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  1. That would not be a permanent solution. If you have algae on your plants it is because the conditions are perfect for the algae to grow. Your tank is probably receiving too much light. You could cover your tank with a blanket for 3 days, leave the light off for that period. Once you take the blanket off all the algae should be gone
  2. Unfortunately, i didn't hear back the last time that i emailed. I tried to get hold of the vet that works with the Kusuri UK products. No response as yet
  3. For the time being I still have my tropicals though and will still drop in to Koko's every now and again.
  4. For Scottish members. I have an Aqualantis 150 Litre Cube tank (39 US Gallons) plus Eheim Air pump and 2 air difussers for sale for £150. I also have an Eheim Pro III 2080 Canister filter for sale, this has a max flow rate of 1700 lph but with media fitted 1210 lph. Filter comes with all media and tubing. £150 also. These are pick up only. PM me for more details. Alistair.
  5. £20 is not really going to be enough for a goldfish filter, even if you can get one second hand. You could try ebay or gumtree for a second hand one. I would recommend Eheim, Rena or Fluval. The stingray filter i would avoid, they really aren't designed for goldfish although some filtration is always going to be better than none.
  6. The only thing that stands out to me is that you are underfiltered. With an Eheim caninster i would suggest that you are processing your whole tank 4-6 times per hour. I don't think that your filter is capable of any more than 2 times per hour and that is being generous. If you can leave your water for 3 weeks and still have a reading of 0,0,40 i am beyond impressed. Also can i ask why you remove your fish for a water change ? 4 inches of gravel is quite alot. Do you dig in to it with each water change ?
  7. If you are going to do a water change do a large water change, your fish will thank you for it
  8. I stand by my original post. Perhaps using "Die off" was the wrong choice of words. I was trying provide a simple answer to the question in a way that it would be easy to understand. Not everyone (myself included) has a degree in biology.
  9. Did you add the bit about feet on later ? The leeches i had definately didn't have feet
  10. Could it be a small fresh water leech ? I had 2 hitch a ride in buried deep inside moss balls. They can be tricky to catch.
  11. In an large outdoor eco system like a lake or large pond i can see this being a big factor. However, in a small artificial eco system like an indoor tank i can't see the difference between and newly cycled filter and a long running one. If the newly cycled filter is for example keeping a 60 gallon tank with 4 fancy goldfish at 0, 0, <20 each week then 2 years later that same filter is keeping the same tank 0, 0, <20 is it really so much better due to the fact that it is well established ?
  12. Not in my new tank. I put two layers of new ceramic rings in my Fluval 405, and I put a bag of "cycled" rings on each level. I also filled the underwater filter biomedia chamber with all "cycled" ceramics rings. My 55 gallon was cycled. The new tank still is not. I think that you misunderstand me. I am talking about 2 fully cycled filters. The one that has only just been cycled will be just as good as the one that has been running for much longer.
  13. I know that various factors affect the efficiency of autotrophic bacteria. PH is a big factor with BB's being almost 100% efficient at PH 8.3 dropping to only working at 50% at PH 7 and below PH 6 they stop functioning and reproducing. Temperature also plays a big part with 78-86 F being the best range. At 64 F BB's are again only working at 50%. Above 120 and below 32 F kills them dead. Taking away their food source would have a much more dramatic effect i think. As for a strong cycle, once a tank is fully cycled it will get no stronger or weaker providing all the factors remain constant. A filter that has just been colonised with BB's and is capable of housing enough bacteria to deal effectivley with the amount of ammonia and nitrite will be just as good as a filter that has been running for years.
  14. I don't believe that there is such a thing as a "strong cycle". This is a goldfish myth just like over filtering. Your tank is either cycled or it isn't. The amount of beneficial bacteria in your tank is in direct relation to the amount of ammonia being produced in the tank. If for example you have 1ppm of ammonia being produced daily then beneficial bacteria will multiply until they are at the concentration where they can process all of that ammonia. There will not be any spare beneficial bacteria hanging around on the off chance that more ammonia comes along. If the ammonia produced by your tank reduces to only .5ppm daily (perhaps as a result of the loss of a fish) then this will have a direct impact on the amount of BB's in the tank. 50% will die off due to lack of ammonia required to exist. Likewise if you suddenly increase the amount of ammonia in your tank (adding a new fish) it can take some time for your BB's to multiply to the level able to process the additional waste. Don't forget that even on an established filter BB's only have a certain life span. As the old BB's die new ones have to multiply to replace them. This is happeneing 24/7.
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  16. I got a reply from the people at Repashy UK and they will be stocking the Gel food in the very near future
  17. I either pour boiling water through mine or rinse in in a bleach solution
  18. I have emailed the UK Division of Repashy to see if they stock the gel food for fish as the web page only shows reptile foods
  19. All the pumps i have owned have always also been under the water line. I suppose that if the pump is above the water you wouldn't require a non-return valve
  20. Will you be doing a fishless cycle on your 60 gallon whilst keeping your 4 fish in the 20 gallon which sounds like that isn't cycled ? I recommend that you get your 4 fish straight in to the 60 gallon and forget your fishless cycle. This will give you a bit more breathing space and will save you having to maintain 2 tanks. Gravel from the LFS will have very little beneficial bacteria if any living on it and is more likely to bring a parasite than a quick way to speed up your cycle. 25% water changes don't really accomplish anything in a goldfish tank (especially one that is cycling) and i recommend that you get in the habit of doing larger changes (the 80% you mentioned is good)
  21. You will need aquarium airline tubing, a 'Y' piece and a non-return valve for the air stone unless you plan on using 2 air stones in which case you will then need air line tubing and 2 non-return valves. 1. Measure the airline tubing so that it will go from your pump into your tank. 2. Cut airline tubing and fit non-return valve (it will have an arrow on it showing air flow direction) 3. Fit air stone 4. Turn pump on 5. Bubbles
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