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  1. I couldn't stand to watch them in those little bowls and ornaments. I have visions of lfs's getting ideas to sell that stuff for the holidays.
  2. Should I ask where you got this little guy? I can't believe someone would ship a fish with a visible parasite! If anyone can get him through this, you can.
  3. I know I'm fairly new at this, but I have 4 Penguins with biowheels. 1. If my water level gets more than 1 1/2 inches below the top frame of my tank, the wheel stops. (In other words, when the water level low enough that 1 1/2 inches of glass is above the water line.) The water continues to flow, but not hard enough to move the wheel. How is your water level? 2. On my smallest Penguin - the 150 - I had to move the filter cartridge to the back slot. It blocks the wheel from spinning if it's in the front slot. 3. One of my hoods was not compatible with the cover on my Penguin filter - it pushed it up against the wheel. I had to use an exacto knife and carve a space out to allow the cover to sit properly. Does your cover stop the wheel when your hood is off of the tank?
  4. Amazing fish! A real beauty!! Also, your first pic made me realize how badly I need to clean the inside of my car. Yours is spotless!
  5. I have my 55 in the family room and the 40 and 20 in the livingroom. Hmmmm I have room in my bedroom for a real biggie - like maybe a 100 gal. I'll have to watch the classifieds for a cheap used one. Oh, and then, I really don't use the top of my dresser for much of anything. OMG, I am hooked on this!
  6. I did the same thing to my fish that died a month ago. I found the same white things in my fishie, and some had turned yellowish. I know it was hard to do, but you learned a lot. Also, it probably tells you that you couldn't have done anything else to help her. Sooo sorry you lost her!!
  7. How cute!!! Hi Mom! I love my new gravel !!!! Hide and seek time! You're it! Great pics!!!!
  8. According to what I've read, this one is peaceful, and gets along well in a community tank, but doesn't like to breed with fish of other species in the tank. It's so pretty, though, I think I would like to try breeding them some day when I can get a big tank just for them.
  9. Yes, and here's another pic: http://species.fishindex.com/photo_920cyrt...in_cichlid.html beautiful!! But they do require a big tank. The females are mouth brooders.
  10. I've been surfing tropical fish pics on the net and discovered the gorgeous blue dolphin cichlid. I think I'm in love!
  11. Thanks, Mariah. I don't know about platys. I new at this. I hope someone else can answer your question. My one little fry is still doing great. It's dorsal fin is more visible now, and I can finally see his pelvic fins well. Man are they tiny! Watching it eat is really a riot. The First Bites food settles to the bottom of the breeder box. It kind of looks like dust. The little stinker scoots through it, eating along the way. He leaves a track through the food. It looks like a path left by a dust mop. I'm thinking of names for him - what do you think about Scooter, Hoover, Swiffer, or Kirby? I'm going to vacuum the bottom of his box again today. I use a piece of airline tubing as a syphon. I'm afraid to use anything stronger because the little guy would be sucked right up. I've rinsed the box twice (to get rid of some mold) while the fry sits in a little condiment cup, but I'm afraid to do that too often because I think it's stressful.
  12. Mine was a tragedy caused by adding a parasite treatment (can't remember the name - trashed it after the tragedy) that had malachite green in it. I was using Maracyn 1 and 2 plus salt. The lfs "expert" knew this, and told me that the med he was recommending was compatible. Turns out that malachite green and salt is an instantly lethal mixture. I lost 6 and would have lost all if I hadn't had my other tank to quickly move my last 2 fish into. The main thing is you were smart to check with a moderator here in Koko's before mixing meds - most of the lfs people who are selling the meds don't know what they are doing. I don't know what I would do without all the great people here.
  13. I am a teacher and got started with goldfish when a parent gave me 17 baby goldies from her pond for a 20 gallon tank. I immediately surfed the net and found Koko's. I have worked very hard and spent over $500 to make decent homes both at school and at home for the fish(55gal, 40 gal, and 20 gal), and so would 99% of teachers that I know. Even if they couldn't spend what I have, they would do the right thing. You would be a better source for the tank and fish than an lfs, because you know how many fish will live well in the 20 gallon tank. If you want to make sure that the teacher knows what is involved, respond to the ad and talk to the teacher. You might get a new member of Koko's in the process. Many teachers want to teach responsible pet ownership, but are limited to fish, because of all the allergy problems. If I had my way, I would have a dog, cat, bird, rabbit, and the fish in my classroom. It's just not possible - especially in the public schools. Work with the teacher, at least long enough to introduce him/her to Koko's.
  14. Thanks, Mariah! My single little fry is still alive and seems to be strong, but it doesn't swim much, and when it does, it doesn't suspend in the water. It swims up to the top and then kind of glides back down to the bottom of the box. I don't know if that's normal or not. It is on the bottom most of the time, and scoots around alot. It's dorsal fin is more visible now. You can barely see any other fins except the tail fin, of course. Every other day I'm using an airline tube to vacuum waste from the bottom surface of the breeder box. I don't want him to scoot around in any old food or waste. I can't tell if it poops or not. I suppose I would need a microscope for that, lol. Twice a day I move the breeder box around in the tank to allow additional flow of fresh water through the box. I do it slowly enough to keep from freaking it out, but fast enough to make new water flow through. Am I obscessing or what!!?? I try to use my common sense, yet, since this is so new to me, I don't know if I'm doing things right. I guess that's how we all learn - trial and error. The challenge is part of the hobby.
  15. Don't make your decision until a mod responds, but I will never again use two kinds of meds at the same time. I lost 6 fish in a matter of 5 minutes when I did.
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