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  1. oh well never mind! I know how you feel! i have to use my mobile for most pics as they come put blurry on the digi! (even though we have got 2!!!). i will use my imagination instead!
  2. ooooh they sound great! any chance of a pic? thanks for the info on the water temp and changes! very usefull to have!!! thans for your help zena! much appreciated!
  3. oh just realised wher u live!!! portsmouth quite near me! i have found one that is a 50 watt heater and its from the same company as my tank so thats good. They are really cheap brand new on ebay! i think i may get one if i can find some more loose change lying around....im sure there is some here.......
  4. thanks! Lol thats a cute little heater!!! it says tanks up to 5 gallons so would an 8 gal be ok? also it is an american site so its in dollars and im english lol cheers x-Lucy-Fish-x!
  5. hmmm oh well! I will have to think about this a bit more! Maybe a heater will be necessary! oh well im not planning on them yet (not sure lfs even has them!) so maybe in the not so distant future! thanks for the info and help!
  6. just trying to help a little! ooh sounds like a real nice tank! Any pictures i could see?
  7. Hmm anyway that i could do this simply without buying a heater? If not i will hold off for now!
  8. lol well it is kinda more exciting than the pictures display and also it varies sometime they just put there fins up but other times they will wiggle about darting around and chase each other!
  9. ?100!!! that is allot of money!!! cleaning out ponds? do they eat bugs or algae or sumthing? Sorry dont know much or anything about ponds! Yes i agree they look awseome!
  10. ok well here is a picture of a minnow when its fins are normal and this is the difference when flared as you can see there is quite some difference! The colours will come out more than on the second picture (its not a great pic). i will post a few links if i can find them on breeding habits. Oh and minnows are being camera shy right now!
  11. lol i cant help myself! Hopefully you chosse soon as we would all love to see some pictures!
  12. ye now problem! (well if i can!) i can find some pictures on the internet first to give you an idea and i will try later to get a video of mine. although i saw them do it yesterday and they usually take a day off!
  13. why? why? why? do people make me sooo jealous with there amazing fancy goldies! Its just not fair how amazing everyones fishes are on here! Its making me sooo jealous! lol great fish! I love little ones they are sooo cute!
  14. glad you like my idea of the minnows. They are really good for coldwater and you should especially find some pics of them flaring up during breeding! they really are easy to look after and you could have quite a few in your 10gal! I hope you decide soon
  15. heya as you know i have minnows too. Mine seem to alwyays be a little crazy anyway! But just check the water params and all as usual. Mine have done a little showing off and you will know when they do it! They flare up their fins and swim side by side allot. It happens on and off in my tank so its kinda usuall now. I hope the little fellows are allright now!
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