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  1. Helen's post in Is sand on Wen anything to worry about? was marked as the answer   
    goldfish have slimecoat to protect them.. which is also coated over their wen. i am confident to advise that no, i don't believe your fish will have sand irritating their wen. i would consider it more if it were the gill to become irritated, but i also feel that is highly unlikely.
  2. Helen's post in Comet GF bottom sitting and lethargic :\ was marked as the answer   
    A.M is correct, corkscrew swimming is usually a neurological symptom and irreversible.. however, something doesn't appear right with the fish. i notice no movement from it's left pectoral fin. like paralysis. i think whatever has come to this fish suddenly, may be from injury.
    if the fish was flashing and showing symptoms of flukes, it is not uncommon, especially from the speed of a single tail, that they hit the walls/ornaments quite hard and cause themselves to be injured.
  3. Helen's post in 3 days out was marked as the answer   
    they will be perfectly fine without food for 3 days or more
  4. Helen's post in Large white bump. Kinda like a whitehead. was marked as the answer   
    i have sent the link and my thoughts on the email you provided
  5. Helen's post in Oranda can't keep his balance. He gets upside down. Please help. was marked as the answer   
    i am so sorry hugs to you. 
  6. Helen's post in Lettest is sick with dropsy. I'm treating him the best I can, but he's deteriorating. Please help. was marked as the answer   
    RIP Lettest.. 
    yes, 8 years is quite the accomplishment. you should stand proud that Lettest had a great life for most of those 8 years, all thanks to you
  7. Helen's post in Cali Seems to be struggling was marked as the answer   
    if the belly is soft, you should not have to press too hard at all for the release of eggs. my thoughts are to just leave her for a few days in the epsom and added heat, as well as feeding the peas/beans. if she has not passed any eggs or normal poop, or she seems to be swelling, please update us with a video or topview photos and together we can decide what the next step will be. ok?
  8. Helen's post in White spots are spreading was marked as the answer   
    here is some information i quickly copied off the internet.
    Heart and Blood Vessel DisordersFish are cold-blooded, which means their body temperature is close to and fluctuates with the temperature of their environment. In addition, all their bodily processes are greatly influenced by the water temperature. Water that is very cold or that has been under pressure can become supersaturated with dissolved gases. If the temperature rises or the pressure drops suddenly, these gases may expand rapidly. If fish have already been exposed to this supersaturated water, the gases they absorbed while breathing may also expand rapidly, releasing gas into the bloodstream. This is called gas bubble disease, and the small bubbles created can result in much tissue damage and death. Gas bubble disease in pond fish can be caused by owners filling an outdoor pond with well water using a hose. If the hose is submerged, gas in the incoming water will stay dissolved in the water and can cause problems. This is especially important if the water source is a deep well. To prevent this, the inflowing water can be sprayed as it hits the tank or pool.
  9. Helen's post in Strange lumps on fantail. was marked as the answer   
    any chance you can get here tomorrow, hun? if her pineconing has increased significantly from last night to tonight then we may have to act fast and treat. the alternative is that i find you in Fairfield and drop the meds off and you can make the food tomorrow night? i travel to Reservoir daily, so it's not too far out of my way. you have my email, let me know what you decide. i can give you my spare heater so that you can begin treating the moment you return to her.
    the symptom of pineconing is a strange one. in most fish, yes, it can come back.. in few cases, it never returned. but this all depends what the influences are. my fish rocky suffered multiple cysts as your fish has. although Rocky had scales which were lifted, they were only lifted over the area where the cysts were and nowhere else. she was quite sick, but never actually considered pineconed. the pineconing on your fish is quite even on both sides. so we either have two separate issues going on here, or that some of her cysts are trying to be reabsorbed by her body (which is not uncommon) but they are doing a lousy job of it. i am not really sure why she is pineconing, i am just throwing possible causes out into discussion. in either scenario, we are dealing with bacteria and one of it's symptoms is pineconing.
  10. Helen's post in Massive fish Kill . HELP was marked as the answer   
    yes, or your can break everything up and soak them for a while.. then rinse them very well, follow with a good few hours soak in Prime water. i would include all parts of the filters too. i would rather you go through all this because you can re-seed the tank quite easily. at least then you are certain (particularly since the addition of the ornament) that everything possible as a bad influence has been eliminated.
    i agree that the PH may have been the reason and if not the sole reason, definitely a strong contributor to the rapid decline in health and death of your goldfish.
  11. Helen's post in is this a tumor? :-( was marked as the answer   
    it looks to be. but don't be too concerned, it shouldn't affect the health of your fish. external tumors are usually quite harmless. they can be cut off with not a huge deal of effort, but unfortunately, in my experience, they do regrow after a few months of having cut them flush to the scales.
