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  1. In an effrot to have a healthier tank, and thus a healthier goldfish, I am trying to take the advice of so mnay here about keeping my tank clean. In the past, I was doing water cvhanges about once a month or so. Now, I am doing about a 30% water change every week (on Monday), except the first week of the month when I do a 60-70% water change and give the tank a more thorough scrubbing (I have a lot of algae!). So far here is what I have noticed: Fatty, my red-capped oranda, seems much more perky. She always had a healthy appetite (hence the name!), but I think it is even more so now. Also, she had a bad case of bacterial fin rot a few months ago, and I am definitely seeing more rapid signs of improvement. In fact, she completely lost two of her fins on her belly (not sure what you call them), and I am starting to see some regrowth from one of them, which I was not sure was at all possible. The tank is looking much nicer, but I still have algae problems. It seems no matter what I do, I just can't seem to get the nitrates below 20%. I know that is not very high, but I would still like to see them lower if possible. Am I doing enough water changes? Or when I do the one, should I change out more, or is that a good amount?
  2. I was always under the impression that you should let the conditioner mix in well so it has time to do it's job. Will it not hurt the fish much to be in water that isn't fully conditioned for a little bit? How fast does water conditioner usually work?
  3. Thanks everyone! I have certainly learned a bit here:-) Okay, I know this was not part of my original question, but since it was brought up. . . I am very curious about these water changers y'all were talking about! Right now I use buckets. I have a couple of hose siphons that vacuum the water and yucky stuff down in the gravel. Then I dump the water (in my garden if I can -so good for my veggies!), then I refill the bucket with clean water, add my water conditioners and such, and let it sit for a little while so everything has a chance to mix in and work properly. Obviously, this takes up a good deal of time. With a pump and sink hose thing, how would it work to add the conditioners? Would I just add them directly to the tank? Should I take out my goldfish while doing the water change? Usually, my fish just stays in the tank, unless I am doing some serious cleaning. How long are the pump hoses? My sink is on the other side of the room from the tank, maybe 15-20 ft. Thanks for the help and advice!
  4. ohh, just to mention something that they did, fed it live to my other friends piranhas ): y be so cruel!, they even posted it on youtube. I guess this links back to my topic that i posted Don't piranhas eat fish? I fail to see the cruelty in that. It's like telling a lion he is not allowed to eat a zebra because it would be cruel to the zebra! We used to feed small fish to our snake, as well as live mice. I think people are just about the only meat eating species that prefers to eat meat that has already been killed and cooked. What strange creatures we are! LOL. That's not to say it is ever a pretty sight watching one animal kill and eat another. If it makes you squeamish, best not to watch. There are plenty of other ways to be cruel to animals, and we have all seen them. Really, it is just best to educate those who don't know, and make sure you are doing all you can to care for your own fish:-)
  5. Hmm, interesting. Out of curiosity, how the heck do you find time to do all those water changes so often? I have a full time job, a part time job, and a family to take care of (which is like having another full time job!). Part of the reason I don't change the water as often is because I simply have NO TIME! But also, again, because it seemed to be stressing out my fish. I think Patti may have answered that, though. Very interesting thought. As for my nitrates, they are generally at around 20ppm, whether the tank is sparkling clean or several weeks old. While this is not a terrible number, I would like to see it much lower, like around 10ppm or less. But as stated before, even when I did have time for more frequent WC, the number ever changed. There are no nitrates in the tap water, only in the tank. Also, I was always told that for a fancy they should have at least 10gal per fish. Since I only have one fish, wouldn't that suffice? I have a 29gal tank, but no where to put it, unfortunately.
  6. I do have high nitrates, and I can't figure out how to bring them down. For a long time I was doing about a 40-50% water change every week. It made no difference in the water that I could tell (doing before and after param checks) and the fish seemed to be a little stressed from it. So I stopped doing them so often. I have actually only ever had 3 goldfish (not including a few commons I have had over the years, most only surviving a week or two) - Feather was my first, and he lived with us for about 4-5 years (can't really remember, but it seemed like a while). Then we got Firefly, and the two shared a tank for several years. Then Feather got sick and eventually died, and Firefly followed a few months later. Fatty is the third. I have had him for a little while, maybe 6 months? Sorry, I am not good at remembering when I actually got my fish. He was a tiny little thing, and at first grew very quickly. Once he got the tail rot he stopped growing, but it has been several months with no sign of resumed growth. When Feather and Firefly started showing signs of SBD, I immediately put them on a three day fast, followed by a few days of peas. But even with the peas, once they started eating, they started floating upside down again. By morning they would be fine. I was feeding them a few pellets (soaked) twice daily, but that went down to one feeding a day. But no matter what I did, they always floated after they ate anything. I feed Fatty a few pellets (soaked) once a day. Maybe I should be feeding him more? I am a little paranoid about the SBD, though, and don't want to overfeed him.
  7. If you have watched the show long enough, and are observant, you will have noticed that there have been several "Dorothy's" on the show. I once heard in rumor that they keep the fish in a separate tank when not on the air. I don't know if there is any truth to that. Maybe they have a tank with a number of different fish, and put a fish in the bowl when it is time to film. That could explain all the differetn fish I keep seeing. Benefit of the doubt, ya know? Still, I would rather see Dorothy swimming around in at least a 10 gal tank.
