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  1. From experience of keeping celestials, they are best housed with their own kind or with bubble eyes goldfish.
  2. oooo am sooooo tempted I love those guys
  3. Blue

    Betta with tumor

    tumors can be common in bettas I had to euthanise my favorite little boy after he got one. He was 3 years old. Once he started slowing down and losing interest in things that when I let him go. End of the day it's your desicion as to when you let your little guy go.
  4. Blue


    Interesting to see a fish x-ray. Sorry for your loss
  5. I could of given you a 30 gallon tank for nothing am only in Glasgow pity I hadn't known before I moved
  6. lovely bunch of fatties hope they get a pond extension to accommodate those beautiful fish
  7. I downgraded from having 4 tanks to just one. I am still very tempted tho
  8. I love screech and Ferb . Then I have a soft spot for celestials as had a few myself in the past
  9. I have always heated my tank at a constant temperature as I find UK weather fluctuates too much especially in scotland.
  10. beautiful pics thanks for sharing
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