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  1. Someone help return her to normal. I just noticed it a little while ago. How do I cure it? Answer as soon as possible. Please I don't want her to die.
  2. Well it seems I have better luck at fantails, commons, comets, and koi than I do Telecope eyes. the new guy is a bit bigger than lilly and has the most beautiful shade of orange and black I've ever seen. His fins all have a black stripe at the top, two black spots on his checks and a few black scales on his sides. His orange is so dark it reminds me of a lighted orange light that swims! His name is either Tiger (from winnie the pooh) or Sunspot. Which do you like?
  3. I'm sorry lovely goldfish I had to reply. Who would eat a goldfish? Honestly? I've heard you can eat koi, but thats just sick and wrong also. I'm a kindhearted fellow and every animal I meet I can get to like me. If you ask me, this was a bad topic to post. I'm officially mad now. Oh and happy april fools day everybody.
  4. My groucho grew to 4 inches within a 8 months and 2 inches longer 5months. She was only an inch and a half when I got her from the fair.
  5. The trick is that only you feed them. After they know it's you feeding them you'll create a bond with them. Then they'll trust you enough and come to the surface for you. Well Groucho, Marks, and Max ( short for Maxine) are going crazy so it's feeding time. Be right back.
  6. Plunging my head in the water. Bobbing for goldfish anyone? It feels really wierd when they do it at that size, almost like two little vacums getting turned on and off really really fast aginst it.
  7. I stuck my nose above the water and I got to close and it went in. The next thing I know, they're but up there nibbling at my nose! It was so cute.
  8. Thanks everybody. I'm hopefuly gonna get into art my sophmore year. I was gonna sketch lilly in the background, but she wasn't asleep and was constantly moving around.
  9. Cursing is not allowed filmstar. I don't want you in trouble.
  10. Mud pies galore. Dirtying up the tank is another reason why I don't give them worms with dirt in them.
  11. The answer is that I don't know how thier digestive system would react to dirt in thier diet and that they could get sick from it. I've never tried dirt so I don't know what would happen. Though it never hurts to be safe. Right?
  12. Thanks everyone. But unfortunetly I don't have a camera yet , though I did a sketch of him. It's pretty good if you ask me. I'll have it up tonight. No scanners at school
  13. Oh yeah. Those two just can't stay away from each other.
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