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  1. Thanks!! Any other ideas/suggestions that I may not have thought of??
  2. Thanks!! I'll stick with black and/or Micky mouse mollies, tetras or wcmm, and Corys in that case. Adding them slowly, with my qt tank up and running too, of course!! I had thought of plecos, I had a bn with my Goldies a few years ago but she never touched the algae. I'll definitely get some more plants and gravel. Hidr, I remember you from when I was a regular in 2006/2007!! Lovely to see a familiar name
  3. Perhaps some otocinclus catfish?? Or are they too similar to Corys??
  4. Thanks. I was thinking of getting a few Corys so I'll get some gravel. I like Mollies and tetras. Would that be a good combo? Are there enough "levels" of fish there (top, middle and bottom of the tank) and do they all get along in the same temp?? What about some kind of algae eater? Thanks :)
  5. Hi there Well it's been a very long time since I last logged onto Kokos! I used to be a regular years ago! Hi to anyone who remembers me Have kept Goldies for nearly 10 years now but have just lost my last one So I'm left with a 30gal tank with a fully cycled filter which I'm keen to turn tropical for the first time ever!!! I've got a heater ready to go and the tank's got a few plants and driftwood. (But no gravel - do trops need a bit of gravel?) I'm wondering where to start and looking for stocking suggestions please! Ideally I'd like several pretty, bright coloured fish that are fairly easy for a new tropical keeper (but a seasoned Goldie keeper!)if possible. What would you do??
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