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  1. So I have a 125 gallon goldie tank, and I got it in my head that I should do a complete drain and overhaul of the tank since its been running non-stop for about 3 yrs. I figured while I was at it I could fix the leaky trim and rearrange the room a bit (since its not often I get a chance to move it ). I spent today netting fish and switching them to a temp tank, cleaning the plants and ornaments for a bad case of black hair algae, and draining the 125 gallon entirely. I am hesitating going after the trim because I wanted sort of a sanity check to make sure I am not messing this up horribly. The tank has a wide glass/plastic cross brace separate from the top trim, and on one part on the back of the tank, right where the top trim meets the cross brace, there is a leak caused by what looks like not enough silicone. To fix I was planning on removing VERY CAREFULLY the back trim piece (about 6ft long) using a flat bladed drywall scraper, cleaning all the old silicone away and placing the trim with new silicone down on both the top and side parts of the tank, then allowing a good 48 hrs to pass before I fill the tank again. Is this a good plan? Do I have to remove ALL the trim around the tank? If I just remove the one piece, how do I get the corners to seal up right with the old and new silicone? Is there anything I need to be careful about? What happens if I break the trim, do LFS's sell replacement trim? I just don't want to mess it up cause big tanks like this are not cheap to replace Thank you!!
  2. Both of my tanks have gravel and I feed sinking pellets. Well the pellets, in the feeding frenzy, would get buried in the gravel or fly everywhere with the current. It would then other be sucked up into the filter or just disintegrate in the gravel. So I had these 6 inch flower pot bases (you know the ones underneath the pot that collect excess water when you water your plants) that I had just bought and leftover tubes from an under gravel filter that came with my tank. I put the base in the tank (after washing it thoroughly) and covered it with a very thin layer of gravel, just enough to hold it in place. Now when I feed my goldies I put the tube into the water over the food dish, dump the pellets in the tube, let them sink, and remove the tube. It keeps the pellets in a concentrated area and doesn't let them go deep down into the gravel. The goldies can easily move the gravel on the plate to access the pellets. Plus if you have issues with some fish not getting enough food during feeding because of other dominant fish, you can set up two of these, so each fish will have their own dish. So, you ask, does it work? Well, my fish now rush over to the feeding dish when they see the tube enter the water... I have one 7 inch oranda that rams it the minute the food gets close to the bottom . The first week it was in there, the more dominant goldies actually staked out claims over the dish, they would even nap in it. Nowadays during feeding time, one tanks fish takes their turns eating from the dish whereas in the other tank the two dominant fish circle the bowl wrapping each other with their tails while the smaller guys merely take what they want. ("No my food..." "No, MINE"). Plus I no longer have issues with filters clogging before their weekly rinse. Couple things... try to get a high sided flower pot base, because lower sides will allow food over the sides. If the edges of the base are sharp, just roll them/blunt them with a pair of pliers so your goldies aren't cut. You can purchase a clear base if you don't like the artificial look of the dish. Oh, and the bases range from $.50 to $1.60 at any gardening center. I am not sure about the tube, but I am sure you can find it at any major pet store or hardware store. Thats it... Goodluck!
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