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  1. mine doesnt do that at all..will spit out instantly...!!
  2. mine would be ranchu then ryukin !! hahaha...
  3. hey hey i think its more like bronze like the one in my signature!!
  4. mine is always ranchu and secondly ryukin !! the pics is in my signature!! the orange ranchu on the top is PING and the R/W below is PONG!! =)
  5. they always know when I am going to feed them!!!! and they will swim round and round !! =P
  6. Looks nice!! sorry for the multiple post..!! i didhttp://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/style_images/2/folder_post_icons/icon9.gif http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...ons/icon9.gifnt know it went through!!
  7. Yes he looks great! It is indeed a great relief! =) hahahaha... Allright, I will check the water conditions before putting him there! Thanks!
  8. Hey Jenw, Need your opinion on this, based on your experience, is it advisable for me to put the ranchu in the main tank now and just let the tail heal fully without any meds(melafix), cause I think it is stress in the water and I cant wait to see both ping and pong together in the same tank! =D HAHAHAHA..
  9. Hi Jenw, I cant find the coral reefs thingy so I think i will use some ph up products!! Anyway, an update, the ranchu has fully healed! The previous weird behaviour has stopped except for the staying at one same spot for a long time! He is eating well too! Pong says thanks to JenW for kind help! =) (pong is his name, ping is the name of the other ranchu in my avatar!) more pics of a happy ranchu! =)
  10. Alright,i think i will do some water change now. i cant test the hardness unless i go buy one test kit. i dont think my lfs has crushed coral. how does it look?any brand in specific?
  11. Hey,yeah i tink he nds more time to fully heal! the ph at d hospital tank is 6.5 and nh3 is 0. but the maintank with the only fish which is the ranchu in my avatar have ph 4.5 to 5.0!NH3 is at 0.5mg!i did 3 test and d ph reading is stil d same! its mysterious dat the fish seems ok in it,eating and poop ok! i think its time 2get d baking powder!could it be the cycle or my carbon needs changing?
  12. the reading are ph 7,nh3 is 0. perhaps im just too worried. that could just be his normal swimming behaviour.
  13. Hi jenw,i hv noticed dat d behavi0ur happens before and after water change,d head standing and bubble eating has stopped completely!i am starting with melafix now,im sure the bacteria is fully gone! his behaviour lately can be summarised as swimming lowly and sometimes just prefer to not move on d bottom but not laying on d bottom. just float at one spot and not move much!wil post a video!
  14. I dont think its due to ammonia, but I will double check tonight cause every 12 hours I will do 50-100% water change. I will put in JYP again. I will try to observer the behaviour tonight before and after water change. =)
  15. Hi JenW, The head standing has stopped almost completely! =) But at times he will still float head down for 1-2 seconds then regain back the normal posture. However I have observed that he will swim then suddenly like crash slowly to the ground and he will bounce a bit and then he will swim up again. Its like as if his head is very heavy that he will crash head down, but in a slow motion. Sort of weird behaviour I observed yesterday for almost half an hour. The redness on the whole body are all gone except a few more stubborn red dots on the joints of the fin. He is eating too and the poop is brown. However this morning there was some transparent whitish poop in the water. I have changed 100% water and added in JYP. Am kinda worried with the appearance of whtish transparent poop.
  16. Hi Fefe, I can guide you to one of the best ranchu/ryukin/butterfly importer breeder in M'sia. Anyway they have no Japan Ranchu Lord here as well. Exactly when will you be reaching here? I can check with the lfs owner of the exact time for new arrivals of fish.
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