  8. No, I already tested the water multiple times. I did have to get a new tank, as the seams on my old one were starting to go bad, and I was worried about waking up one morning to find ten gallons of water all over my floor . But I had already cleared the bacterial problem before that. Firefly had been having swim bladder problems for quite some time, and nothing I did resolved the problem (and I think I tried everything!). I think her immune system was weakened and she caught some other disease. Her health declined very rapidly. Her partner, Feather, had a similar problem. For some reason, my fish all seem to end up with SBD. So far, Fatty has not shown any signs of it, though. I change the water about once a month. I only have one little goldfish in a 10 gal tank. I do check my water params more often, though. The water is well cycled, and there is usually quite a bit of algae growing, though from time to time I do a major tank cleaning which almost wipes out the algae. At normal water changes I generally change about 40-50%, and at a major cleaning I will change up to 75%.
  9. I little bit ago I got a red-capped oranda. He was so little and cute, swimming in the tank at the LPS:-) When I brought him home I had him in a seperate quarantine tank for about a month. He was so tiny I could not feed him any of my regular fish pellets, even after soaking them. He just had a lot of trouble eating them. So I started feeding him beta food. And boy did he grow!! He LOVED the beta food, and got nice and fat on them (his name is Fatty, btw!). After about a month I felt it was safe to add him to my main tank. Shortly after, the only other fish in that tank, my beautiful Firefly, passed away, leaving Fatty by himself. And then he stopped growing. He has been in there for months now, and I see no sign of growth. We did have a very nasty battle with bacterial fin rot, and I believe he has permanently lost a couple of his fins:-( But he seems to be doing much better now, and swimming and eating happily. But I still see no sign of growth. Also, I have never really seen any difference in his wen. It is still not much more than a little red patch on his head. I want a BIG wen on a BIG oranda! I try and keep the tank clean, but I do let some algae grow in (he loves it!). I feed him a diet of high protein fish pellets, but not much else. Is there something that promotes wen growth? BTW, I should mention that none of the goldfish I have ever had have grown once I put them in the tank. Some of them I had for 4-5 years and they never grew. Always stayed kinda small. Thoughts?
  10. I would LOVE to have a chocolate pom-pom with orange poms. I saw a nice big one once when I lived in Vegas, but I couldn't afford him (or the tank I would need to keep him!). Ever since I saw him, I have had my eyes out for any other pom-poms. I just love them! Sadly, I have never seen another, and I have been searching for years.
  11. I wanted to hop on real quick and share the news. Firefly has passed away:-( I went out of town last week for a photography convention. My hubby was in charge of caring for the fish. I left very specific instructions, but he forgot anyway. She didn't get fed for nearly 48 hrs, and in her weak state, that was enough. She passed away just before I got home. I am so sad she is gone! She was such a beautiful fish. She was sick when I got her, and had fish lice, but with a lot of care and attention I kept her for over four years. I wanted it to be so many more. I think she was feeling a little sad after losing her tankmate, Feather, last year. She was never quite the same after he passed, even when I got a new mate for her. They were great friends, and now they are together again.
  12. @Sakura - Yes, Firefly has always had stunted growth. I could never figure out why. Feather had the same problem. I have had my new fish, Fatty, for only a couple of months. He started out at about a little over half of Firefly's size, and now he has almost caught up with her! It's crazy. But the growth stunt seems to make sense. I think that could be a reason my fish have always had so many health problems, especially SWD. @amynmitchell - Yup, we are big Firefly fans:-) Actually, we are big Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion fans. One of these days you may see me with a fish named Fillion:-) @Everyone - I will get some of those water params soon. I do them every time I change the tank water, and it is about due for that.
  13. Sakura, YES!! That is exactly what it looks like! But Firefly is four years old and has never had this problem before. I don't think it would just suddenly happen like that if it were genetic, would it? I did see her eating earlier, but it was hard for her. She just nibbled at a pellet until it broke and she was able to get the one half in her mouth. But Fatty swooped in and ate the rest. Meany.
  14. What do water params have to do with a broken jaw? I don't have all of those answers right now, and it would take some time to get all that info. I do know that at last check a week ago nitrates and ammonia were at zero, nitrates were at around 20, and pH, Kh, and hard water were all high (always have been). I have been treating the tank with Melafix because of Firefly's health problems (she had some fin rot from sitting on the bottom of the tank, but it getting much better). There is one other fish in the tank, and Red Cap Oranda names Fatty. He can be a little bully around food (hence the name), but not so much that I have seen him actually try to hurt Firefly, and I only feed them once a day, and she was just fine earlier today.
  15. My Fantail, Firefly, has been ailing in health for some time. I just lost my other fantail, Feather, last year. It was pretty sad. I cam home after a brief visit with my folks over Christmas to find Firefly lying on her side on the bottom of the tank. I wasn't about to give up on her though, and after some hard work, I got her up and swimming about again. Yay! She was still not in perfect health, but doing so much better. But tonight when I went to go feed the fish, I noticed she was having trouble eating. On closer look, I noticed that one side of her jaw was poked inwards!! It was like the joints had gotten reversed. I was able to catch her and gently move the joints back, and that seemed to work for a minute, but then they just popped back in again. She is having a lot of trouble eating, of course, and I just feel awful. How would this have happened, and can it be fixed?
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