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  1. my tank i run no air stones, just an ac110 and fluval 104 with surface skimmer in a 55gal tank. goldfish are doing just fine
  2. here are some price winning show quality kois this was taking from another fish farm, notice how the pond looks similar some random koi shots wet dry filter
  3. this farm belongs to my dad's friend. its located in hong kong. most fish farm in hong kong looks the same. ive been to another one where it doesnt look much different. i honestly dont know the specific name if the koi. but the main ones are red and white, tri color (red white black) gold. i do have some close ups of show quality koi my dad and his friends owns. i will dig those up and post it up later. these are not your average local mega mart koi. they are bread for show quality. take 2 retired show quality koi, make babies and sift out the best. thats pretty much the extend of my knowledge on the parent koi.
  4. couldnt do much about tossing the fish. they had to get the fish out of that small bucket into a bigger tank with air stones. plus they need to make another trip to gather up the remaining fish left in the pond which is pretty much mud water. they might loose more fish by taking their time babying the fish than stressing them a little by tossing them. ive seen worse. at least this far uses the best water ive seen. all the people who run the place have over 20 years of experience each and take extreme care of their fish. to me the fish are living in heaven.
  5. koi farm, the pond is 4000 tonnes. theres around 150+ fish in there. trying to breed the best quality koi. fish being caught holding tank fish being tossed around after all the sorting, less than 10% will be kept to see if they are indeed show quality. the rest will go to the local fish shops to sell.
  6. im not looking in buying a tank....i want to get a light timer
  7. if i pull up an ebay auction to price match with vvvv, do you think they will allow that?
  8. just to let you know, it wasnt cheap to make this tank. the tank itself cost me $90 to make
  9. its definately a lot more work than fresh water. just water changes alone, you need to get either distilled water or reverse osmosis water. its got to be as clean as possible. then mix the salt to the right ratio. then corals are light intensive so need new lighting... but the end result is worth slaving over thanks =) i used painters tape and taped off the area i dont want silicone on. rippped the tape off as soon as i laid and smoothed out the silicone
  10. not really familar with 120...what are the wattage options for 1 and 2 bulbs?
  11. aquaclear 110for large tanks!! no cartridge to deal with. one of the filters with the largest media holding capacity out there. you could customize your media to your liking. dont think i know any HOB filter out there that has 500gph flow rate.
  12. sorry ive been pretty busy lately.... there is a cover for the tank. a sheet of clear plastic that keeps the dust and bugs out. also prevents fish from jumping. ill seriously consider making a few for you guys if theres enough interests heres some update pictures
  13. still no signs of a package...anyone got them?
  14. i build my own wet/dry. from what i read, its an excellent filtration system, you have lots of area for bacteria to grow so the water gets filtered really well. its an excellent way of mixing in oxygen with the water to, so for me, i ran without a bubble wand. basically water is drawn from the tank down to the sump through an overflow box. the box prevents the main tank emptying all the water when the power is out. water then then pass through, typically a filter to remove any large particles or waste, then trickled down onto the bio balls. water is collected at the bottom and a pump pumps the water back into the main tank. be sure to soak everything and clean everything off before you use it.
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