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  1. Keep the Goldies, they are really enjoyable fish! You won't regret keeping them, I keep my goldfish tank at around 70-76 degrees and have had my Goldfish for over 2 years and half now! They are really smart too, I taught mine to eat out of my hand and some are well known to perform tricks too! Do weekly water changes and don't overfeed them.
  2. I've heard that these little buggers can catch a disease called, Neon Tetra Disease. Symptoms include: curved spine, loss of coloration and difficulty swimming. The disease is incurable and also contagious, so if any of your tetras do catch that disease, you should take him/her out.
  3. Senegal Bichirs aren't aggressive, they're generally peaceful carnivores and as long as their prey is bigger than them, they wouldn't mess around with them. I had a bichir once and kept it with 4 other goldfish for 8 months and during those 8 months, none of the fish were agitated. Did I mention that it was around 4.5 inches long too? I also don't think you should be feeding your fish Goldfish Flakes because they don't have the nutrients that cichlid pellets have. Also, Goldfish Flakes contain a lot of carbohydrates. Quite interesting to see that your bichir eats flakes though because bichirs are generally not a flake-fan.
  4. Sup Fish Keepers! I've been thinking and planning about getting a Senegal Bichir, I just can't resist them! I was planning to put mine in a 30 gallon tank, but soon got doubts about whether or not if such a big fish will fit in a small tank. I do plan to have the whole tank to the Senegal, so no other fish will be added AT ALL. Please help. I haven't bought the takn yet, however I did find a tank at the pet store with the following dimensions: 36"x18"x12" Thanks! FishFan8
  5. Cool fish! Hope you do well with them!
  6. Cool! They are going to be hybrids!
  7. This might be simple but how about 4 neons and one cherry shrimp?
  8. Sadly no. Bettas an neon tetras DO NOT MIX! Despite the beautiful colors they display the bettas will fight them. Bettas also see them as brine shrimp, a type of shrimp they eat in the wild, and since brine shrimp are the same size as tetras, bettas will be able to eat the tetras. This person once tried this and his bettas slowly devoured each tetra.
  9. Never knew bettas eat gel food, I should try that.
  10. SHrimps will do well with guppies and neon tetras, I think. All I know is that don't add them with carnivorous or predatory fish, such as cichlids, they can eat fish.
  11. @ flyboymonkey Algae Eaters grow to 8"! You can't add them to 10 gallon tank with other fish in it, they won't do well, and since they grow to 8" long, it is advised that there should be 10 gallons for each algae eater. If you want to add other fish with Algae Eaters get a 20+ gallon tank.
  12. I have feed my Lil Pep some blood worms, he is eating them but since the bloodworms are big he has to tear them. Will he be ok?
  13. Really? A beetle once fell in my goldfish tank and before I got it out, my goldfish ate it. I'm not sure but if I am right, my goldfish would be alright, since goldfish eat insects in the wild?
  14. I guess it is okay, but I'm not sure.
  15. It's kinda sad, once you think that some fish parents are cannibalistic, especially goldfish.
  16. That's why I was asking. I was afraid that some food might have too much harmful oils and chemicals that we humans can take while fish can't. Thanks for answering Sushi67!
  17. Is there any store that sells gel food, so far I haven't seen any.
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