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  1. ya ill have a look on ebay and see what I can get. Thanks for suggestions
  2. yes today it seemed a lot more had hatched. I fed them to the fry but didnt see the little guys chase after them or anything, hopefully they will eat them anyway.
  3. solar pumps sound ideal however i dont think they are available where i live.! do you think some kind of homemade gravity type filter might work? dont know the details yet just something Im thinking about. like if the water came out the bottom of the barrel and into a canister/box type filter with all the media inside and then back into the barrel. I wonder would the weight of the water be enough for it to flow back into the barrel?? do you think this could be done????
  4. good luck with your eggs. its amazing if you actally watch them develop, you can see the tiny fry developing and wiggling inside their eggs...... little miracles
  5. at the moment my fry are in a 20 litre tank and I removed the filter just in case they get stuck in it. I am doing water changes to try and keep everything clean its difficult though cause even with the gravel vacum I have to be so carefull not to siphon any of them up. I will put an undergravel filter in next week perhaps. also not many of the brine shrimp seem to be hatching. Have turned the temp up to see if that makes any difference. the egg yolk is great especially cause it seems to stay suspended in the water for quite a while. Gives the fry a chance to get some. It is very very messy though.
  6. yes i am trying to hatch brine shrimp for them. I will also try them with some of the egg yolk and see if they eat that. they are swiming more now. I guess they can eat little microscopic stuff in the tank also. I hope they get big and fat quickly!
  7. hi any help much appreciated.... Im thinking of setting up a container pond. I have a half wiskey barrel which I could use for this. and would like to eventually put my little fry in there for growing on. however..... I do not have access to any electricity outside so I probably wont be able to run a filter on it.. any one have any ideas?????Is there some alternative method for keping the water safe for the fish?? ps. the barrel is only about 2 foot in diameter
  8. its day three since my fry hatched and they are more active than day 1 and 2. they swim a bit but then attach themselves to the sides of the tank again and hang vertically. should I wait annother day before feeding them.? Some of them look to have little tiny air bubbles in their tummys does this mean they are ready for food??
  9. okay I will go ahead and add them. Thanks.
  10. okay here are just one or two pics cause they are taking ages to upload.(am including one of my beloved black moor) here are just some of the stones I was talking about, too many to photo individually. sorry if the pics are not great. woops sorry about that. posted that last pic twice heres the fishy pic.
  11. still havent added them to the tank! I will post some pictures of the rocks later on. my ph is always 7.6 so I guess Ive not got to worry about it then. my fish laid eggs on tues so am just waiting for them to hatch. am very excited.
  12. I was wondering would anyone be able to help. I bought some small rocks today for my tank, they were labeled 'garden' decoration rocks. When I got home I did the vinegar test and none of them sizzled (I used white wine vinegar) however Then I thought that some of them looked suspicously like marble. even though they didnt sizzle! I am no expert on rocks. SO do you think the vinegar I used wasnt strong enough or does marble not sizzle or what? I want to be sure before I add these rocks to the tank.
  13. i just researched it there, and apparently goldfish grow rings on their scales just like those on a tree and these rings are used to tell the age.
  14. I think I read something before about counting the scales along some part of the goldfish's body( the mid line I think?) a bit like telling the age of a tree by counting the rings. I will try to find where I read that. Or maybe Im confusing it with something else???
  15. hi there was just reading this.. before I viewed your thread and thought it might come in usefull in regards to your driftwood/bogwood inquiry. http://www.aquarticles.com/articles/manage...li_Bogwood.html Think your idea for backdrop sounds interesting. I find that trying out ideas first on a small scale before doing the real thing saves a lot of frustration, time and money. sometimes things in your head dont turn out quite like you have imagined them. Maybe try things out on small pieces of glass to see which works better before doing the real thing. I read a really nice article on making a moss wall for an aquarium recently too and it looked fabulous. it used a sort of plastic mesh on which the moss was allowed to grow on. It was secured to the back wall of the aquarium with those plastic suckers. the moss eventually gets really lush and thick. Think I will try that one out myself.
  16. terry perhaps your fish has some fantail (or annother fat bodied type) herritage in her. could it be this that makes her tummy look so swollen. just a suggestion!!!
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