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  1. It's not really much of a ph swing, only a 24hr period after a water change where I bring it back up to 7.8. Then because of the coral, it stays solid at 7.8 for the next month.
  2. I'm trying to figure out why my fish just don't last long and am questioning whether it may be the mold in the filter lines. I have a canister filter and black stuff usually grows to coat the inside of filter lines. I also have it growing in the tubing on my Python device. I don't usually clean it off as it's really hard to do so.
  3. The short answer is that, even if your water params are in order, you're still accumulating fish waste and that's building up. So it's not just nitrates you're removing with a water change, but organic material (dissolved organic compounds and particulates). Basically, all the crud you suck out of the tank or rinse out of the filter media. Also, what are your pH, KH, GH readings? This can also affect the health of your fish. (I ask about pH because I know this can be affected by driftwood.) Edit/add: Your QT period may be on the short side. Especially if you may be bringing home fish with nasties. When I QT I salt and Prazi -- and watch for a month minimum. I had 2 new babies (Kenobi and Sephie) and it took about 2 weeks for ich to pop up. My PH is at 7.0 when it comes out of the faucet and the water is a little soft so I have crushed coral in my filter and buffer with baking soda to a ph of ~7.8. I must admit that I don't premix and age the water though. I add prime as I am filling the tank up for the chlorine. The PH usually drops to about 7.4 until I add baking soda to 7.8 over a period of 24hrs. I have bought fish from almost all of the pet stores in ~60 mile radius of me(5-6 stores), with the same results. I wish I could find some "stronger" fish!
  4. Thanks for all the suggestions. They are all appreciated. Why would it be necessary to do weekly water changes if my ammonia, nitrite are 0 and nitrate are at worst 20ppm when i do my monthly water changes? I quarantine with salt and observation for 2-4 weeks. My filters should flow 1350 gph if the manufacture specs are correct. I usually change the bulb in the UV filter every year or so. I have a bare bottom tank with 2 large pieces of driftwood. I also usually have a couple of banana plants to lower the nitrates.
  5. I never broke down the tank and started over because I thought the UV sterilizer would take care of everything. I might do that though, just as a last ditch effort.
  6. I've had a 72G for about 5 years now and although my tank parameters are consistently good; my fish all seem to die of dropsy or flukes after 3-9 months. I do regular tests and monthly water changes of 40%. I always quarantine fish for at least 14 days. I'm a sucker for Ranchus, Lionheads, Pom Poms. My Father in Law has had the same 2 Koi for the last 4 years in a 30G tank with a tiny HOB filter. All he does is quarterly water changes and feeding. i don't get it.
  7. I have 3 ranchus a lion head and 2 orandas in with him, and the others compete fine. Let's hope he gets smarter.
  8. I have a new ranchu and although he is extremely cute, he's kinda clueless. Whenever i feed the tank, all of the other fish swarm around the food...and he's just oblivious of whats going on. Even when i try to dump the food right in front of his face, he'll act like he doesn't see it. I know he's not blind because he doesn't bump into walls or stuff. I have to feed him in a seperate nursing container i have in the tank. When he's in the nursing tank he has no problem going after the food after 5-6 secs, usually in the main tank the food is gone after 5-6 secs. Any ideas?
  9. I introduced 2 new fish to my aquarium and they seem to have incited a beat down from the older residents. The older fish seem to be chasing the new fish around constantly and butting their heads against them even though the new fish is already wedged into a corner. I'm worried that these new fish will befall the same fate of at least 2 of my former fishes where i surmise they were chased until they were exhausted and died. I currently have 1 fish healing from being chased until exhaustion and then being sucked by a filter intake tube, in a breeding tank to seperate him while he is healing. I can't imagine having to get a seperate breeding tank for everyone...that would just be dumb looking. I've tried moving the driftwood around; i've tried training the bullies by seperating them when i see them being mean. I don't know what else to do. Why can't they just get along?
  10. I've lost 3 of 6 and they look and act perfect, of course i would have said the same about the 3 that died right before they died.
  11. Thats the thing that stumps me...They are fine the night before and then when i wake up to feed the next morning, they are dead. The only thing i have noticed is that they pine cone when i find them dead, thats why the title of this thread. Is this dropsy or does this happen to everyfish after they die.
  12. The only thing i can think of is i fed Hikari bloodworms a couple of weeks back.
  13. I just checked the water parameters again and they are the same as they were for the past year. Amm. 0; Nitrite 0; Nitrate 5; PH 7.6 The highest my nitrates have gone up to is 20; and that is unusual. Again, there are no visible signs that it is sick until post mortem. I am at a loss.
  14. Asking because, recently I've lost 3 fish one after another. Each one, after i find them dead have scales that look like pinecones, which is indicative of dropsy. They die very suddenly, and without any apparent symptoms before hand, only the pineconing afterward. I'm wondering if they had dropsy and died because of it. The tank water parameters are perfect and i haven't introduced any new fish without a 4 week quarantine. The last fish i added was about 4 months ago and it was first quarantined.
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