish
  12. So I am thinking mabe 2 angels, 3-4 cory cats and about 5 neon tetras or some other schooling fish. I am going to vvvv tomorrow to see what types of fish that I like, and then I will ask about them later. If I see one I like I will see if it will do well with angel. And what about cories, can you have a few of each species, like one panda, one copper and two leopards or something like that? Or do they have to be in species groups like all leopard or something?
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