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  1. Whenever I change the filter I notice that there is a bunch of fuszzy white growth that looks suspicously like mold. I checked all the water params, and it's all good. I am jsut worried it could hurt my fish. Has anybody else seen this or know what it might be and/or how harmful it is?
  2. My tank seems to be the breeding grounds fro some really funky looking stuff. The first is what appears to be a green algae that is growing on the gravel and on the sides of the tank. I have been scrubbing it off the tank, but don't know what to do with the gravel. Will it hurt my fish? Also, I have added a little Algea Destroyer to see if that will help a but. Also, there is some fuzzy white stuff growing in my filter htat looks suspiciously like mold. I am not sure what to do because it is growin gon the biofilter that I was told to never replace or clean, but I don't want my fish to get sick. So far she seems to be doing just fine, though. Any thoughts on what this might be, whether it is hramful or not, and how to get rid of it if it is harmful? I could really use some help on this one!
  3. When I was in fourth grade a friend won a common for me at the state fair. I keptt he fish (named Goldie) in a bowl in the classroom. Despite the fact he lived in a bowl I took very good care of him and he lived the whole school year. I moved away at the end of hte school year so I gave the fish away. I don't know how long her lived after that. Currently we have Feather, who has been with us since May, and we figure she was already 3-4 months old. We also have Trogdor the betta, who we have also had since May.
  4. My aunt has a comet fish that she has had for several years. She used to have two, but one died recently. She keeps the fish in a 10gal tank, and the poor fish is so big now he hardly has any room to swim a round I am very concerned about the health and well being of the fish. I tried to tell (ina polite way) that that kind of fish needs LOTS more space, but she said he was fine where he was, adn that he wouldn't grow any bigger so he would be okay. Is there anything I can say that might change her mind? I'm so worried about her fish, but I don't want to upset her.
  5. Nice reply, Daryl, but my husband would very much disagree with you. He is still in the mindset of "It's just a fish". Sad, really. I only have two fish, a betta and a young fantial, and neither of htem cost me more than a few dollars. But there is an absolutely GORGEOUS Pom Pom at my LFS that I would love to have. He's very big, and sort of a chocolately-orange color. His pom is bright orange (the other was bitten off by a koi), and stands out beautifully against his scales. He's about $130, but I would so buy him if I had somehwere to put him. But sadly there is no where in my tiny apartment to put a tank big enough for him, so I just keep dreaming.
  6. My family went on vacation last week and we asked my MIL to watch our pets. Before we left I double checked the water quality for both my goldie and my betta and made sure to feed them right before we left. We also made sure our cat had plenty to eat and drink. My MIL was supposed to come over in the middle of hte week to check up on things and feed the animals. Well, she forgot! Everyone was okay, thank heavens, but the fish went five days without food! I guess the bright side is that their insides have been cleaned out. I felt so bad, and so did my MIL. She is the absolute nicest person in the world, but can sometimes be a bit forgetful. I am just glad everyone is okay.
  7. I have had my fantail, Feather, for a little over three months now, and I see no signs that she is growing at all. I've written about this before, but I am really worried about her. I read about other fish on here who seem to be growing like weeds, but mine shows no visible change. She seems okay health wise, and the water is good. I am concerend, though, becuae I read that other post about fish needing 20g. I only have a 10gal. I would love a 20gal, believe me, but we live in a small apartment, and there is no where I could put a 20 gal tank. I am hoping when we move into a house sometime next year I can upgrade to a MUCH bigger tank, and get a couple new fish, but for now I am stuck with the 10gal. Am I stunting Feather's growth? Is there anythign I can do? I want to give my fish the best life possible under the circumstances.
  8. We had a fish named Bird, and when he died we got our new fish, Feather, named in Bird's honor. We also had a fish goldfish named Cracker (as in, goldfish cracker). My son named them (he was about 18 months at the time). We also have a female tarantula we named Sheila (Aussie for girl).
  9. I can't believe you guys suck on the hose. GROSS! I've never had a problem getting them started. I just lay the tube in the water horizontally until the airbubbles get out, then start pumping. I don't think I would ever be crazy enough to suck on it. Yuck, yuck, yuck!
  10. My Fantail is named Feather, in honor of our little Comet, Bird, who passed away. Bird was the name my son gave him, don't ask why. We also have a betta named Trogdor, named for the dragon on homestarrunner.com.
