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  1. No special fertilizer, just the goldies themselves as for lighting I have two 3 bulb fluorescent light fixtures on each side, I use bulbs specific for plant growth (Floro-Gro).
  2. BTW your tanks are gorgeous, what are you using there? Thanks ! The 125 is a mix of regular and giant anubias (the giant anubias I got during a fish auction), java moss, bolbitis (also got during a fish auction), and a few swordplants. The 55 gallon has regular anubias, java fern up the wazoo, and java moss. I actually had to 'mow' my 125 because it was getting a little overrun, cut everything back and letting it grow out again . Anubias and bolbitis grows in runners, so the stem just shoots out more roots as it grows longer and longer. The java ferns 'spawn' new plants and detach the babies (everywhere), and the java moss just tries to find anything to anchor to. The 'mowed' tank
  3. Mine is the Jyokko, I hope its available in the US in my lifetime... just gorgeous. http://video.aol.com/video-detail/14-love-fish/2801404895 A similar variety is being made by one of the goldfish societies in the UK. My linkhttp://www.bristol-aquarists.org.uk/goldfish/experimentals/experimentals.htm
  4. I second the need for lighting specifications. Aquarium plants are just like potted plants in that some require high, medium, or low light levels. If I remember correctly I think at a bare minimum 'low light' plants need 2 watts per gallon. So if you have a 10 gallon tank you should be lighting it with 20 watts. I suggest you try java moss, java fern and anubias plants for your tank, as all those will tolerate low lights. You just have to be careful with your plant selection!
  5. In case the power goes out or the pump fails, the check valve keeps a suction from being formed that sucks water from your tank down the air line to your pump. If your air pump is located above your tank you don't need to worry about it, but if its below you should definitely have one just in case!
  6. So I have a 125 gallon goldie tank, and I got it in my head that I should do a complete drain and overhaul of the tank since its been running non-stop for about 3 yrs. I figured while I was at it I could fix the leaky trim and rearrange the room a bit (since its not often I get a chance to move it ). I spent today netting fish and switching them to a temp tank, cleaning the plants and ornaments for a bad case of black hair algae, and draining the 125 gallon entirely. I am hesitating going after the trim because I wanted sort of a sanity check to make sure I am not messing this up horribly. The tank has a wide glass/plastic cross brace separate from the top trim, and on one part on the back of the tank, right where the top trim meets the cross brace, there is a leak caused by what looks like not enough silicone. To fix I was planning on removing VERY CAREFULLY the back trim piece (about 6ft long) using a flat bladed drywall scraper, cleaning all the old silicone away and placing the trim with new silicone down on both the top and side parts of the tank, then allowing a good 48 hrs to pass before I fill the tank again. Is this a good plan? Do I have to remove ALL the trim around the tank? If I just remove the one piece, how do I get the corners to seal up right with the old and new silicone? Is there anything I need to be careful about? What happens if I break the trim, do LFS's sell replacement trim? I just don't want to mess it up cause big tanks like this are not cheap to replace Thank you!!
  7. It sounds like you have everything covered... will the cooler contain the water in case you have to stop fast? (will it slosh out?)
  8. Also wanted to point out that on that particular link she's keeping goldfish with tropicals - big no no! And shes adding fish with out quarantining them! Yikes!
  9. *scratches head * well thats quite the conundrum. In general I think its a lot tougher for a floaty/sinky fish to get back to 'normal' once they start to go. Once that swimbladder gets dinged up it just seems more sensitive in my opinion. It seems as though you have tried everything, and I like to tinker by nature... so why not: 1) Place a fish with floaty/sinky in the 20 gallon, give it a month, see if they improve. 2) Feed fish every other day, fast them in between. 3) Check ornaments in the tank, is there something that could be releasing a toxin? A hollow ornament with stagnant water inside, object not designed for aquariums,etc. Do you do gravel cleaning regularly so there is no build up of waste? Do you have an undergravel filter? 4) Gonna have to think of more things to tinker with..... I am sorry you are dealing with those issues, and I sympathize. I have a ranchu who has had SBD issues for over a year, my big boy kept flipping tummy up... its heartbreaking to see them fighting to right themselves. There is hope tho, he is now just bottom sitting, no flipping and being pulled toward the surface, and has been for the past week! I am cautiously optimistic .