  12. Helen's post in No idea what is wrong with my fish, please help was marked as the answer   
    rocky is 9+ years old.. she's been through quite a few 'trying times' in my care, but she never before displayed what you see here:

    i tried the yellow powder (which is an antibiotic) and she didn't improve. i then was able to set up my microscope and found that she had an infestation of flukes. they came from having introduced some pearlscales to the main tank. i had QT'd the pearlscales for 4 weeks, it seems not all the flukes were gone.
    after seeing under the microscope what the problem is, i treated with Blue Planet Flukes and Tapeworm Tablets.. in addition to the Metronidazole i decided using. both these treatments together made such a difference that she had almost healed from her ordeal in 2 days. i kept Rocky in QT for 3.5 weeks. i continued to treat with the Prazi product during this time. she's now joined the others in the main tank and doing extremely well
    would your Vet be able to microscope some slime coat from your fish to see if perhaps she has flukes?
  13. Helen's post in Help! was marked as the answer   
    he has most likely suffered a little stress, but with most injuries that are not bleeding, i would just keep the tank lights off for a few days and monitor the fish's behaviour. no meds. for now, that spot looks superficial and wen is quick at healing up & growing back. if you like, you can add 0.1% salt to keep everything sterile, but i don't see any reason to do so.
  14. Helen's post in Aquarium salt and epsom salt was marked as the answer   
    in short, yes, they can be used together, but.. i personally do not see the purpose of this.
    Aquarium salt helps the healing process of superficial injuries on surfaces such as fins and slimecoat. it helps keep wound sites clean and sterile and it assists with killing off parasites.
    epsom salts helps with the relief of constipation and retained fluids.
    if your fish is mildly constipated, best you treat with more natural thing such as feeding boiled peas and if that doesn't resolve the issue, you can push an epsom granule into the pea instead of treating the water which your fish are in.
    if you are treating for ripped fins, sometimes, you don't even need the use of salt. fish have are able to repair their fins naturally without any assistance from us at all. all they need is clean water and they will do the rest
  15. Helen's post in Split tail tale was marked as the answer   
    i can't make out what the first pic is, but i can see the healed tail in the second pic
    it's true, nice clean water for most superficial injuries is all a healthy goldfish needs to do it's own magical healing thing. good work, hun
  16. Helen's post in Damnit I am be owning an addict was marked as the answer   
    you NEED therapy......
  17. Helen's post in No power? was marked as the answer   
    there are a few things you can do, but the easiest method to keep water aerated is to grab a clean plastic or glass jug and fill it with tank water. then all you need to do is from approximately a foot's height, trickle the water back into the tank so that it can create surface agitation and air bubbles back into the tank
    you can do this every half hour or so.
    how long do you think the power will be out for, if it happens? i would recommend to do a very large water change and decrease water temperature to approximately 65F. the cooler the water, the more air it holds. no feeds at all since they can go up to 7 days of fasting without it causing them any health issues. with the temps low, no feeds and a nice large water change, you will most likely not need to worry about getting air in there for a 12-24 hour period should the power go out.
  18. Helen's post in I need help in finding a boy Oranda was marked as the answer   
  19. Helen's post in Honey's Eye is swollen and 'droopy' was marked as the answer   
    ok.. we will proceed with making the metrogelfood. the correct dose is 1 gram of Metronidazole for every 100 grams of food. after you've made the food, you will need to weigh your fish as we will need to then feed it 1% of it's bodyweight in medfood daily. the temp in the QT will need to increase to 26C minimum for faster digestion.

    because popeye is closely related to the symptoms of dropsy, ie, similar triggers bring it on, i am reluctant to advise aquarium salt for the possible fungus treatment. so, i would prefer that you add full strength Melafix into the water, this is in addition to the Epsom salts.
    i would like you do a 100% daily water change, but if you cannot, 2 x 60% wc's daily, keeping good track of the medicines you are removing from the tank and accurately replacing them. also, be sure to match the water temperature & the PH values with every water change.
    with the medicated gelfood, i keep the recepie pretty simple. all i do is prepare a cup of peas (if using blender, i leave the skins on too ), zucchini, carrot & some freshly crushed garlic. sometimes i even add spinach to it too and a block of bloodworms then i add the gelatine as per instructions on the packet WITH an extra 2 teaspoons of gelatine because the food is more solid than the usual foods gelatine sets. it does not matter how much food you make, as you can always divide the mixture to take as much or as little you need for the medicated food & put the rest aside for regular gelfood.
    so, make your gelfood mix, add the gelatine take 40 grams from that and add 2 tablets of crushed Metronidazole to the 40 grams of gelfood & blend well..

    once you've done all that, and it's cooled well, pop it into the fridge to set
    to the gelfood you've put aside that isn't medicated, you can add anything more you like to it even change the flavour of it for them so you have soemthing different to feed the rest of your group
    good luck! if you need help at anytime, post back i left you my number on the express post envelope if you want some phone support
  20. Helen's post in The strangest ever symptoms in a goldfish was marked as the answer   
    ^ i agree to that & about the food being a possible contributing factor, when i fed hikari, 50% of my stock appeared to have floaty issues. i also tried to put it in gelfood because i made a bulk order instead of buying to try. still, floaty issues.
    other members swear by it, and i don't blame them, it really is a good food, but my expriences in feeding it brought mixed results.
    do cut the flakes out as Alex suggested & if problems persist, i think you should make some simple gelfood with fresh veggies & feed that for a few weeks to see if it helps your fish any at all.