  11. This is one of those stories that will cause most of you to laugh at my stupidty, so please enjoy it! I have one of those self-starting gravel vacs, which I have been using for several months now. The instructions say to "pump vigourously" to start it, but they never said to stop pumping. Do you see where this is going? So, here I am, pumpming like crazy, trying to vacuum up all the junk in the tank, while my arm goes numb with the effort. I know you are laughing hysterically now. The other day when I was cleaning out hte tank I stopped to rest for a moment, just letting the vac tube dangle in the water. And that is when I noticed the debris being sucked right up into the tube! You think I would have learned something in high school physics, but that was ages ago, and I don't think we had that lesson. By the way, cleaning out the tank is SOOOOO much easier now, not to mention cleaner. Okay, did you have a good laugh? Geez, i feel dumb!
  12. ITA with the others, just get what catches your eye. When I got my Feather, I knew almost right away that she was the fish for me. I could tell she was special Now I am on the lookout for a pompom, but you would not believe how hard it is to find them!
  13. Cool, thanks. That makes me feel better. I am sure she is growing, I just can't tell as much. I think her tail may be getting longer. KWIM = Know What I Mean?
  14. I've had my goldie, Feather, since May, but I have not noticed any size difference. How fast do goldies grow? Maybe she is growing and I just don't notice beucase I see her every day. I just don't want her growth to be stunted, KWIM?
  15. Those were some beautiful ponds! I am so envious! Someday I am going to have a beautiful water garden, with a shady path, a stream, and a pond. A lot like some of hte ones in your photos. But, it is not to be where I am at now. Las Vegas is a BAD place to have a fish pond!
  16. Her poop did turn green, and looked okay, so I started feeding her regular food. She is relatively new. I've only had her for a little less than 2 months. I went to my favorite LFS today to get some advice. The uy htere told me I may be feeding her too much. I usually try and feed her once in the morning, and once in the evening, but he says it is better to feed goldfish once every other day. This should help with her constant constipation problems, and also help with my ongoing nitrite peaking problem. He said if I don't see any progress in the next few days to try meds. He also recommended a product called "Cycle", which he felt might help with the nitrites as well. He seemed to know a lot about fish and how to care for them properly, so I trusted his advice.
  17. My goldfish has been having some poop problems. Before, it was long, thin and white with lots of airbubbles. I put her on a 3 day fast and then fed her only peas for another 3 days. She seemd to be doing okay, but now her poop is very long, thick and white. Is it more constipation? Or is it bacterial? She seems okay otherwise.
  18. Aww! What a nice husband you have! My husband would have done the same thing, but since I only have a 10gal, he is under strict rules not to get any fish with out my permission. He's upset becuase he wants more htan one fish, but I told him it will have to wait until we have space for a bigger tank. As for a name, you mentioned your fish was a nice velvety black. So how about Black Velvet, or even just Velvet. Don't forget to post a pic! you can't brag about a beautiful new fish without sharing a pic of him!
  19. Feather still seems to be doing okay. I did a 50% water change today, adn the nitrite levels went down to 5.0, and the nitrate levels were cut in half. I looked over her completely and I couldn't find any external problems, and she still has a healthy appetite, swimming well. I think she just might pull through this! Ugh, what an ordeal this has been.
  20. My nitrates are at 40ppm right now, which also seems a bit high. Hopefully that will come down with the water changes. I know I have been very irresponsible with my fish. I should know better, and trust me, this won't happen again! I feel aweful for Feather. I hope she makes it through this. I have some aquarium salt on hand, so I may try a little salt treatment to see if that will help, but I think y'all are right about just getting into the regular habit of water changes.
  21. How do I put in the plants? Is there anything special I have to do? I have gravel right now, do they need some other substrate? I don't know if my tank has completely cycled. That may be part of the problem. It is taking longer for it to cycle because the water seems a little cooler. I will definitelybe doing a big water change tomorrow. Hopefully Feather will be okay. She "seems" okay, was a little lethargic earlier, but she is still swimming around like normal.
  22. I use ACE and AquaSafe, but I don't know if either of htose help with nitrites.
  23. Ten gal, one fantail. I did a water change (about 30%), but the levels are still high.
  24. I have seen a few deformed moors, but usually only at the big chain stores. My favorite store has very nice specimens. They all seem very healthy and well balanced.
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