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  1. Yeah, that makes sense. I have hard time telling them apart. Holding it up to the light seems to help, eventually I can usually figure it out but not without some eye strain.
  2. If the fish is only 1.5" than a 10g should not stunt it. Tank size won't stunt a fish, water quality will. If you keep up with water chages you're fish will not get stunted. How often do you do water changes? What is your filtration and water quality like? What do you feed it? Young fish should get plenty to eat, several times a day and less as they get older. It could be that yours is just a slow grower, they do go through growth spurts. I have two ryunkins I have had for a year in the same tank. They get the same diet and treatment but one is double the size of the other. It varies. Larger fish can get stunted though, keep an eye on your fish when it gets larger. Once the fish reaches the 6" mark you will have to be religious about water changes otherwise your water quality will be compromised and the fish may stunt and get sick. It's not impossable to keep a goldfish in a 10g but it can be difficult once they get full grown. As for the 20g tank being out of the question, it does not need to be that way. I know you're space is limited but a 10g tank is 20" long...a 20g tall is 24", that's only a 4" difference. The big difference is in how tall the tank is, a 20g tall is 17" tall and a 10g is 12". A 20g tall is also only 2" wider, it's almost like having two 10g on top of eatchother. Though the floor space is not much different in the 20g tall the extra gallons really helps a lot. You won't have to do as many water changes or worry about stunting your fish. EDIT: I should also add that stunting a fish is not easy, you would have to REALLY be neglecting the fish for that to happen.
  3. They are egg layers but they will eat their own eggs, there is a chance this one just went without notice. Have you bought any live plants recent;y? Sometimes small fish will sneak in with them.
  4. Actaully I think three is too little. I would go with about 5 at least. With female bettas you actually want to overstock a bit to minimize aggresion. True, they aren't as aggresive as males but they will bother individual shoal mates if kept in smaller shoals.
  5. You're telling me it's alright to keep an 18" fish in a 24" tank? Or a 12" fish? Or even a 10" or 8" fish? Sorry, I cannot except that as responsable fishkeeping. Commons can grow over 8" no problem. Some fancy goldfish can reach 8", most are I admit smaller, but they can easily grow to 6". A 10g is only 20" long.
  6. Emotions are difficult to convey over the internet. You cannot see my body language, hear my voice or attach what I am feeling to my text. It may come off as rude to you, I am not trying to be rude though. It's all about interpretaion. I don't know how else to say what I am saying. It's a debate, it is the nature of debates to generate emotion. I am just defending my position. If I wanted to be rude, you would know it. Also, I like to think I come off a little less strongly when I give advice to people seking it. I have yet to get a complaint to the best of my knowledge.
  7. Yes but we are also suggesting a smaller tanksize than the fish actually needs. Just like you would not tell someone a 75g is alright for a channel catfish or koi we should not tell people a 20g is alright for a common goldfish.
  8. I check my water before water changes. Take my oscar tank for example, I try to keep the nitrates below 20 ppm. I check it before I change the water. If it's higher than 20ppm then I change more water and then do more water changes.
  9. Just shake it again before you sue it again for the right amount of time. Nothing's been messed up inside the bottle that cannot be shaken up again.
  10. Could be a bird but if it were I would suspect there would be other marks on the fish and some of the fish would be dead or have massive body wounds.
  11. It's common sense that you cannot get everyone to change. I bet for every person with a goldfish in a 10g there are a hundred who keeps them in bowls. The difference between everyone else and the members here is that the members here care. If we can get only a couple people out of the 6 billion on this planet to change their fish keeping ways than it's a step in the right direction. Most LFS sell larger fish to people with small tanks. Channel catfish are a great example...these catfish can grow over three feet long. Most probably end up in 10-29g tanks. Does that justify me putting one in a 75g just because its a better tank than everyone else is providing? I would be giving it a fighting chance and that's all that matters right? So lets say a forum comes up devoted to channel catfish, would it be alright to tell everyone that a 75g is a good minimum for a catfish that grows over three feet? No, that would be bad advice. You tell them that a channel catfish needs a pond or tank in the lines of a thousand gallons. Most people will moan and groan and do nothing. Some will find the fish a home in someone's pond. Some will take the fish back to the LFS and express their dissapointment in the bad advice. No matter what happens to the fish at least now the people know what it needs and can streer others in the right direction.
  12. Sounds like a good diet. I have used Hikari bio-gold as a staple before and my bettas were fine. I don't use it anymore but it's still a good product. All the things you listed are good, if you really want you betta to get excited try some of the frozen foods...mine go nuts for them, especially the blood worms.
