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  1. I was wandering around the garden center at nnnnnn this afternoon and came upon a potting soil for aquatic plants... the packaging says that it is "safe for all fish" with "neutral pH" and "100% Natural Minerals".... Here's the description on the back of the bag: The granules are just a bit finer than regular aquarium gravel, and being that the packaging says its safe for fish- do you think this would be just as suitable as a tank substrate as it is for pond plants? At $7.00 a bag, its much cheaper than the plant-specific substrate at the pet store. What do you guys' think?
  2. Kim- no offence taken. I dunno why people hack off their words or modify them, I personally think "prolly" types faster than "probably"... its just the way computer-speak seems to be evolving. Anyhow, this may get booted to another section of the board- but I feel compelled to keep it all together. What does fungus look like on a fish? One of the babies has what I can only describe as a puff of cotton on his belly. None of the others has this problem, so should I risk further stress by isolating him (unfortunatly I'm down to a single 10g tank w/ no extra filters... but plenty of air pumps, go figure), or just medicate the whole group of them incase it has spread (does it spread? Prolly a dumb Q, but I gotta ask anyway) and I dont know it yet? Thanks! Jenn
  3. JIC anyone is actually following this or is curious- the babies are still doing surprisingly well! So far, no sign of disease or parasites. The degenerated tails are growing back and the funny looking bruise has gone away. The only anomaly that remains is the funny cloud in one dorsal fin (scar tissue?). A few of them now have markings of ammonia burns- this is b/c they are healing, right? Should I add salt to the water or just let them be? The water and most of the filtration media came from an established tank and params are reading 0,0,20 but I think I'll give them a small water change anyway. Couldnt hurt, right?
  4. Yeay! They're here! All six survived the overnight mailing and are getting acclimated as I'm typing. Boy are they cute!!!! Looking them over, there are 2 with substantial tail-damage, one with what looks like a bruise under his skin (not sure how else to describe it) and one with a funny little "cloud" in his dorsal fin. Other than that, they all appear to be in pretty good shape- for now anyway. We'll see what crops up over the next few days. They're all around an inch long. 2 are red and white, 2 are more red than white and 1 is solid white and the other one is white with a red spot on his head. I dont have any experience with baby fancy goldfish, so as far as I can tell, they all look like baby commons. I'd like to keep one (2 at most), but my offer still stands- if anyone wants to take some you'd be doing me a huge favor. Right now I have them in a 10g tank with a 350gph HOB filter (with fingers crossed that the current/suction isn't going to be too much for them once I let them out of their bags). Not a great situation, I know, but its all I have to work with for now. erick- I should prolly let them de-stress for a few days and see what they need (healthwize) once they calm down, but if you want to take some I'd be willing to meet you in Bridgeport CT (which looks to be about halfway). Let me know if that works for you. Anybody else- if I'm going about this the wrong way, please let me know. I want to do what is right for the poor little things, but know I cant keep them. I just feel like, the faster I can adopt them out, the better. I figured asking here would be a safe bet that they'd go to a good home where they'd be taken care of. Thanks for all your support!
  5. erik- Thanks for your interest! I dont really know what condition they are in and wont see them until Wedesday. I'll let you know as soon as I can, though. Which part of NJ are you in?
  6. Oops- sorry! I'm in South East CT and I'd be willing to deliver up to 50 miles from either New London, CT or Portsmouth, NH Myaj- yeah, that's Dragon, my "baby". I've had him since he was 2- he'll be 19 in April. I think the "stupid Appy tricks" are genetic- he's done some stupid things too. I hope your guy is going to be okay!
  7. Oh yeah- as far as I can tell, there's 5 commons and a fancy... all "babies, about an inch or so long"
  8. I'm prolly posting prematurely, but I got an SOS e-mail from my sister. A friend of hers bought 6 GF from nnnnnn and decided a week later that she doesnt want them anymore. She was going to flush them so my sister rescued them. To make a long story short, she cant keep them and is sending them to me overnight FedEx, and I should have them by Wedsday afternoon. I'll have a couplea hospital tanks set up for quarantining and such, but even if they all survive- I dont have enough room for them (and my husband would pitch a fit). If I have any survivors, is there anyone here that can help me find homes for them? Thanks! Jenn
  9. Thanks! I use the AP testkits once a week and the ammonia and nitrite levels are always 0.0 but if they change rapidly, I could just be not catching it. I was never aware of the fact that filtration needs to be 10 times the gallon amount. That said, I guess I really _do_ need a new filter (oh, my hubby's gonna just _love_ this... ). The fish in my tank are: a comet (around 8"), 2 orandas (3 and 4") and a pleco (6"). I feed them 1/4tsp (ish) of Omega One Goldfish flakes once a day. I didnt think that was too much, but maybe it is... Thank you so much for all your help!
