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  1. We need to know your water test results...post the actual results. Saying "They're fine" won't help us any. Is there anything else you can tell us about the fish? How long have you had it? Does it eat? What does it it? Is it bloated or skinny? What does it's poop look like? Anything and everything will help. Oh yes, your tank is overstocked. I wouldn't even place two angelfish in a 20g alone. I suggest a rule of 20g for one angelfish and 10 for every additional angelfish.
  2. Does it look like a Chinese algae eater or a plecostomus? If it looks like a CAE it is probably a member of the sucker family (Catastomidae). There are members of the minnow/carp family (Cyprinidae) that look a bit like a CAE as well.
  3. They aren't "little turtles" that's for sure. I have one myself, I have had him for 15 years. Mine has his own 40g tank and even still he looks a bit cramped at times. Lucky for me, males are smaller than females. They are messy, long lived, take a lot of work and generally don't do well with fish.
  4. The rockbass about a foot long, the pumpkinseed 8" and the longear 6". They do act a lot like cichlids, most of them are a bit more mean though.
  5. Common carp and koi are not just in the same family, they are the same exact fish (Cyprinus carpio). The family cyprinidae is very large, goldfish and carp are in this family, so are danios, barbs, White Cloud Mountain minnows, rosy reds and a ton of other fish, they are the largest family of freshwater fishes in the world.
  6. Several things will determine how fast a fish grows. Feeding: Lots of variety and frequent feedings for young fish are a must for optimal growth. Water Quality: Check ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Ammonia or nitrite in any level are bad, high nitrates aren't as bad but still should be avoided. Genetics: Nothing you do about that. Temp: Warmer water will make fish grow faster. Stress: Obviously stressed fish will not be as healthy and not grow as fast. There are a lot of things you can do to cut down on stress, keep the lights off at night only keep them with safe tankmates are the first that come to mind.
  7. Thanks everyone, glad you like them. I caught a green sunfish today, I'll post pictures tomorrow.
  8. He's not all that new actually, have had him for a couple months, as he gets larger the pictures will turn out better.
  9. Here is my longear sunfish, great little fish and without a doubt probably the most beautiful fish I own. He eats like a horse and was mailed to me from Ohio (cannot collect my own in NY, listed as threatened). He even eats pellets, among other things. The pictures DO NOT do this fish justice. Here is my little rockbass I collected a couple months back. He has been doing great but still won't eat dry foods, only live or frozen. I have been feeding him some frozen food or another several times a day, sometimes six. This fish is a lot like an oscar in terms of personality. Not a lot of pictures of him, he hides in that red plant there a lot. Here is the pumpkinseed, I have had him for almost a year, he will eat flakes but not pellets yet. He is also very oscar-like and follows me around the tank. It's actually pretty hard to take a pic of him because whenever I am near the tank he looks directly at me. He is somewhat aggresive towards the catfish but otherwise a great fish. Here is a photo of him when I caught him in August 2005 Here he is last night
  10. LOL, he is a native fish and only a very small individual. They grow much larger.
  11. I know what it is but thought it would be fun if you guys could figure it out. He is very tiny, compair him to the rubberlip on the rock below him. Sorry for the quality, again, very small fish.
  12. I like commons a lot, the only problem is their size. They are huge fish, much more better for a pond than a tank. They are very similer to wild goldfish, color is about the only difference.
  13. Most "albino" oscars are not true albinos, those are actually pretty rare. What are sold as albinos are what most oscar keepers call latinos. They do not loose the color as they grow. In fact, if anything they gain more color. There are both albino reds and albino tigers. Tiger From www.cjexotics.com Red From www.wetwebmedia.com
  14. Oops, I didn't realize they would be with goldfish. You would think I would figure it out being on a goldfish forum and all. Yes, goldfish will probably eat ghost shrimp.
  15. sandtiger

    Sea Monkeys

    Yes, they are the same. Most LFS sell brine shrimp growing kits just like the sea monkey kits for breeding them as food.
  16. There is no animal for your aquarium that will eat excrement, you must do water changes to keep the tank clean. All the "cleaners" shrimp, corydoras, loaches, snail, plecos etc. will only eat uneaten food and maybe algae...they will also poop it out, so they really don't keep the tank clean. In addition to that, all those scavengers cannot survive on leftovers alone, you would need to feed them their own special foods.
  17. Most grow rather large and they are a hazard to your fish's well being. Look into ghost shrimp.
  18. I agree, you're overstocked but I don't think a 20g would do it. I disagree with the 10g per goldfish rule and think a 29g would be much better and not that much more expensive. If you do get a 20g AT LEAST make sure it is a 20g LONG.
  19. "Zebra" is just a fancy name for a common. Common oscars are not really all that common, you are much more likely to find some of the other color strains on the market. They are called common because they have the same coloration as wild oscars, some people just use the term "zebra" to attract people, sounds better than "common" They are not the same as tiger oscars though. Here is a young wild or "common" oscar. Picture from www.aquascapeonline.com Here is an adult. From fishbase.org Here is a young tiger oscar. From www.g-hoener.de Here is an adult. From www.adaniels.com
  20. If you're going to keep one you really should at least QT it for at least a month, this is true of any fish wild or not. Also keep in mind that it may not eat dry fish food and wil grow very large, up to 20" long.
  21. Female convicts are smaller, about 4" and males larger, about 6". Fishkeepers often measure their fish fromnow to base of the tail, this is called Standard Length (ST). This is better for measureing aquaria fish because it gives a better idea of how much space a fish takes up and it's mass, the tail does not add much weight. When a fish's entire body is measured this is called Total Length (TL), fishermen often measure by this simply for bragging rights. Nice jellybeans, glad they aren't dyed. I have never seen them at my LFS but I do have convicts.
  22. Here are all my fish, not all of them have names. 3 Ryukins (Wilson, Pudge, Dr. Serazawa) 2 Lionheads 2 Oscars (Bojangles and Chef) 2 Pimelodid catfish (pictus and an unidentified species) Rock Bass Longear Sunfish Pumpkinseed Sunfish Brown Bullhead 7 Tadpole Madtoms 1 Stonecat 6 Sailfin Mollies Orangethroat Darter 2 Rainbow Darters Blacknose Dace Brichardi cichlid pair and fry Male convict cichlid and fry Firemouth cichlid Fathead Minnow 4 Buenos Aires Bumblebee Catfish Rubberlip Plecostomus Panda Corydoras 2 Peppered Corydoras Emerald Brochis Male crowntail betta Female crowntail betta On the way, several blackstripe topminnows.
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