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  1. Catfish are opportunists, and have a sweet tooth for meat. However, banjo cats are considered peaceful so attacks are rare, especially on other species. Are you positive it was him? I would put your injured corry in a seperate hospital tank, and then observe the cat to see if he goes after others. If he has developed a bad habit of attacking the other fish, you should get him a new tank.
  2. there both female ... I know, what I'm trying to say is that both sexes can be just as aggressive or just as docile. Keeping the same sex together won't always get the results we want. Females will fight each other, just depends on how much and if it warrants separation. Personally I kept a 20 long betta tank with 2 males, and I believe 5 females at one time. No dividers. Both males were very docile and extremely conditioned. The only problem I ever had was from one LARGE female. She would chase after both males and females at time, but generally did nothing to cause me to fear for their well being. Even with that said, I have kept bettas that were very aggressive and would possible kill mates if I hadn't separated them.
  3. Its actually common for both males and females to fight, weather they have been around each other for an extended time or not. As for cleaning, you can use a siphon and a scrubber on a handle.
  4. Sushi67

    New Platinum Hm

    Yeah, the other week they had ones that were all brown but when I went back they had new green ones. I intend to remove the moss from the styrofoam balls once it has grown a little more.
  5. I don't think there are any species of lizards that can live in a 5 gallon. You could try mantids, if you don't mind bugs. There are some gorgeous varieties out there. You could also make a mini green house for mosses and small plants. You may be able to keep a fire belly salamander, you could use a dish for water.
  6. I didn't have a leak per say, but my air pump broke and water backed up from it. The water in my 46 gallon went down at least 5 inches and the really bad part was that it drained right next to all the electrical. Luckily nothing happened and I got it cleaned up. If your 5 gallon doesn't work out for holding water, you might be able to keep something else in it.
  7. Hmm, I haven't forgotten about this, but I haven't come across good stock yet and no breeders I've talked to are planning on koi bettas. I'm hoping to breed this summer and autumn, but I was also hoping on doing a few more monitor rescues, which eat up my money and the room where the spawning pools would go. I've come across lots of purple coppers but too many of them carry red on the body and ventral fin. I'm sure I'll fine some nice ones though, just got to do more searching.
  8. Sushi67

    New Platinum Hm

    Chickey- If you need any help or information, let me know. I adore growing plants, both aquatic and land. What plants did you try growing? It could be you picked a bad match, one that was considered hard to grow or too delicate. Most stem plants are easy, but the fined leaved ones are a bit harder. Star grass is one of my favorites, and a medium difficulty. Water wisteria is also one of my favorites, and REALLY easy to grow. Star grass likes medium to high light, while wisteria will grow perfectly fine in low to medium light.I recommend both. love-rabbit-fish- Hey! How are you? I've been away from Kokos for awhile. Glad it worked out. Just like the plants on land, aquatics need Co2 to flourish. BeancurdTurtle- Indeed. Shrimp are party animals.
  9. Sushi67

    New Platinum Hm

    Thats very true, and when dumped out you will quickly recognize the fermentation smell. I know quite a few people, and I've read posts from many other and so far there hasn't been any ill effects from it, unless suction is created and it enters the tank. I even kept very sensitive shrimp while running a LOT of DIY Co2 on my tank, and they thrived. There are even commercial products out there that use basically the same ingredients, but put together in a clean look, and the only complaints I've heard against them is the price. Ha, I'm also using bakers yeast so its definitely no something anyone is going to want to drink. Your welcome to try it though! Here is a decent article that uses the same method. DIY Yeast CO2
  10. Sushi67

    New Platinum Hm

    Nomi- There are 3 white bettas that I can think of; platinum, opaque, and cellophane. Platinums are opaques with a copper over layer. They can be a bit dull, but shimmer under light. Opaques are a gorgeous solid powder white color with no irredescence. Cellophanes have clear fins and dull white bodies. small_ranchu- I just use an air stone. I test a few different types and pick the one that produces the smallest bubbles. There are fancier products out there just for Co2 but they are more money. Chickey- Yeah. There are some commercial DIY kits out there, but they are costly. However they are cheaper than compressed. Supplies: A bottle that will hold enough for your tank size. Tubing Yeast Sugar Water Hot Glue Diffuser Suctions cups(optional for the diffuser) 1. Take your chosen bottle and drill or melt a hole in the center of the cap. Make it slightly smaller than your chosen tubing. 2. Insert your tubing into the hole. Pull it until there is 1/2 and inch to a full inch on the inside. 3. Attach your chosen diffuser on the end of the tubing. 3. Use hot glue to glue around the tubing on the inside and outside of the cap. Wait for it to dry. 4. Put sugar in the bottom of your bottle. I put roughly 5 spoon fulls of sugar, but you can customize make your own portions. 5. Add enough hot water to stir and dissolve the sugar. 6. Once it is dissolved, add cool water to bring it down to room temperature. If it is still warm, wait for it to cool. Make sure your tubing is not touching the water in the bottle! 7. Once cool add your yeast. I put about 1 spoon full. Don't stir the yeast. 8. Screw your cap on and put it next to your tank. 9. The best position for your diffuser is near you outtake or in a current. It can take a few hours for the yeast to produce enough Co2 to push through the diffuser. If nothing has happened after 2 days, you may have killed the yeast with water that was too hot, the yeast may be too old, or you may have a leak in your bottle/tubing. To test for leaks, hold the bottle under water. If there is no leaks, make a new mix.
  11. Sushi67

    New Platinum Hm

    Excel can be dangerous on small tanks due to easy over dosing. It can kill both fish and plants when too much is added. DIY Co2 produces very little Co2 and should be perfect for growing just moss. Now on harder to grow species and species that need high light, excel along with Co2 produces the best effects.
  12. Sushi67

    New Betta Boy

    lol, the names. The one at the store is most likely a black lace which means he carries other colors in him such as blue or red or gold. Melano is a harder to get betta which tends to be infertile. They can be rather costly and your chances of finding a true Melano in a pet store is slim to none. However, black lace looks better IMO.
  13. Sushi67

    New Platinum Hm

    Yes, the bottle contains yeast, sugar, and water to provide Co2 for the moss. I'm having problems with it though. I think the majority of my yeast was expired. I also need a new diffuser. The moss balls are interesting to say the least, but I intend to remove the moss from them once they start growing well.
  14. Sushi67

    New Platinum Hm

    Picked up this boy to refresh everything I know before breeding again. Since coppers are just one color I intend to work with, I may use him as a breeder. He still needs to grow into his fins though. 2.5 gallon betta tank and moss farm. The betta. Sorry about the poor flash photos. It was hard to hold the camera, mirror, and lean over to get the picture without moving to much. If I didn't use flash, it would have come out as a blurry mess. I will get nicer ones later.
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