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  1. That pond is looking really good, what did you use for your filter and the pump?? Do you know if the combination of the two increases your power costs a lot??
  2. Add declorinator stuff to the water, it also acts like a destresser. The fish will be fine with that tank. Good Luck
  3. A one gallon tank would be ok for a couple of days, to give her a rest. Just remember to change the water often. Good Luck
  4. Hey Guys Thanks for all of your help, its been great. But just for simplicity sake would the one gallon bottles work? Im going to be moving a lot of stuff back home and I dont want the bags to get crushed or something to that nature. The bottles would protect them the best in my opinion especially if I place the bottles into the tank once I put the tank into the car. Would there be enough air for them? Thanks
  5. Is that a comet/common? How large is that fish 15"? Ive never seen a GF get that big before.
  6. I'm moving out of my dorm room and I have five Gold Fish that I need to move from my room to my house. What is the best way to transport them? I have roughly an hour or so travel time plus time I probably wont be able put them into a tank for another hour or so. So two hours, right now I have wide mouth 1 gallon Poland Spring Bottles that I have been saving. My fish are roughly 2 inches so they would have no problem fitting into the 1 gallon bottles and I was planning on filling them up about 3/4 of the way. Would this be sufficient? I would put 2 of my larger GF in one gallon bottle and the other 3 in the other one gallon bottle. I have three plants I plan on putting in another 1 gallon bottle. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Lge Gecko


    Goldfish also love broccoli, I usually just steal the vegies from when I go out to eat and bring it home to my GF. I just rinse it off to make sure nothing is really stuck to it then I stick it into the tank. My GF go absolutley nuts over the stuff, they really dont like lettuce or anything else though, which is odd. Good Luck
  8. I would agree that the comet will need more tank room eventually. However for the mean time a ten gallon tank will do fine for the short term. Whats your filtration set up look like? Currently I am running a penguin 150/30 in a ten gallon tank with 5 goldfish and the water believe it or not looks pretty amazing. I'm transfering the fish out in the next two weeks or so into a 40 gallon tank but for three months the ten gallon tank did well for me. So if you have the right filtration I would guesstimate that you would be ok for at least 6-10 months with that tank. If you wanted to, you could leave him in that tank forever and I wouldnt think any major harm would happen to him. Good Luck
  9. You could possible put a glass divider in, that way the female is segragated from the males. This would work for the short term until breeding season is over.
  10. Well the fish out of water not able to breath is a little extreme for an asthma commercial but for the people who dont have the asthma I guess it gets the point accross. I had really bad asthma when I was a kid but it wasn't so bad that you cant breathe at all. More than anything else you get used to having the asthma attacks. But either way I'm pretty sure that the GF wasn't hurt because the MSPCA would be breathing down their backs if they did. Animal care intodays society, believe it or not, is pretty high when publicity is involved. So I'm fairly sure the GF is in good health and doing what he does best.
  11. Hey just for heads up, I have a penguin 150 on my tank and I have 5 goldfish in my tank and the water is crystal clear. I am way overstocked for my tank but the filter has no problem with it. Right now I replace 20% water every 5-6 days. Thus far its all worked out and the fish are still growing believe it or not. Probably not as fast as they should grow but there comming a long. Good Luck
  12. All you would have have to do really is buy a ten gallon tank with a filter to keep the goldfish alive forever. The ten gallon tank goes for about $11 and the filters you would need would be about $20. 22 the fish doesnt even need a light and that setup will last you a really long time. Just have to replace the cartridges in the filter for ur one goldfish every 6-8 weeks. What type of Goldfish do you have and what types of fish are in the "big pond"? Overall the GF dont need much besides a feeding a day and that tank. Oh and you probably should do a water change every 3 days now because thats way to small of a tank for the GF and depending on the fish you have the Gold Fish can grow up to 14-15 inches, so keep that in mind.
  13. Congrats on the pond liner, know the real works start to kick in lol! Good Luck with your Pond. ^_^
  14. Have you decided what type of filter your going to use?? Or what type of pump?
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