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  1. It is now over two months and he/she(?) is still getting bigger! The puzzling thing is that it still appears to be healthy and looks pretty good in every other respect. Swimming/activity, appetite, appearance etc all appear normal. Surely it could not be constipated (for this long). No other fish have had any problems. ANY IDEAS?
  2. Must be at about 5 weeks now. She still looks very large and very healthy and very un-chased! (unchaste?). Watching & waiting. Should I do something?
  3. Hi nichjake, thanks for replying. Well there doesn't seem to be any chasing going on. I had a good look from above and I would say both her sides are even in shape so, as you mentioned, there may be some other problem. Apart from her shape there are no other clues (to my inexperienced eye), - she, and all the others appear to be healthy and active, good colour, fins erect etc. What now!? I guess I'll just keep looking for any signs of change in her "condition". Maybe, if she's not pregnant, she's not a she!
  4. Hi there I am a novice with a 10,000Ltr garden pond (about 3yrs old) stocked with goldfish of various ages, no fancy ones but all appear to be healthy. One of the larger ones seems to be pregnant. She has been about the same (large) size for about three weeks. I have no idea what the avarage gestation period is so please enlighten me! Also, can goldfish control their gestation period to suit their conditions?
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