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  1. Thanks for the info and for confirming it in your "Fancy Goldifsh" book. I think your approach on meds matches mine pretty well - I am hesitant to use any anti-bacterial unless I am specifically told to do so I typically (after being informed by a mod a long time ago that I should have done this ) use prazi and 0.3% salt in qt. Usually I use them at the same time for 2 weeks but since this fish was small I figured I would stagger them and use the Prazi (I did 3 doses over the course of 10 days adding back with water changes) and then the salt (gradually taking up to 0.3%) for the next 10 days. But since the fish now looks stressed I am leaving things as is (the salt is at 0.1% - am not sure if I will try to raise it or lower it at this point) and just monitoring. I noticed that the poop looks brown but long and thin (whereas before it was normal looking) and just read that this is normally caused by stress and not eating well. Sigh, I hope this little guy is going to be ok.
  2. Thanks. It is now AM and the fish still does not look like his former self so I am not going to raise the salt. Please correct me if I am wrong but I thought that Prazi was effective against flukes but not other micro parasites (costia, chilo, etc.) that the salt would get rid of. I am still curious as to whether 0.3% is necessary or something like 0.2% would still help against these kinds of parasites. In any case I think you are right and I will just leave him in clean unmedicated water and watch. I don't want to medicate with anything harsher than Prazi and salt if it is not necessary and since salt seems to be an issue I won't do that either. Thanks, sea
  3. I have a new small fantail in qt (I am monitoring the water and keeping ammonia, nitrite at 0, nitrate <20). He has been there for ~10 days with Prazi. I am now taking the Prazi conc down and this AM started to add salt with the intention of getting to 0.3% and keeping him in that for another ~10 days to be sure there are no parasites. This AM I added salt to 0.1% (1 teaspoon per gal - yes?) and he already started to act a little weird - hanging out towards the top of the tank. I am going to wait 24 hours instead of the usual 12 before bringing it up to 0.2% (want to wait until AM when I can observe him better). My question is, if he has trouble with the salt, will leaving it at 0.2% still help with parasites or does it have to be 0.3%? How long should I leave it for? BTW, I have not see any flashing but there are missing scales. Also I have seen some slight black smudges that came up 7-10 days after I got him. I am assuming that this is likely melanophore migration and may be due to poor water conditions he was kept in before I got him. Is this really a sign of healing and should this go away on its own?
  4. WOW - I am in awe at all you are able to do! I have been immersed in my own little world the past few weeks but am glad to hear that you found a place and are moved in safely. I hope one day you will be able to look back at all your moving adventures and smile
  5. It was white, not bloody. It really looked like gill tissue was actually sticking out - is that possible? It was only on one side - the inside of the gills on the other side were pale (as they usuallye were) but looked intact. Does this give any clues as to what it could have been? What would mucusy-stuff mean? I am going to want to get another fish at some point but want to make sure all is well with the tank first. All parameters (including pH) have been fine although it is very hot (84F).
  6. Thanks Imogen. I'll continue it for hte full 5 days then. I came home from my trip 3 weeks ago and Smudge looked pretty bad. However I managed to get him healthy again and he looked so much better over the past 2 weeks. That is until yesterday when he started releasing something from one of his gills. I am not sure what it was - it actually looked like gill tissue itself. He still seemed happy and was swimming around and eating when I started the course of M2 this AM. I just came home and he is gone . I will try to remember him as his beautiful happy self he was this AM and not the sickly guy he was over the past many months. Thanks so much for all your help. I would not have had him this long if not for you .
  7. I started maracyn 2 treatment in my main tank about 8 hours ago for my fish Smudge (I had posted here many times - he has had chronic gill problems). Unofrtunately he just passed on . There is one other fish in the tank that seems ok for now. My question - should I keep dosing for the full five maracyn 2 treatments or is it better to stop? I know I should have used a q-tank but since I didn't please help me to decide what is best. I can't think straight right now. Thanks, sea
  8. Hi Calle, I am not an expert but wanted to caution with respect to the epsom salt dose I was told that it is 1/4 teaspoon epsom per 10 US gal (not 1 teaspoon per 5) and that dose worked for me. Maybe you should hold off until someone can confirm? In any case, good luck!
  9. No, we are feeling the effects of the fires near Big Sur and the ones that are near Santa Cruz. No danger to our homes it is just that the air is really smokey. I am glad that Smudge is doing better - thank you for helping to pull him through yet another problem (one of my ADFs died though - I think the tank just got too hot (>90F) ) )
  10. Yes, I usuallly use a toothbrush and scrub the sides and bottom weekly. I have green algae on the back of the tank which I leave. The tank is near a window so it can get a lot of sun light. Now however, I need to keep everything shut down completely due to the smoke and bad air Goldone, my water had chloramines and yes I always treat with Prime (or Trinket's prime-like crystals) prior to adding ot the tank. Smudge is improving - bottom sitting <50%, eating the MM, poops half brown half thin and white (not sure if this is still from infection or constipation).
  11. Hi Trinket - A uv might be great but money is tight and I just can't afford it . Update on Smudge - I did ~30% water change today and left both fish in the tank BUT I decided to just syphon up the water and very top of the river rocks and not do any vacuuming or moving around of the rocks and debris. Anyway even this was stressful to Smudge although the problem was nowhere to the same extent as the problem that I saw previously when he flipped over for days and developed dropsy. This time he was up at the top of the tank sucking air and floating (right side up though) for several hours. He is swimming a bit more now although still looks pretty floaty. I think some of this is due to him being on MM pellets for 10 days (I usually try to stay away from pellets as he has bouts of sbd). So I am thinking of alternating 30% weekly changes done without vacuuming but leaving him in the tank (like today's) with large changes in which I take him out. The tank will not be as clean as I usually keep it but ironically he has never shown problems when I don't do water changes - only when I do
  12. Oh, I am so sorry for your loss. He was a beautiful and proud-looking fish.
  13. I just wanted to wish you and luck and let you know that there is hope! My fish, Smudge, was upsidedown at the top of the tank and not eating for 3 days. He was swollen and pineconed. As per Trinket's suggestion I added epsom salt and, ~12 hours later when there was no improvement, I added Maracyn2. Within 12 more hours he was down from the top and able to eat the metromed food. I finished the course of M2 and he is on week 2 of the MM food and looking better. I sure hope your fish pulls through as well. Boy, it seeems like there is a lot of dropsy these days - I wonder if it is the change in temp or ?
  14. Update - Smudge's behavior seems to be improving slowly . He is bottom sitting less (50-60% time insead of constantly) and is eating his MM. I still do not know if I should routinely take him out for water changes or if taking him out every week will be too stressful. The other option would be to do very small changes (20%?) more often but keep him in the main tank. Thoughts/suggestions? Goldone, I guess nitrogen is possible - I really can't say what about the water changes bothers Smudge. I have varied so many things with no real difference. He has chronic gill issues and it is just consistent that he is worse after a water change. This time though was the first time he flipped and then when dropsy set in it was just awful. I am glad he is getting better
  15. I saw this pix of popeye: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...?showtopic=4110 and this one of dropsy (although I know I saw a better one here somewhere): http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/Dropsy.html I think the book and pinned pix is a great idea
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