  10. It seems that no matter what I do, my NitrAte levels are always around 40 within a few days of cleaning my 55g tank (with only 4 fish in it, 2 of which develop finrot long about the time the tank needs another water change). I've tried fasting every other day and I've tried changing 30% every week. The gravel is always vaccumed, I've added a whole bunch of live plants... maybe I need a new filter? I have 2 HOB AquaTech 30-60 filters and I change one (of four) cartridge every week (so they rotate and I dont wipe out my bacteria colony in one shot). Dont hold me to this, but I believe the output is something like 125gph (each)... I've been looking at a canister filter... specifically a Magnum Pro 350 system. Does anyone have one? Has anyone tried one? If so, what do you think? Does anyone else have any recommendations? I'm getting _very_ frustrated and _very_ concerned for my poor fishies. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for your input. I like that answer better than, "yes- spend another $20.00 on medications..." That said, I have one other question: I took my plecostomus out and put him in another tank while I was treating the goldfish. Can I put him back now, or will the salt be harmful to him? Thanks again!
  12. I treated my 3 fish for what I thought was septicemia and tailrot with Maracyn 2 (5 days) and MediGold (7 days). After a week there was a huge improvement, so I opted to not do a second round of antibiotics and instead have been doing 25% water changes once a week, and adding 1T/5g of salt to the new water. Looking at the tank, it seems that the tailrot is under control (and healing nicely), but the red streaking (which is ONLY in their tails) looks worse. I'm worried about the bacteria developing a resistance to the antibiotics, so I dont want to overdo it with the Maracyn- but seeing as how the streaking is getting worse I'm wondering if I should give them another go. On the other hand, my parameters are: Amonia- 0.0, NitrIte- 0.0, NitrAte- 20, pH 7.4, and I've been struggling with my NitrAte levels for 2 months (which I believe was the original source of the tailrot problem). I've tried putting in more plants and have changed the lighting to 110w (standard 55g tank), but all that seems to have done is grow green hair algea. Should I keep doing what I'm doing? Why cant I get my nitrAte under control? I prolly _could_ double up on the Amquel Plus, but that stuff is expensive and is only masking the problem. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  13. Thank you for your responses. Actually, I have 2 18" bubble strips going and the tank is underfilled by about an inch to keep the surface turbulant. I posted this message before I went to bed last night and by this morning they all seemed to be fine and continue to be since I've gotten home from work. Then again, its alot cooler today and their temp has gone down to 76 in the last 16 hours (hmmm... should I leave the heater on at a higher temp to prevent temp. fluctuations or be thankful its not hot in there anymore?). I'm hoping it'll stay this way until my husband gets home (he's out to sea) and he can help me get the a/c installed. Anyhow, fi5hkiller- thanks for all the great info you gave me- unfortunatly whats done is done- I've already started them on the meds and cant just quit now. I will definatly keep your advice in mind if this doesnt work (and will prolly be cycling the tank over... again... ). Just to be sure, I've added some salt too- overkill? Thanks again for all your help!
  14. I am currently battleing a nasty case of finrot in all three of my goldfish (2 orandas and a comet). Despite perfect water conditions and frequent water changes anyway it seems to be getting worse and now they have red streaks in their tails. So- I've started treating them with Maracyn 2, and now they're kinda spazing out and gasping at the surface. Should I just chalk it up to the temp of the water (80, its getting hot here... no a/c yet) in combo with the meds? Should I be worried? If so, is there anything else I should be doing? Or, is this normal? Should I have added salt? Also, is it safe to feed MediGold while they're being treated with Maracyn 2? If so, how long can I use it? Ammonia Level 0.0 Nitrite 0.0 Nitrate- was 40, now around 20 (I think that was the original source of the problem- hadn't tested for _that_ in awhile) What do you feed your fish? Omega One Goldfish Food How many fish in the tank and there size? 3 (2) Med. Orandas and (1) 6-8" Comet Any unusual findings on the fish? Finrot, suspected septicemia Any unusual behavior? Spazing out and gasping since Maracyn 2 was added Tank size(How many Gals) and How long has it been running- 55g, running properly cycled for 6 months Filtration- 2 HOB Aquatech 30-60 filters Ph Level 7.4 Water additives/conditioners- Amquel +, Novaqua, Stress Zyme Medications add to the tank? Maracyn 2 Any new fish added to the tank? No
  15. My goldfish aren't over stocked (3 in a 55g w/a pleco), but my tropicals are getting there slowly...
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