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  1. Monday was my birthday and for it I got just enough cash to buy a 75g tank. I upgraded my sunfish and bullhead into the new 75g and that left the 55g free for the goldfish. My gf got me two little ranchus. Here they all are in there new home. I never thought I would own goldfish without dorsal fins but these guys are adorable. Then again, If you asked me a year ago I would have told you I would never devote a 55g to goldfish. My question is...what will the ranchus look like when they are older? I have never had experiance with these guys and I know a lot of goldfish change color. What about these guys?
  2. Agreed, in fact, I wouldn't even keep one goldfish in a 10g for the duration of it's life. There are thousands of fish to choose from, goldfish are not the only ones and many of them have great personalitys. I suggest you look into some other fish.
  3. An 8" more seems to large for a 10g IMO and while it's in there it will most likely grow a bit larger. To be honest, I think you should skip on the goldfish for now and find something else that can stay there for two years or for life.
  4. sandtiger

    Carp Fry

    If you can get some try newly hatched brine shrimp (Sea monkeys), this is what most people feed various species of fish fry. There are also baby fish foods out there in powder form, I use Hikari First Bites, fry aren't like adult fish, they probably won't rush up and get excited and such, your could still be eating and your just not seeing it.
  5. There are a lot of big catfish out there. Iridescent shark Wels Catfish Blue Catfish Mekong Giant Catfish
  6. It's the commons and comets that are used as bait and those are often sold as feeders anyway. Rosy reds (fathead minnows) are popular baitfish as well, only it's the wild coloration that's used rather than the pink ones.
  7. Yeah, those redtail catfish get REALLY big. That's the only one I knew of those three though...not good with most saltwater fishes.
  8. Only bred guppys once and they were feeders, now I have sailfin mollys. I would like to get some guppys one day though and do some experiments with genetics. Congrats on the fry. Fry are always exciteing, no matter what fish has them...even a guppy.
  9. Jeeze, it's about time. Goldfish are illegal in most places because they aren't native, they are already established across the country and pose a serious threat to native species.
  10. My goldfish aren't really old enough to be worth posting, they haven't grown that much since I got them. Does it have to be goldfish though?
  11. Yup...can't forget those. Personally, I prefer a dorsal fin on my goldfish.
  12. Nope, oscars don't have eyelids. When sleeping though I have noticed they sometimes have their eyes rolled downward a bit.
  13. Yeah, oscars tend to sulk quite a bit...don't be suprised if he dosen't eat or do much for a few days.
  14. It is near impossable to sex oscars, the only known method is venting (looking at the vent area) and it can still be hard for someone without experiance. For the HITH there is really no known cure. Try to maintain pristine water conditions with nirtates under 20 ppm. Provide a rich diet and with vitamin suppliments. One of my oscars got HITH once (just one single hole) and it went away after the addition of oranges to her diet, I also read a scientific paper stateing that oscars NEED vitamin C in their diet. There are liquid vitamins on the market for fish but I myself just soak a few algae wafers in Liquid Centrum once a week and give them to the oscars. A great source for more oscar information is oscarfish.com
  15. Another interesting fact, the Amazon molly (Poecilia formosa) is an all female species. The females give birth to fry genetically identical to the mother. They do however have to breed to stimulate egg development. They can breed with both shortfin (Poecilia mexicana) or sailfin (Poecilia latipinna) mollys. None of the male's genetic material is passed on.
  16. The "blue bitties" are bitterlings (Rhodeus sericeus).
  17. Yeah, it really does not matter when you take them out.
  18. Looking at the tail I would say comet, I have several other pictures of large commons as well though that I have collected over the years.
  19. Theyt get BIG. Personally I would never expect one to live it's entire life in a 20g
  20. Those last two pictures aren't mine, I found them through a google search. I just wanted to show people pictures of what adults look like. Sorry for the confusion. That picture was taken in the wild though, here is where the picture came from...some great photos there. http://www.underwaterfishphotos.com/
  21. Yeah, I live about a half hour from there, I make trips to Ithaca constantly.
  22. Here is another picture of him. Right now he is in a 29g with native community, I have to wait for him to grow a bit before I can put him with the big natives. He is a long way off but someday he will look like this.
  23. Same thing you would feed any other fish. Cichlid or goldfish pellets, shrimp pellets, flakes, algae wafers. Sometimes it's hard to get them to eat flakes because they don't really know it's food, because of this they all get a diet rich in frozen foods like blood worms, brine shrimp, mysis shrimp. When I have it they get live food like insects, daphina, crayfish etc.
  24. I can understand how people would disagree with taking the fish from the wild but I honetly don't think the fish care. I have had most of my fish start eating the same day I caught them and some have even spawned with the introduction of the warm water, the change must not cause that much trama if they convert to captive life so fast. And least they don't have to worry about predators, pollution, parasites or lack of food.
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