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  1. He looks nice and plump and the tank looks really clean! I hope you have better luck with this little guy.
  2. Is it possible this is a stunted comet? Stunted fish tend to develop rather unusual body shapes. The 2 things that stand out the most to me are the large eyes and that dorsal fish. I don't think I've ever seen a goldfish with one quite like it. What ever he is, he is completely gorgeous. I would have snatched him up in a heart beat!
  3. Its really sad that so many people would rather by parrot cichlids just to kill them, rather than giving them a chance. I think they are gorgeous fish.
  4. I love your pond so much(its my favorite here on Koko's!). It reminds me of chinese water gardens. All of your fish look so healthy. I'm envious.
  5. I think they are Shubbs... lol! I know that! I think you misunderstood which fish I was talking about. When I said koi I was referring to the color of the angel fish. Some call them koi angels and some call them calicos, I think. I'm not the most savy person on angelfish morphs. dan in aus- I think its a parrot chiclid. Chicklette, correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. Gorgeous koi(right?) angels!
  7. A PH crash is the worst thing ever. When I had one, it took quite awhile to figure out that a chemical had been added to the water to make sure it was safe to humans because of local construction, but it killed all my bacteria in the filter and cause a PH crash over night. Basically, anything that kills your cycle and remains in the water will cause a PH crash in just hours. I lost 5 fish becuase of a PH crash and the survivors took a long time to nurse back to health. Now I'm a paranoid mess when it comes to water changes and I always by products to make sure my water stays as close to 7.0 as possible.
  8. My second language is Japanese although I've been getting rusty since I've been studying Korean. Wah!? She has a pink hue? Oh, I wish I could see her better! Is she more of a solid color or a really pearly color? I have a red and white common but he is extremely shiny, more than normal. The sarassa comets at the LFS seem more solid rather than a shiny scale color, I love looking at them.
  9. Just figured out what it is. Heechul is in the mood... He is bothering Jung Woo. Although Jung Woo doesn't appear to be interested in Heechul. I refuse to accept that Jung Woo is a girl. -denial- Kibum and Kabuki are just ignoring it. Its the water temp! It just to warm.Its making Heechul "happy". 72 degrees fahrenheit! Eeep! I better go get some ice.
  10. I didn't know that was its name. Sakura is also a matt goldfish. That bottom fish reminded me of one but I can't tell because of the downward view. Sakura Ranchu Here is a Sakura Ryukin that was on goldfishutopia.
  11. I can't see any parasites with my eyes and I left my microscope at the school lab where it then got stolen or placed away by someone. D8 I adjusted the air stone thing and he seems to have stopped, I also skimmed off the foam from the salt. I think he was eating the foam. Like every oranda I've owned, he gets way to excited when he thinks it food time.
  12. Is that one a sakura comet/common? So pretty! I love the markings on that little calico as well. How big are they? Sakura fish are my favorite type. I can't wait to see more pictures.
  13. No, there is no electrical current running through the water, I would assume all my fish would be freaking out if there was one. I've already gone back to shutting the top, if it gets hot then I will just have to drop in some ice. Maybe he is happy, he did just get over finrot so I bet he has a lot more energy. That or he thinks he is now a dolphin. Ah, silly Jung Woo.
  14. I've been leaving my glass tank top open to make sure the tank stays cool since we have been having freak weather that goes from triple digits, all the way down to cold and raining. It started with my ranchu Kibum but he has stopped and now Jung Woo is doing it. At first I only heard the splash and by the time I turned around I missed what ever happened. I finally saw it! Jung Woo has been jumping up and out of the water! My common and Kabuki don't really care, but they get excited thinking it feeding time. I know that sometime when a fish rests for awhile they will dart straight up to wake up but I don't think that is the case. Do you think Jung Woo is mistaking bubbles from the air stone as food? It looks like he is trying to eat something but nothing is there and then finally he gives up. I'm going to be so mad if he jumps and die after I've worked so hard to get him back to perfect health. Its not my water, since I've been watching it like a hawk to make sure it perfect since Jung Woo is healing up from finrot. So is Jung Woo just being a weirdo?
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