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  1. Devs, I really like your idea of how you slice the bottom of the cartridge that contains carbon and shake the carbon out. It always seemed silly to me to throw the whole thing out when the floss part of it is still doing its job and housing the bacteria. When the carbon has expired in the cartridge I have now I'm going to try that. Thanks for the great idea.
  2. Does your filter cartridge have carbon in it. The instert in my 10 gallon cartridge is all one piece and has a carbon layer. From what I understand you can't leave the same carbon in the tank for more than about a month without it leaching harmful stuff into the water. Just my thoughts since I couldn't see what type of filter you have. Jessica
  3. Well I'm not so sure the little guy made the night. He was floating this morning. I think he smells a little but I'm not sure. I put him in a container of tank water because I've heard that they pollute the tank water fast when dead. I guess I'll watch him and smell him tonight. Okay maybe I'm in denial. J
  4. Pretty looking snail. It's so neat to watch them. What a neat addition to your tank. J
  5. Well the little guy is definitely still alive. He's making his way around the tank slooowly. Then he comes part way out of his shell and goes back in. His antenae look really short now and the edge of his body is all wrinkled looking. I almost wish I had put him out of his misery since he looks so sad. I'm afraid he'll starve since I haven't seen his head come out. I tried to put him in an ornament with food where the goldies couldn't bug him but he just made his way out of it. I guess time will tell. I wonder if I should move him to another tank so that I can feed him veggies without the goldies taking them away. I had to hand feed him before so he could get some. Then again maybe he won't want food if he's injured. I have an almost 40 gallon with two baby goldies but it is only about 65 degrees and his tank now is almost 70. I could put him in my 10 gallon which is about 72. It has 8 neon tetras and an aqua frog and a weaker filter. I wonder if he would do better if I move him. SpaceCakeGirl, I didn't think that the slots were big enough to harm him. They only look big enough to fit an antenna in. But they are about an inch tall. On my other aquaclear the holes are little squares. I guess the snail out of his shell covered so much area around the intake that it made the suction that much stronger. I am going to put screen of some sort on the intake if he survives. Thanks for the replies. Jessica Devs how do you avoid this now?
  6. Oh my gosh this is soo sad. My apple snail was on the filter intake tube near the top when I got up and I never thought anything of it. He was just cruising along eating algae. Then about 5 minutes later my son freaks out and says something's wrong with the snail. He had moved down to the intake and his little body was sucked through the slots about an inch and a half up the tube. I unplugged the filter and he shrunk back down then I gently got him out but I think he's dead. He did go back in his shell. I can see his plug is closed but a little piece of flesh is hangin out. My son said one of his antenae got sucked right up the tube. I can't believe I'm so devastated over this. He was the coolest addition to the 30 gallon. I had 2 fancies, 4 hillstream loaches and the snail. I only had him for two weeks. He ate peas out of my hand. Anyway I put him in the tank in an ornament that the goldies can't reach into to bug him. Should I put him out of his misery? I can't believe that I let this happen. The filter is an aquaclear 50. Maybe I should have screened the intake. Has this happened to anyone else? Any ways to prevent this? Thanks, Jessica
  7. Thats awesome. I wanted to get a bristlenose eventually. Thanks so much for all the replies. This is the best place ever to get any kind of aquarium information. Thanks again. Oh and the type of wood is cottonwood.
  8. I'm just wondering if this is a type of algae or if it is harmful and I should take the driftwood out. It isn't discolouring my water and it was scrubbed and boiled and soaked for two weeks. The tank is getting a few hours of sun each day. Thanks so much. Jessica
  9. Thanks Nenn for the reply. It didn't make sense to me that I had to add more fish. I should have known better than to listen to anything the pet store told me. thanks again.
  10. Can anyone tell me how long it takes the benificial bacteria to die without an ammonia source? Also is the pet store employee right that two goldfish aren't enough to cycle this much water (36 gallons). Thanks
  11. Thanks that makes total sense. I guess that could mean that all the good bacteria that I put in from the sponge in my other tank and the bottle of cycle would probably be dead now since it had nothing to feed on. Well I took the ammonia remover out and replaced it with the biomax from my other tank's filter. I will take a water sample in to the pet store again in a couple days. Thanks for the advice.