  13. The bottle itself is fine, you should shake it before eatch use though. Also do it EXACTLY like it says, it's a very sketchy test.
  14. Yes they are plecos or yes they are bushynoses? Becuase if they aren't bushynoses you probably don't have eggs.
  15. What are the dimensions of the tank? It being tall or long or whatever has a huge impact on how many fish you can have. I would say in a tank that size two goldfish would be best if you never want to upgrade. It will take awhile for them to fill it but eventually they will if they are healthy and well fed. I would not go with any commons or comets, they are very large, fast and messy. You would have to upgrade if you went with commons. The fancy kinds are the way to go, if you get a smaller breed like the telescopes you can probably get away with three. With larger breeds like the orandas I would only go with two.
  16. I am hoping that if people are coming here for advice they aren't viewing goldfish as junk fish. I want people to know the truth about these fish so they can decide if they want one, want to keep theirs or should look for a smaller fish species. I don't think that many people view them as junk fish either. Commons, perhaps but not the fancy types. At vvvv fancy godlfish cost more than an oscar, the larger ones are between $14 and $30. Comets and shubunkins are not sold as 29 cent feeders. Only the commons have the title of "junk fish". If people get freaked out about what a goldfish really needs than they probably should not have one. We...or at least I am here to give advice, not "break it to them gently". I have no problem telling people "a 10g is a good start" or "you will probably need to upgrade" but that's not the advice I am finding given here. I find things like this. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...topic=49975&hl= This person is looking for a fish that she can place in a 37g tank for it's entire life, no upgrading. Yet people are telling here she can have a common goldfish in there because "they only need 20g". I have no problem telling people they will have to upgrade but she is ASKING for a fish that won't need an upgrade and a common goldfish or two in that kind of tank would need one.
  17. Probably bullfrog tadpoles, they are often found in the 6" range are are pretty common sometimes in LFS. They spend about a year of their lives as tadpoles.
  18. Yup, it's a pain to read the thing. I try to keep my tanks at least below 40 ppm but I prefer to keep them under 20 ppm.
  19. I beleive in some of the basic principles of Fung Shui but don't really practice it. I have tanks it every corner of every room so at least one must be in the right place. Some of the laws of Fung Shui are just silly though, like a certain fish bringing luck and putting them in certain places bringing you money or whatever....it's BS. I do beleive that putting things in certain areas will bring about better balance or maximize the flow of good energy but I think it's based more on how a person feels than any sort of set rules. If it looks good to me and is in the right place for me than that is whats best for the energy and balance for me and my home.
  20. You are very right. Most of what you read or are told about fish is indeed wrong. You cannot trust the LFS people (who are often more worried about selling something than the fish's well being). Books are often not right either. The problem is, most of these books are written by older aquarists or re-prints of older books. The hobby had grown a lot over the years very fast. Back in the 70's people used UGF's, put their oscar in a 29g and fed it feeder fish...now oscar owners know you cannot do that and expect to have a healthy oscar. The same is true for goldfish. Forums are probably the best method, they have the most up to date experiances and "new school" fishkeepers who know more about fish growth and water quality that "old school" fishkeepers. People should do the research, if they do and the research is wrong it's not their fault so I admit that it is difficult to find good advice.
  21. Usually it's to fix a typo. I type fast and like an idiot typically read it after I post it. Sometimes I fix something I said for whatever reason.
  22. The pH is not THAT important, as long as it is consistantly the same without drastic changes than goldfish should adapt to it. What's more important are the levels of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. You should buy the master liquid test kit. It will include all of those and the pH. It is the best on the market.
  23. I have 11 tanks at the moment, I had 13 but a week ago I downsized. I have a 75g native tank, 75g oscar tank, 55g goldfish tank 40g growout tub, two 29g native tanks, 20g convict tank, 20g fairy cichlid tank, 10g betta tank, 5g dwarf frog tank and a 40g turtle tank.
  24. Yes you could keep them together as long as the tadpoles are not small enough to be eaten. You might also want to avoid toad tadpoles as they are toxic and a goldfish might try to eat it.
  25. I think I know what forum you are talking about, I'm on the advice team over there. That site is a bit over the top and I get annoyed with a lot of members there. The thing is, a lot of people over there made the mistakes and had to suffer the results so they are pretty die hard about driving thier point home. When someone comes in everyday saying they have an oscar in a 20g it gets annoying.
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