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  1. katmad

    Green Tank!

    thanks guys, i am doing regular water changes so yes i can still see the fish hehe! and now i have got used to the green i quite like the way it looks!!
  2. katmad

    Green Tank!

    Before, when it was first set up. clear water, sparkly tank! Now, after a few very sunny months, having been put next to a big window! The fishies LOVE the green water!!
  3. aah he's cute, and that big tank is lovely!
  4. thanks Koko - I was just worried that it would hurt or compete with the nitrafying bacteria that i've spent so long cultivating in my filters! But if it's not harmful to the filter then I wont take any measures to prevent it occuring in the tank
  5. Hi As you might have seen from my other thread, i am at the end stages of cycling my tank (ammonia 0, nitrites 1, nitrates 20) however, my tank is by a big window and is getting a lot of sunlight. so far all this has meant is that i've had to keep spot cleaning the brown algae as it's growing a lot on the tank, but today doing a water change i noticed that the water is actually now getting cloudy and green. I dont now what do to! I have had a green water tank before and it was amazing, my fish grew so much and were clearly nourished by the green water. So i'd love to let it go green and benefit my two goldies. But I have 2 filters going in this tank and I have SO nearly got my cycle finished - will green water kill my cycle? in my old green tank i didnt have a filter, just an air pump, as the green algae acts as a filter. Can i keep my filters going and will the bacteria survive??? i suppose if i dont want the green water i will have to keep changing the water even more frequently!! Any suggestions? thanks!!
  6. I use their equipment - my filters, sponges, airpumps etc are old but I'm pretty sure they are from Interpet. nothing wrong with thier products, been working perfectly well for 6 years now! I haven't used much from their chemical range although it is such a common brand in UK pet shops that if I ever needed ick treatment I'd probably buy their one.
  7. Hi again Right Ammonia is now 0!! woo hoo! Before water change: Nitrites = 2 Nitrates = 20 After a big change Nitrites are down to 1 so I'll prob need to keep changing the water fairly frequently to keep them down below 2. Fish are still happy - Zeb's lost all his black apart from his moustache and they are both eating and swimming happily
  8. Hello again! Still cycling away - did a 50% change yesterday. No nitrite but definite nitrates so i'm hoping we're nearly there and the bacteria has developed which turns nitrite to nitrate and that's why i havent seen any at all!! Was getting brown spot algae too. The fishies are eating a combo of hikari lionhead, tetra granules, bloodworms in jelly, algae wafers, peas and spinach. About 3 times a day. The orange fish with black fins has nearly lost all the black colouring, which I expected would happen but not this quickly! Params: Ammonia: 0.25 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: between 10 and 20
  9. Results today Ammonia 0.25 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 40 wonder if i'll ever see nitrites or if my cycle has whizzed through that step without me noticing! Fishies are still very happy and healthy
  10. Results today Ammonia 0.5 Nitrite 0 - 0.5 (0 on the drop test, 0.5 on the strip test) Nitrate 20 will do another 50% change today to knock the ammonia back down to 0.25 again hoping to see some nitites soon
  11. ok thanks will keep up with the changes
  12. Today's results Ammonia 0.5 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 20 Not sure if I should do another water change or not....
  13. Thanks for the input everyone. I will google some of the brands mentioned, I need to be able to buy them in, or get them shipped to, the UK
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