  12. I just set up another tank 10 days ago. It holds 36 gallons according to the tank calculator. It has an aquaclear 300. In it I have a sponge, then an aquaclear 200 sponge taken from my other tank then ammonia remover then another sponge which sticks out above the flow a bit. I have added cycle twice following the directions on the bottle for cycling a tank. I put two little goldfish in 9 days ago. The are 2 inches long each including their tails. I haven't done any water changes. I don't have a test kit so I took a water sample to the pet store yesterday and watched as they tested the water. The ammonia and nitrite tested nothing. And the nitrates tested nothing. So the lady said it was all good. Then I said it was a 10 day old tank and she changed her mind and said that it hadn't started to cycle yet. She told me to but a bottle of cycle and put it in and that would cycle it in about a week. I told her that I already did that and it had already been over a week. She insisted that two small goldfish were not enought to cycle a tank and that I should throw a bunch more in. I have a few fake plants in it that I took out of my other tank that are covered in green algae. So maybe that is eating some nitrates. Do I need to add more fish? I don't want anymore except maybe some hillstream loaches or a bristlenose (I have driftwood in the tank). But I wanted to make sure the tank was cycled before adding them. Any thoughts? Thanks so much. Jessica
  13. I have two goldies in an almost 30 gallon tank. I was scrubbing brown and green algae every week. I have 4 hillstream loaches (sold to me as butterfly plecos) in there now and the difference is amazing. The glass is so clean it is unbelievable. I love these guys. They are so friendly. The tank takes just as long as before to clean now though because you have to be so careful for the little guys. I slowly disassemble my rock pile and move it so I can vaccuum under it and I always make sure I know where they all are before I vaccuum. They love the driftwoood I have in the tank. It is a bit of a concern in my mind making sure they get enough food. I've seen them eat everything I feed the goldies. I agree that you have to treat them as pets too and they do take a little extra time at feedings and cleaning. What a pleasure they are though. Jessica
  14. Thanks alot for all the advice. It helps alot. Jessica
  15. Thanks for the advice. My tap water and tank water are the same ph. That's the only test I have. I was just hoping someone might have a general idea of how long it might take the two fish to rise the ammonia to an unsafe level. The master test kits at the lps are so expensive. I guess I might have to buy one anyway. Thanks. Jessica
  16. Hi. I know this is probably really bad but I don't have any test kits. I just set up a 35 gallon tank with an aquaclear 300 on it. I took a sponge out of my aquaclear 200 and put it into the 300 with the other media. I put a blue oranda and a black lionhead in the tank. They're each about 2 inches including their tail. I know it's hard to tell without test kits, but could anyone tell me how often and how much I would have to change the water so the fish can be healthy while the tank cycles. I change half of my 25 gallon every week but I know it is different because it's been running for a year. Maybe I should put more media in from my other tank. Thanks for any suggestions. Jessica
  17. I feel sad at the thought of the poor old fish being sold. He has this nice peaceful pond and then someone is going to catch him and put him in who knows what kind of living condition. If he were mine I would let him live out his life in the pond. I'm sure he has a wonderful life there. Just my opinion.
  18. Sorry if there is already a post with the same question. I'm getting a tank given to me and it doesn't have a cover. I'm wondering if anyone has any good ideas on ways to make a lid. The tank is about 20" by 25" and 20" tall. It must be homemade so I don't think you can buy a hood for that size. It has an aquaclear 300 so I need the lid to fit around that. My friend has no cover on it and is lucky that her oscars havn't jumped out. I'm thinking plexiglass might work but will the fluorescent light melt it if I set it right on top of that? Thanks for any ideas. Jessica
  19. Okay this is soooo exciting. My friend who gave me the hex tank got the lps old feeder fish tank (100 gallon). She wasn't supposed to get it for a few more months but she got it yesterday. Anyway I'm giving her back the hex tank and she has a buyer for it and she is giving me a rectangular tank instead. It's 20"high, 19" wide, and 23"long (inside the glass). And It comes with an aquaclear 300. Yippee! Now I can get another goldfish. She got a great deal on her big tank. The pet store is changing their tank setup so she got the 100 gallon with an aquaclear 110 and the light for it and a stand for 225.00. And the whole thing was only 6 months old. Her oscars are going to love the new tank. Sorry for the long babbling story. It's just so exciting to be able to get the fish I want. Jessica
  20. Do you mean neon tetras? I have some in my 10 gallon and they are sold all over my province (BC).
  21. That's really interesting tinker. My friend who gave me the hex tried having goldfish in it and they also had sbd problems and she gave up on them. We thought that she must have had something in her water like a mineral that the goldfish didn't like. We live on opposite sides of the valley and both have well water and we thought for sure she had something that I didn't have in mine. Anyhow, thanks so much for everyone's input. Maybe I'll see if an angelfish can go in there. I'll actually see what will live in my high ph (somewhere higher that 7.6) first and go from there. Thanks.
  22. Okay that's good to know. Are there any other fish that would do well in the tank that are bigger than guppies and have some personality like goldfish do? Thanks
  23. My friend just gave me a 25 gallon hex tank with a stand and an aquaclear 300. I've heard goldfish need to be in long tanks. I have three in a 30 gallon that is rectangular. I'm wondering if two fancy goldfish would do well in this hex tank. Maybe it's a silly thought to even consider it since the tank is only 18 inches wide. It's super tall and maybe needs to have tropicals in it. I just don't like any other fish at the pet store. Any advice? Thanks, Jessica
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