  21. Helen's post in fish with deformed/injured mouth was marked as the answer   
    we're going to need the answers for these:
    * Nitrite Level(Tank) ? * Nitrate level(Tank) ? * Ammonia Level(Tap) ? * Nitrite Level(Tap) ? * Nitrate level(Tap) ? if you don't have test kits for them, can you take a water sample down to your LFS and have it tested for those tests? whilst you're at it, get them to test the KH & GH seeing as your PH drops so much with no buffer. have you ever added crushed coral to your filter(s) this tends to stabelize the PH longterm & you only need to be changing it every 4-6 months. more affordable than adding buffer with each water change.
    your maintenance routine is good, the only thing i would change is the WC volume. increase that to 60% weekly.
    i would like you to treat with Prazi again. the odd behaviour, the continued crooked mouth etc, i think we still have a fluke problem. it is not unusual that there may not be any symptoms for some time and then they appear again even when nothing has changed. we here, including myself treat for flukes a full cycle of prazi every 6 months even in well established tanks. freckles yawning can also be flukes related.
    the mouth movement i see from freckles does not appear to be very severe, ie, it looks like he will still be able to hold food, but your suggestion of softer food is a good idea. i recommend that you make some gelfood at home, we have some neat recepies in our goldfish food section.
    also, search the koko site for reviews on Repashy gelfoods. our sponsor www.tastyworms.com has good pricing on it, he also sells PraziPro (liquid) , might be able to combine shipping for a further saving. (he also sells the complete API water testing kits)
    or, you can order prazi (powder) from www.goldfishconnection.com
    in my honest opinion as to wether you should separate Freckles, from the vid i see, i don't think it's necessary. he seems to be socializing with the others well irrespective of his growth rate/size difference. give it a try with the softer food first & see how he goes.
  22. Helen's post in PopEye Not Sure? was marked as the answer   
    i don't know. i am not really seeing any popeye or the vid is not clear enough on my screen
    i had a fish, sir loyn, he had protruding eyes and was an oranda. they were like little telescope tubes a few milimetres out from his head, then the eye on the end. it kinda looks like that to me.
    from what i see, in my opinion, i don't see anything wrong with this. but tonight, when i get a chance, i will check my external harddrive for sir loyn's pictures & post you an example.
    i will say this though, a few days of epsom treatment will not harm your fish, so, the beginnings of popeye treatment is to start with epsom. if you are not sure, but leaning more towards fear of problem, then i recommend you commence the Epsom treatment to be on the safe side.
    and yes, we understand the correct dose of Epsom to be 1/4 teaspoon for every 10 gallons of water, but this is also considered the minimum dose. for more extreme cases in which this is not, we can go as high as 1/2 teaspoon for every 10 gallons.
  23. Helen's post in Fish is severely bloated and sitting at the bottom was marked as the answer   
    hello notface,
    welcome to kokos
    i am sorry that your fish is not doing to well, but i really feel that there may be an internal tumor growing in it's body. goldfish are known to grow tumors, most non cancerous and they tend to protrude through the dermis, scales and surface like a white cauliflower mass on the exterior of their bodies. but, when they are forming on the inside and growing only on the inside, there's not much that can be done. operations are costly and almost impossible to do at home.
    your fish does appear to be a female, so the thought of her being egg bound crossed my mind, but i don't ever recall a female to hold this many eggs and for it to be a problem of eggs spanning over the time that you have indicated.
    my suggestion is to euthanize, as i feel there is no quality of life that your fish is receiving. i know you are doing everything possible to have her remain comfortable and happy, but, i do feel what we're seeing here is an internal tumor growing and it will continue to grow until the fish begins to suffer organ failure from the lack of space in her body as the tumor increases in size over time.
  24. Helen's post in Unidentified bump on left side was marked as the answer   
    this could very well be a bacterial cyst. it is typically where we find them.. just under the lateral line and closer to the gill.. is anything visible from side on? i see that he's got beautiful solid colouring and it might be difficult to see anything from the side. have you noticed anything white like a pimple head etc?
  25. Helen's post in Jazz is sucking air.......................AGAIN! was marked as the answer   
    thank you
    no, there isn't.. it's just information that i've known to ask having gained experience case after case with similar symptoms.
    causes are basically outlined in my questions to Jeana..
    for example..
    is the weather warmer there? is the temp in the tank warmer? i ask this because warmer temperatures reduce the dissolved oxygen in the tank and we compensate by adding extra aeration via airstones or airwands, preferably positioned away from the tank walls so that the fish can swim through the bubbles and receive benefit from them.
    gill colour? sometimes a little bit of nitrite exposure can create irritation to the gills, we can determine this by the colour of the actual gills. if slightly to a purple than red, then this can be a cause for surface gulping. it means that the gills are not functioning like they should so the fish is compensating by air intake at the surface.
    change of food? this can sometimes cause a fish to surface gulp.. different ingredients can affect the individual differently from it's tank mates. sometimes, by pure luck, you find a food that everyone's happy with and it stays the favourite. then you go an change something and one may behave differently from the other. this can also cause surface gulping.
    any new additions without being qt'd? i ask this because gill/mouth flukes can also cause a fish to surface gulp.
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