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  1. Try tossing the wafers in after lights out when the goldfish are sleeping. You should also read that link I posted about pleco diets. Your pleco is not a common pleco, looks more like a clown pleco but there are so many that look alike it's hard to tell. Post that picture on planetcatfish.com or plecofanatics.com and I'm positive you will get an ID.
  2. Common plecostomus don't need meat, nether do most other plecostomus. As you can see simply by looking at them they are not predators, goldfish are better suited for hunting other fish that a pleco. If you look at fish like gar, pike or bass you can see that a pleco would not make for a good hunter and thus meat eater. They won't pass up meat however, being scavengers many will eat just about anything but they would rather not kill their own food. Provided with enough food they typically leave other fish alone. Here is a great article on pleco dietary needs and how to meet them. http://www.planetcatfish.com/shanesworld/294.PHP
  3. There is no guarantee that a plecostomus will suck on your fishes side. I don't know why everyone is afraid to add plecos with their goldfish but they usually only do that as a last resort of starvation. Plecostomus cannot sustain on algae and left over food alone, provide them with their own diet and they will probably leave other fish alone, goldfish or not. Anyway, I cannot ID your pleco without a picture. The one in the picture is a common pleco, a larger species that can grow a foot long or more. I have seen some close to two feet long. With that said, I have never seen or owned one that sucked on other fishes slime coat. Try these places for pleco ID. www.plecofanatics.com www.planetcatfish.com
  4. Glad to see you guys enjoying the pictures, we have some truely awsome native fish. Kissy, I actually had a mottled sculpin but she dies because of the overly warm temps. They prefer really cool water. Now whenever I see them in the wild I just let them go. Someday I'll setup a tank in my basement or something and try again.
  5. This guy, awsome looking fish. Would love to have him in a tank. I have seen them in person before but only dead preserved specimens. The ones I looked at were interesting, one of them had a barbel on one side of the face (like a carp) and none on the other (like a goldfish). The pictures come from here http://www.tnfish.org/Photogallery/FishGal...ishGallery1.htm Take a look at the site, there are lots of great pictures of native fish and a few invasive as well.
  6. No, fish don't do that. It would grow as much as possable, maybe even outgrow the tank. What causes a fish to stop growing is the stress caused from it growing too large in a small environment, this added wtih the amount of waste fish produces can seriously hurt the fish, causing illness, stress, deformations and pre-mature death.
  7. Tropical: The tropics are the geographic region of the Earth centered on the equator and limited in latitude by the two tropics: the Tropic of Cancer in the north and the Tropic of Capricorn in the southern hemisphere. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tropical So basically any fish from there is tropical, be it saltwater or freshwater. Goldfish are not coldwater (as many people believe) or tropical, they are sub-tropical based on where they live. Sub-tropical: The latitudinal zone between 23.5? and 34.0? in either hemisphere, bordering the tropical zone. Also can refer to vegetation, organisms, or weather typical of subtropical habitats. biology.usgs.gov/s+t/SNT/noframe/zy198.htm
  8. They are stricktly meat eaters...as are all frogs but they will feed on flakes, frozen bloodworms and little sinking pellets. No algae or poop (if that's what your thinking). Large goldfish would probably harass or even eat them, smaller goldfish will probably just out compete them for food, these frogs are fragile and not very good at locating non living food. A better option that MIGHT work is the larger African clawed frog, they grow larger (4-6") and are more hardy. I cannot picture a goldfish really bothering them but they may bother a goldfish, they will try to eat just about anything that moves. It's something I have never done and it's something I probably never will. I don't like to keep frogs with my fish.
  9. My vvvv has the same deal, I'm not taking part in it though. All my tanks are full and I cannot recall seeing anything on the list that I would make room for at the moment. It is a good deal though so have fun. I think you need the PetPerks card for it though but that's free anyway.
  10. I'm pretty sure they are just a color varient of the common pleco, still though...they grow large, larger than a foot sometimes. I have seen them close to two feet long.
  11. I'm proud to say, I don't eat fish . I do go fishing though, catch and release (or put in a tank). Here is what a smelt looks like alive. This one is a rainbow smelt. Photo by Lawrence Taylor
  12. It's normal, they can be aggresive from time to time. Some individuals are more aggresive then others. I kept a betta with my firemouth as well, it was a female. She died, but not due to the firemouth.
  13. Sorry to have to tell you but those eggs are dead.
  14. You would think they would go to a fish market or fishing or something, there is not much to disect with a baby black moore and I cannot picture anyone paying $25 to do it.
  15. sandtiger


    Most frogs would probably leave to look for a place to hybrinate, you could bring them indoors if you wanted.
  16. I think the rings formed are due to seasonal changes. therefore this type of aging is improper for a goldfish kept indoors. 528195[/snapback] That's right, you can age a fish by looking at an individual scale, this will only work it there is a period of warm and cold. There are others ways of ageing a fish but you would have to kill it and you obviously don't want to do that.
  17. sandtiger


    I assume the fish will eat most of the eggs, if not than probably the tadpole. Toads (and some frogs) are toxic, as are their tadpoles but should a fish try to eat one it would proabably just spit it out wth no ill effects.
  18. Yeah, they may quite possably be one of the cutest fish in the world, I never liked that they didn't have a dorsal fin but the cuteness makes up for it.
  19. They aren't tropical. The catfish is a brown bullhead and the other one is a pumpkinseed sunfish, they are both from North America.
  20. Monday was my birthday and for it I got just enough money to afford a new larger tank for my bullhead and pumpkinseed, this also allowed me to upgrade my goldfish to the 55g, here are some pictures.
  21. I wasen't disagreeing with you, I just noticed that you didn't mention where it was from naturally so I thought I would mention it.
  22. Trinket....those aren't my fish or photos. I was only posting them as examples of the species. Man yu, blue catfish come from the United States. Redtails are native to South America.
  23. A 29g would not work for an oscar, they are very messy and produce a lot of waste...and their droppings are large, sometimes larger then that of a rabbit. They are also massive fish, can weigh 3 lbs or more and can grow over 14" long.
  24. Thanks everyone, glad you like them. JenW, where did you get your lionhead? My vvvv had a ton of these, all the same color. They weren't selling very fast so the price dropped from $13.00 eatch (I think) to $3.00
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