  10. For just a few hours you are fine, usually I pop my biowheels in the tank just to keep them moist waiting for the power to come back on. The big concerns are long term power outages.... As stated before, your beneficial bacteria will die without oxygen causing a spike of pollution/waste products in the filter media. Plus there is other bacteria called anaerobic bacteria (don't need oxygen) that work inside filter media also in breaking down waste products. In the event of a long term power outage the anaerobic bacteria can go a little crazy and start trashing up the place with hydrogen sulfide . You start your filters up, all that waste and hydrogen sulfide pour into the tanks and kill the fish. General rule I follow, short to mid term power outage (<8 hrs): no worries, I might try to make sure there is a bit of water circulation around the media (bucket or in the tank), but nothing major. Multiday outage - save as much filter media in the tank to kick start the cycle, unplug the canister filters, dump the water and rinse media really well before using again. The other thing to make sure during a power outage that your goldies stay cool and oxygenated. The hotter that tank gets the more they need aeration, and if you are overstocked you definitely need more oxygen. If you don't have a battery operated pump and you are in an area where long term outages may occur (like me due to hurricanes), GET ONE . They are 14-20 bucks, pretty cheap. If you don't have one and you are stuck in a situation where your goldies are showing distress with lack of oxygen, you can stir the surface of the tank or pour tank water from a bucket placed up high to agitate and circulate the tank water. Also don't feed the fish, they can fast and with the circulation/cycle cut in the tank you don't need an ammonia spike on top of everything else. I lost power for 6 days due to Hurricane Ike... luckily all fish survived . I didn't have enough aquarium-safe buckets to cover all my tanks media, and after 6 days, I was wary about how much good vs bad bacteria was present, so I went the conservative route and just cleaned as much as possible.
  11. I have to agree with everyone.... You could argue that the 12 inches of tank length between a 45 gallon and 55 gallon make a difference, but really when you are dealing with 3-4 feet of space already for the goldies to swim along the length of the bottom, its not a huge issue. I do understand your point as it relates to water pressure though, since one of the remedies for floaty fish is putting them in deep ponds and placing sinking fish into shallow ponds to let the water pressure 'fix' their swim bladder. But there really isn't a big difference in the height of most aquariums, usually ranging from 12-24 inches. If you were to follow that logic, than people with 55 gallon tanks should see more swim bladder problems then people with 75 gallon, and 75 gallons to 125 gallons and so on and so forth. But heck, if you want to test that theory, set your 20 gallon up again and take a sinky fish and see if it does better But overall I second the notion of 1) Feeding less food, maybe even fast them and 2) Checking water parameters. Other causes of the floatiness could just be age, or the breeder/store you got them from. I know I have gotten a few where they have started out ok and then once they got to a certain body depth they started having issues, whereas other fish would be fine. On a similar thread, if you are getting all your fish from the same breeder, could just be a genetic fluke (though that theory only works if your fish are the same breed ). OH - almost forgot, sometimes other issues with sinking/floating can be due to egg impaction or bacterial/virus infections.... I wish I had a more definitive answer. :/
  12. Just my opinion, but I would like to see the tanks at every Wallyworld removed! Keep the fish to the petstores! Yes it stinks to lose a place to buy them, but I think most of the 'good' stores are because there are one or two dedicated employees (or managers) that know fish and their care. Unfortunately the vast majority of staff/management at Wallyworld's don't have the fishkeeping skills and/or probably don't care. Fish are not something that should be shipped bulk discount IMHO. I say this because pretty much every Wallyworld I have ever visited has had dead/dying/partially eaten fish carcasses scattered round each tank, fish with dropsy, fish with ich, fish nearly dead and gasping. And then most shoppers just pick up whatever fish and too small tank setup that looks pretty, with no advice whatsoever. It's just deplorable. Kudos to you Hidr for getting one of the good Wallyworld that take care of their fish, lets hope the remodels are due to shaving profit margins down, and the good places with good fishkeeping stay cause they are actually turning a profit for the store!\ edited to remove real name of store
  13. I would definitely call the manager... just state the facts. Simple and to the point: You went after a long absence to what you consider to be one of the better non-chain stores in the area. You were disappointed with the health and dead fish present in the goldfish tanks. Now it could be due to them changing suppliers recently or lack of care in store, either way you did not make a purchase because of that. In addition when looking at their gorgeous show tanks, you were once again dismayed to find a dying telescope and an ich ridden pearlscale in a tank designed to promote his store. When you brought up that those two fish were sick and that you wanted to rescue them, you were dismissed off hand by the employee and he completely disregarded your concerns. In today's competitive market and the internet, word of mouth is extremely important, and you and your friends will not be shopping there if conditions like you witnessed persist. Thank him for his time and let that be the end of it. Check back to see if it gets better. Thats all you can do... and make it a point if conditions have improved when you check again to contact the manager once again to complement him on the improvements. Sure, its weird to make a fuss/call them up... but if a 5 min call can save a few fishies lives.. why not
  14. I think the primary reason you have a heater on a goldie tank is to minimize the temp fluctuation that can occur. Unfortunately I don't have anything to add about the temp ranges particular goldies prefer. My logic with regards to that is that most of the goldfish types all originated in ponds, so they should all be tolerant of the same temp ranges. *shrugs* I don't have a heater on my tank, simply because the last time I owned tropicals (when I was 15ish) the heater fritzed out, overheated the tank and killed the fish (oscar, severum, striped catfish, 2 convicts (all full grown) ). Not fun to wake up to :/
  15. Usually with freebie stuff if the person is just wanting to get rid of it, they will give it to the first person who say 'I'll take it!!' If you have someone that emails 'hey I am interested in the tank can you post the details", and you have a second person later say 'I'll take it, can I pick it up in an hour?"... If they are just wanting to dump it they will just send it to the latter. Its not right to just cut off all communication though :/ But that does suck... keep an eye out for more freebies
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