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  1. does a ryukins hump get bigger as he gets older???
  2. ellnbea

    Medicated Food

    i was also looking for medicated fish food recently and had no luck, the best I could find was some sites detailing how to dress regular food with antibiotics.
  3. im glad to say that this morning when I checked on rocky(decided to name him this today)his swollen belly and sticking out scales were completely gone. couldnt believe it I was sure he would be gone. anyway he is still just hanging and not eating much, although he occasionly tries. I dont know what else I can do I have searched sites in uk and ireland but cant seem to find any medicated food its obviously not available. Is there anything else I can do for him??
  4. thanks for the hope paul he is still alive, just hangin' in the water. scales still sticking out. I got epsom salts because I read some people had success with them. yes I think he brought this disease from the shop cause I remember seeing a floater in the tank! I know it was stupid to get him, but I fell in love. Its horrible watching a fish being ill
  5. ok so now this poor fish has developed dropsy ive medicated today with anti internal bacteria by interpet. all i can do now is wait i guess he looks quite swollen and is just kinda floating not eating much either do fish ever recover from dropsy???
  6. your one eyed fish is cute
  7. ok thanks for alerting me to that blue I will take extra care, btw fish is looking much better red spots have faded a lot.
  8. hi adam the parasites your fish had are a little different to the ones on my fish, if you can actually see them then I think this must be fish lice or something similar(mine were invisible to the eye). I know there is medications for these type of parasite too though but really someone who knows more about it should advise you really, if you try starting a new post then I think you would get a lot more help , oh and welcome and hope your fish get well
  9. I used normal rock salt from the supermarket, food dept.
  10. ok looked on the box and on the leaflet but there is no ingredients listing, but it does say "extra care should be taken not to overdose....in softwater aquariums., ie less than 50ppmas CaCo3" my water is hard from the tap so hope im ok, but I didnt overdose anyway. so what happens if you overdose?? it doesnt tell?? does the tank explode or something??
  11. No sign of prazi, but I got antislime and velvet. So I medicated with salt .3% in fresh bucket, and he is looking rather good . The red spots don?t look any worse than yesterday,(but no better either) and he is quite active. Looks a bit fresher if one could say that. Anyhow don?t think we are out of the woods just yet. It says on the box to use one application, but guy in shop said use 4 times. To be honest I think it was the salt that did him all the good, its excellent. Tried to feed him pellets but he doesn?t seem to know what they are, but he eats flake, and he ate all his own poop last night(yikes).
  12. thanks for the reply ok will check for the parasite clear/prazi tomorrow fingers crossed but Im doubtfull ill be that lucky. If they dont have that and I treat him with annother parasite med then would it be ok to treat him with a bacterial med too??or would that be too hard on him?? and yes each bucket is .3 salt, temp matched and declorinated. and this bacterial infection im presuming it is on the outside hense the red spots right. so you dont think its internal? or is it all the same??(sorry if silly question, my first time as a fish nurse!) ok I wont turn up temp cause im not sure if he could take that. hes just 1 inch long, I think if it takes longer to get rid of but is more gentle might be the way to go. thanks so much, I really hope he is ok untill i get the meds, hang on little guy.
  13. hi any help is appreciated.. well I got a new fish on fri. so he has been in a tank by himself, yesterday I noticed a few small red spots on his body so I salted the tank to .1% today there is even more spots on him especially on the underside of his body I think this might be parasites because he is sometimes twitching too. he has spit out his food sometimes although overall his appetite is good and he is eating a lot and showing interest in food. his poop looks healthy and normal. today I salted up to .3% and decided to do the bucket to bucket method just so the parasites will be left behind each time he moves. so at the moment he is in a bucket with heater and airstone and tomorrow I will move him back to bare tank with heater and airstone and so on. anyway I wont be able to get any medicine untill tomorrow, and the range in my lfs is pretty bad. I think they have interpet meds, but Ive never used any before so I hope they are good! so should I go ahead and treat for parasites tomorrow or does anyone think this might be a diff ailment?? and do i leave the salt in the water with the meds or use unsalted water? should I turn the temp up, and if so, to what? thanks so much for any help on this matter, I really dont want anything to happen to this guy cause Im already too attached.
  14. I have a new little calico ranchu, hes in qt at the moment, and hes just a baby. I just had to get him his little face was so cute he doesnt even have a name yet. any suggestions for a name welcomed! and his colours are also a bit subdued and not much of a tail tuck but I dont mind I love him flaws an' all. http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i122/ell...y/photos061.jpg
  15. oh sorry to butt in on this post but I just had a sort of related question. Is there some way to reactivate carbon. ??I replaced the carbon in my filters with ceramic media. cause I read(on this site )that you dont really need it unless you are removing medicines and the space is better used up with media that will harbour bio-bugs, so I still have the carbon cartridge but was going to hang on to it in case I need it at some point. so can I have to reactivate it or should I just buy a new one??
  16. nope he meant an actual cows heart from the butchers shop! dont think ill be trying that one high protein or not btw the frozen brine shrimp is brilliant you just pop a cube in and it dissolves ....=happy fry.
  17. found some!! went to an aquatics shop today and they had it (the frozen brine shrimp) expensive though! still thats great Just gave them one cube earlier and will look at them later to see if they go for it. I hope they get used to it might be strange for them not having their food moving around. Oh and the guy at the shop said beef heart is a great source of protein for fry!you blend it up.messy though I bet
  18. I have a black moor who i absolutley , hes not as quick when it comes to feeding time but I always make sure he gets enough. he also loves to suck at the gravel and adores it whenever I scrape algae off the glass he swims around eating it excitedly. moors have such a nice gentle personality and cutie pie faces. irresistable here is a pic of him, as you can see his tail is more forked rather than a broadtail, http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i122/elledaly/8eaa134c.jpg
  19. I have never seen frozen live foods here(ireland) but I have seen the dried daphnia. Ill get some and soak it and crush it up small, see if they go for that. thanks
  20. ellnbea


    I had the same problem, I lost a lot of fry the first week 25 down to 9 now but these seem to be doing well now and havent had any more die in roughly a week. fingers crossed (I dont lose any more). I have a small cycled filter on their current home (a 40 litre tub) and a heater set at 18 degrees c. and I think this is why I havent lost any more. (before when they were dying they were in a tank with undergravel filtration, no heater so maybe temp was fluctuating between night and day. also the gravel was harder to clean than barebottom tub and I think some leftover food wasnt good for them).
  21. hi when is it ok to stop feeding brine shrimp, babies are over two weeks old. I am also feeding some liquidfry no. 1 and I got tetra powdered baby fish food for them. should I keep the shrimp going for annother week or two???
  22. I think the lawsons white rat had a single caudal fin. I have never seen a telescope with a single caudal but it could happen easily from different types breeding together I guess.?? such is the medley of goldfish genetics.
  23. I lost a few fry today found them this morning dont know why I tested the water for amonia 0 and nitrate 0.25 is this level enough to kill them? well I am just gonna do more water changes and hope I dont lose any more, annother thought I had was maybe it was from lack of food during the night.?? am I gonna have to do fish baby night feeds???? I mean nitrite was 0.25 not nitrate
  24. lawsons white rat was the name of a white telescope. http://www.gaas-fish.net/ttopics/2001/gfnames2.htm
  25. its going great now. I can see their little bellies are all pink from the brine shrimp so I know they are getting them anyway. I installed an undergravel filter so that should help with keeping everything clean.
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