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  1. Carbon does not release what it has caught in the water. If it did, you could soak it in water to recharge it. Activated carbon must be heated to around 1200 to 1600 degrees to be recharged. I am not sure where you heard that rumor, and regardless that it is on the net here and there, it is simply a rumor and is not true. I am running carbon just because it makes my grandma feel safe. I cant seem to get it in her brain that it is useless, but since she is paying i dont mind so much. Anyways since the carbon talk is off topic a bit, lets get back to see what everyone is running in their aquaclears.
  2. I was just wondering what you guys put in your AquaClear filters? Mine is foam on bottom, then carbon in the middle even though I dont need it, then biomax on top.
  3. If it isnt bothering your betta, then there is no reason to baffle it. I would still look into exchanging it and asking if they can order an aquaclear 20 as a replacement. From personal experience with both filters, you will be much happier with an aquaclear.
  4. Please make sure that before you replace the motor that you lubricate the o-ring with water or ky jelly to prevent leakage. Same goes for the flow control. But i just about promise you that even though that intake tube looks clean, there is still some slight build up in that upper area. Also, make sure there is nothing wrapped around the impeller shaft. You can remove the rubber end caps from the impeller shaft and slide the impeller off to clean it. I recommend pulling it apart and soaking it in white vinegar while cleaning the other parts, then rinse it well and reassemble it. I used to only use whisper, i know these filters better than most tetra representatives. Daniel
  5. I just adjusted my Whisper 20 to see how low I could get the flow. Mine will go down to a trickle. I can also turn the flow completely off. I wonder if they have changed them since I bought mine. The reason for that is the fact that your intake tube and flow control need to be cleaned. If you are turnung it down and getting no flow or maybe a trickle, you are probably only pumping 50 gph. Make sure you remove the impeller assembly and clean it under running water and remove the motor unit from the bottom and clean the energizer well with a cotton swab. No worries as this will not cause a mini cycle as long as you do not change any media at the same time. And no, they have not changed anything about this filter since the 1980's other than the color. Daniel
  6. You can also try using an AquaClear 50 foam and rubber band it or zip tie it to the filter. Just make sure whatever you do that it will be removable for cleaning and replacement as it wears out. Also, if the intake of the filter seems to be strong, get an AquaClear 30 foam and cut a slit in the top with a knife. Slide this over the strainer of the filter or remove the strainer assembly and slide it on the intake tube. Daniel
  7. My 5 gallon aquarium uses a 15w light, an AquaClear 20 filter, and a 50 watt heater and I only use $11.36 a year for my area. Different areas have different rates, but I can almost promise you that it isn't any more than $15 a year.
  8. Like I said in the other post, you should have gotten an AquaClear 20. The Whisper 20 pumps 52.5 gallons per hour on the lowest flow and doesn't have a soft output. The AquaClear 20 power filter pumps 33 gallons per hour on the lowest setting and has a much softer outflow. You can try baffling it, but still that filter is a little too big for a 5 gallon aquarium. If baffling doesn't work, you may want to consider returning it and getting an AquaClear 20. Here is baffling instructions: http://www.petfish.net/kb/entry/347/
  9. Alright guys thanks a ton. I am so glad to hear that it can be an inch lower. There is not really any way to modify this heater at all. I cannot wait until I can find a good deal on an AquaClear heater to match my filter, but until then, this will have to do. I must say that this heater seems to be a very good heater and I have not had even one degree of fluctuation in water temperature. Thanks again guys!
  10. It has a water line but with the water at the line it is almost pouring out of my tank. Can the water be below the water line at all? It doesnt say whether that line is maximum or minimum.
  11. I just bought a hang on the back heater for my aquarium. I am on a budget, or else i would have just bought submersible. The water line on my heater is almost at the very top but with my tank that full it almost is pouring over the back. How low is too low for this heater? It is a spot 50w 8" slim tech heater. It really makes me nervous having water this close to electricity. Any help will greatly be appreciated. Many thanks ahead of time. Daniel
  12. Keep us updated. I would love to know which filter you chose and your expierence with it.
  13. Oh and i forgot to mention, all aqua clear power filters are on sale at www.petsolutions.com. That is where i ordered mine for 20 bucks
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