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  1. I guess just be patient, your tank will cycle eventually! I know what it feels like...thinking that its never going to happen. but it will.....maybe the danios are producing very little ammonia and you are not getting big readings, I'm not too familiar with these fish but I think a lot of tropical fish make less waste than goldies. but really that shouldnt matter much.
  2. funny thought, but an excellent idea for getting ammonia, never thought of that one!
  3. I nearly always by my plants online, and when they get here they are always in bad shape, however like everyone else has said, with a little care they soon bounce back! just make sure to remove any rotten leaves and stalk first.
  4. thanks for all your help.i'm going to get those kits, I tested again and ph is still 6.8 but I'd just feel more comfortable if it was a bit higher and well buffed.
  5. right I dont have tests for gh and kh, and the only place I can get these is online and they are gonna take a while to be delivered if I order them. but the last time I tested the hardness of my tap water the test strip said...moderatly hard, think I tested it about a month ago with a quick dip strip. and I am living in a hard water area.Is it a posibility that something was added to the water supply by the council or something like that, Think I will ring them to find out. by the way I did another 20% water change.
  6. ok i'll wait and keep testing.....but i'm just worried about my fish they are acting a bit wierd! I'll try and get the coral gravel tomorrow
  7. yeah but its the jump from 7.6 to 6.8 thats worrying me, cause isnt that like 100 times more acidic or something???cant get to petshop for coral gravel today so is there anything else I could use???what about baking soda can i use that??if so how much do I put in??
  8. cute pics...I love chubsey........love ranchus......sigh... wish I had room for more fish!
  9. hi I'm having some worrying ph problems I noticed that my fish were acting a little less alert than usual and after measuring parameters in the tank, I have amonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 5 to 10 ph 6.8 ph from tap 7 last water change was yesterday, but only changed about 20% water now the worrying thing is my ph usually measures 7.6 the ph from tap has obviously gone down for some reason, what do I do, should I do annother water change straight away or will I add something to the tank such as limestone rock or something????????????
  10. amazing, so beautiful.....pity you cant use the budda statue, it is so nice
  11. ok thanks ranchugirl will try those things
  12. yep this is the plant releasing o2, it happens with anarchais and other oxegenating plants.
  13. I do believe that having water and plants inside the home increases good chi. having a fish tank is like bringing the natural world inside, and thats definately good
  14. hi Ive noticed my female fish has been nudging and chasing at the male, I presume she wants to mate and is trying to get him to chase her or something, her belly is really big and her vent is sticking out, however the male is not chasing back. Now I am just a bit concerned because what if she doesnt release these eggs and they get infectected inside her or something ???? should I try and strip her by hand to get the eggs out??? has any body any ideas or experience of this.
  15. what about minnows????
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