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  1. Hi all! Been years since my last visit here. I am still very involved with raising gold fish and taking care of ponds.
  2. Oh yeah,,,,love the concept picture! Please post some construction pics if you can. KOI
  3. I posted on the 911 thread back in early February about my Oranda "Sinker". He is a pond fish that has survived several winters just fine outside. This winter he was positioned on his side for about a month. He was still moving around but he was certainly not acting normally. The weather forecast was calling for a hard freeze for an extended time and Sinker was hovering near the top of the pond. He surely would have been iced in. I decided to bring him inside for the remainder of the winter season. He was placed in a ten gallon tank with only a few large rocks and an iris tuber. I followed the 911 thread suggestions, cooked frozen, shelled peas and special fish food. I am so happy to tell you that Sinker is once again his normal hungry self! I was very concerned that he was suffering from swim bladder problems but apparently that was not the case. Within 10 days he was back to normal. He will remain in the house until about mid-April. Then he will go back into the pond. Next year I will take no chances and bring him in as soon as the weather gets cold. Again, thank you for all your help advice. KOI
  4. My two oldest fish were 16 and 17 years old. (Stumpy & Sneaky). They were pond fish and were sadly taken by a heron in the summer of 2007 I restocked the pond within a few weeks after that , so these fish are about two years old. BTW, I have installed anti-heron fencing. It was a hard lesson to learn.
  5. Thank you so much for your help and advise. I didn't know that about comercial fish food. I will try to feed him only shrimp and peas for a while; at least until I can get him back into the pond in the spring. In the meantime, I will have to do partial water changes every few days. There are no vets in my area that are willing to work on a goldfish. For some reason they think that these beautiful creatures are somehow disposable Sinker has been very willing to eat the shelled peas. I guess we are past the fasting stage since he has not eaten in about six weeks prior to this onset of swim bladder problems. I will also search out that special goldfish food that you suggested. I will post again in a couple of weeks in the regular forum to update you on his progress. I have high hopes for a recovery. Thanks again, koi
  6. Thank you for replying, My pond is never green. I have a UV sterilizer year round. The water quality has always been excellent. The pond has been functioning for almost 20 years now. That being said, I am conscious of the nitrate levels building in the small tank in within a few days. The water volume is relatively small compared to the fish?s size. It is only a temp hospital tank. I will do a 25% water change tomorrow as well as clean out the floss/carbon filter. One thing on the filter, there is actually a small bio pad which I rather like. I will not clean it. Sinker seems to moving much more today although he is sideways, upside down, etc. He is an absolutely gorgeous fish, one of my favorite males. I sure hope he comes through this. What are the chances of finding a vet that would aspirate the air bladder if this is indeed the cause?
  7. Sorry I did not include that information. The tank was just set up yesterday so I do not have all the chemical levels of the water. The outside water temp was 36 degrees and the inside water temp is now 65 degrees. I will hold the temp at room temp which is approx. 70 degrees F. The filter is a simple carbon/floss filter which has been running since yesterday morning. It has a very low GPH flow. He is the only fish in the tank. There are a couple of small rocks in there and two iris tubers from the pond. Basically they take up very little space. He has been eating flake food the couple of times I had offered it to him. Today I tried some cooked and shelled peas; he LOVED them! Fed him four or five peas. Actually, he is swimming a tad more today. That in compared to just lying there sideways yesterday.
  8. My orange capped oranda is four years old. He is an outside pond fish. He is about 5 inches long. He has spent every winter outside and has come through fine. This winter he has been lying near the bottom at an odd angle. He is does not appear to be distressed but earlier this week he was more near the top of the pond. I was worried because we are expecting very cold temp here and ice will cover the pond in a day or two. I purchased a five gallon aquarium and carefully brought him indoors. I am very slowly increasing the water temp. However, he is still lying near the bottom, sideways. Is this a classic swim bladder disorder? I fed him a few flakes of food and he seems eager to eat. He has not been fed since late November. I do not feed the pond fish in the winter. So, is there anything that can be done? Does anyone have any suggestions to treat this disorder? Any advice would be appreciated! koi
  9. Here is a picture of my Ranchu, aptly named "Lump" He's still kinda shy so this is not the best picture, sorry. He shares the pond with two veiltails, one Lionhead and three fantails. This is my first ranchu. I have noticed that they are very smart and very responsive to people. Before too long he'll be eating outta my hand!
  10. Erika, forgot to say that your lily is BEAUTIFUL !!!!! Do you know the variety and name of that lily?
  11. FROGS!......I live about 400 feet away from a 32 acre freshwater lake. So every year I am bombarded with frogs. I have had as high as seven at one time and some weighing close to two pounds! They are perfectly capable of finding food on their own. They will eat ANY moving thing in or around the pond. I have actually seen a frog with a small sparrow bird sticking halfway out of its mouth, unable to swallow it because the bird was too large. They are wonderful to have around as insect controllers but be wary; they can and WILL eat fish if they can get them. I allow them to stay at my pond until they become too large. Several years ago I removed a huge frog from my pond because it ate a smaller frog. I took it back to the lake quite a distance away and remarkably he was back at my pond the next day! I guess he didn't want to leave my pond and his easy access to food. I ended up taking him to another lake that was about 1/2 mile away......he hasn't found his way back yet
  12. I would have gladly taken these beauties! Until I realized that you are in Sussex UK! I'm in Sussex county , Delaware USA..
  13. Squeeker, first off, CONGRATS on your marriage!! I pray you have a loooong and happy one. Your pond plants are beautiful!! I have always had a green thumb and growing pond plants has been a passion for me for a long time. Here is a picture of my pond taken today in full bloom. Over the years I became adventurous and have planted tropical and night blooming lilies. This pond has been in this location for about 15 years and the lilies are that old. They are separated and divided about every two years. The "moss" type plant on the left side of the pond is actually tyme. It becomes more lovely each year because it hugs the rocks of the pond and creates a carpet effect. Hardy lilies can be left outside all year round if the pond does not freeze solid. The tropical lilies must be overwintered inside unless you live in a sub-tropical area such as Florida.
  14. I recently lost my shubunkin pond fish "Spooky"... He was 18 years, three months.
  15. Oh my! Don't hold this against me friends, but I'm gonna side with the nutty neighbor. I am a very "noise sensitive" type person. A quick example is my neighbor has an exhaust fan in their roof eave that faces my yard. All I hear is that low and constant roar of a fan running. I finally asked hem if the fan could be moved to the other side of the house. They had no idea that I was bothered by the noise. Nor would thay have unless I brought it to their attention. I believe that it is the neighborly thing to do to request a noise problem be resloved. Now, that being said, I totally enjoy the sound of a fountain!!! That does not mean that ALL people love that sound. There may indeed be some pitch of sound generated by the fountain head that annoys her. My suggestion: Tell her that you are sorry that the sound upsets her. Then tell her that you will "attempt" to solve the sound issue. That way there will maintain an open communication between neighbors in case her CAT becomes a problem! BTW...there is nothing wrong with telling her about her cat! As for the fountain, maybe you could try a different fountain head that has a slightly smaller or more open spay pattern. And to aide in the aeration issue, a simple air pump and an airstone will suffice. Good luck!
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