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  1. I am so sorry you baby died. Ich is pretty relentless and spreads and kills fast if not treated soon enough. I lost three pearlscales a couple years ago to it. I layed down for a nap one Sunday afternoon and when I woke up they were covered with ich and died the next day. Sorry again for you loss
  2. I have heard you can use kosher salt or pickling salt too . which you might be able to get over there. Just do not, and I repeat do not use table salt because it has a caking agent in it that will kill your fish.
  3. if you get the Dr.Wellfish ( they sell it at wally*world and lfs ) for a couple dollars. comes in a package like a milk carton . It has the dosages on the side of the carton. A higher temp and the salt will work. The higher temp helps speed up the cycle of the ick and it's eggs. I had goldies with it and a week or the salt and higher temps cleared it up.
  4. bettaqueen

    Need Suggestion

    yes they are . I caught him doing it a couple times.
  5. bettaqueen

    Need Suggestion

    they do it out of stress. I had one that did it. Most bettas like attention . I had my tailbitters 2 gallon tank on the nightstad and he would constantly bite his tail. I would get it healed up and he would bite it again. I figured out my being so close to the tank being on my nightstand was freaking him out. So I moved him across the room and he quit biting his tail
  6. wow he is such a cuite. I love pearlies. I have two myself. An all white one and a a orange and white one like your baby. I think pearls are so cute. I love watching them swimming and wiggling their little bums as they go. I know you already have a name but the name " Peachy" came to me when I was looking at his pic
  7. meds do not usually turn water acidic to my knowledge. if you had a betta in this type of container it would be hard to medicate him if he became ill because of the small size of the container. As I mentioned you have to do daily water changes with something this small and I don't think bettas are too happy in such a confined space, not much room to swim in.
  8. bettaqueen

    Need Suggestion

    it might if it is glass. I do not know how plastic would work . you could try
  9. bettaqueen

    Need Suggestion

    I tried that . Does not work well. Best idea is to put him or her in a clear water glass or beanie box with water in it.
  10. imao not a good permanant home for a betta. Might be o.k. to put him if you want to put him in a seperate container while cleaning his tank but not a good permanant place to live. I had one of my first bettas in one of those and he did not live long. the water quality goes bad in them quickly unless you do a complete water change daily. Really too small in my opinion.
  11. I love prime too. It is hard to find sometimes. But I have found it only at Pet-smart. So if you have one of these big chains stores near you, you might be in luck
  12. It is o.k. to use betta fix with fin rot. I have done it a few times with success. however it is important to keep the water pristine . Bad water quailty can add to fin rot. So can the betta bitting it's own tail which I have owned a coupel who did this. Betta fix is melafix in betta sized doses. It contains tea tree oil amoung other ingredients. I have used it successfully before for fin rot however it takes times for the damaged fins to grow back in.
  13. I second that. I had little terra pots in my setup and the bettas loved to go in there and hide. If you can not locate one during this time of year you could put something like a shot glass on it's side for them to hide in. Also you can try live or silk plants and moving you plants around to different locals in the tank. If you do get a tank ornament which make great hidey holes , make sure that it had no sharp edges . you can arrange the plants to make a hidey place if you put one or two of them along the back wall of the tank. Leave a little room for the betta to swim behind it.
  14. also if you get tank like that you will still need a lid or a hood. Bettas are known as jumpers and I have heard many of stories of bettas jumping out of the tank and their owners coming home to find them dried up on the floor. I have also heard stories of them jumping from unlidded containers during water changes
  15. It might. I have heard of using epsom salt with extreme constipation, but I would not go that route yet. Try the fasting and a pea if you can get him to eat. Also did you change anything - like move is tank around, change the amount of light coming into his tank, put him in eyeshot of another fish?
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