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  1. I did not know Black Moors were considered telescopes. Learn something new every day. I guess there must be some variation to the size of telescope because the few I've seen it did not seem all that prominent. And 90 gals would definitely be on the border of too small for 2 common/comets like Dory and Nemo, they were getting way cramped in an Oceanic 58 - I'm just not sure where I can fit anything bigger in our new house, so it's good to hear that 90 should work! Dave
  2. I think I like Black Moors and Orandas. Could 3 of them co-habitate in a 90 gal long-term? Dave
  3. Thanks for the suggestions! Now that you've named your favorites, please tell me more about the particular fishes in terms of how big they get, in particular. I've pretty much ruled out commons and comets at this point just due to the size constraints. my two, Dory and Nemo were pushing 2lbs each at 3 years of age, and really needed a tank upgrade to about a 110 from their 58... I'm also not a big Telescope or bubbleye or Celestial fan - nothing against them, just not my style. Keep the good info coming, and thanks! Dave
  4. It's not yet been a week, my younger daughter is all over my case, and the upshot is I think we'll be getting a new tank shortly after we move on May 18. The 7 salt water tanks are history, though - new house is just not well set up for lots of big tanks. I think I'll be easily able to fit a 90 or perhaps a 6' 110. But I do not want to get into the same situation - huge common and comet outgrowing their tank yearly. I immensly enjoyed the personality and the persistance and perseverance of Dory and Nemo, and I think orange fish are pretty - though I must say I have always wanted a calico as well. I know nothing of fancies - never had need to learn - but I will go read some. In the meantime, please tell me some of your favorites and why, bearing in mind that 12" and 2 lbs. is right at the very upper end of what I'm going to be able to house. thanks! Dave
  5. I'd soak them in a 1:10 bleach/water solution for 24 hours, then boil them for at least 10 mins, and then put them in the sun to dry for at least a full day. Then I'd boil them again. But I have been known to be overly fastidious... Dave
  6. Check the flow rates on the xp3 and xp4 and I think you will find the xp4's pump/motor is quite different. Dave
  7. I have used those timers and they were not very good IMO. Dave Save your money and get the digital version which is better, and which I use on my turtle tanks.
  8. Yeah I tried one. I hated it -did exactly what Daryl said, above. GF are just too messy for a UGF of any type. Dave
  9. Yes, it's called a powerhead - a small water pump. The output will fit neatly into 1/2 inch tubing. You can get 'em at Jacks, or vvvv, or any LFS, or from Big Al's online, Dave would i be able to find said item at a petstore? i am guessing so but i've never heard of or seen such things!
  10. If you get the Eheim from Big Al with the media kit, you'll be all set initially. You will need to order some of the white sponges and blue sponges for replacements, though. Eheim recommends replacing the white (very fine, at the top) sponge every time you clean the filter, and the blue ever other time. Mine is still too new to recommend anything different. I suspect you will ADORE the Eheim. Personally I run no HOBs because I do not like the noise, or the inevitable bird dander (2 parrots near my tanks) that can get in. Dave
  11. LOL! That's not stupid, just a learning experience. Get yourself a MaxiJet 1200 (should be under $30) and about 5 feet of 1/2" tubing, and PUMP the water into your tank. This is what I do. Dave
  12. Another vote for Prime - saved my bacon last yeat with our tank crash and sickness. Dave
  13. Good Find, Daryl! I have a 120 gal All-Glass Megaflow (two drilled overflows with returns) tank and stand that I am looking to part with, if you want to make a trip to Cincinnati with a pickup truck. It has been used for marine fish, but they are all safely in their new home as of this morning, and the old tank has to go. I will warn anyone considering it - these things weigh about 400 lbs empty and it is in my basement. I'll help haul it upstairs of course, but for GF, you will need to run a wet/dry sump type of filter, or otherwise bypass the overflows. The tank is perfect, apart from needing cleaning, and has never run meds or copper. I will include the existing wet/dry (which won't work real well for GF, and the ReefKeeper controller (which will work well), glass tops, and a Coralife fixture (4x65 watt PC - bulbs will need to be changed for GF). Now if there were a 110 Oceanic in Chicago, I'd drive it up there, drop it off at Daryl's , and go to the store with the 110.buy it, and head home. I just don't think I'm going to get that lucky - and I'm not driving to Chicago for an All-Glass - I can get those here! Dave
  14. I have a Rena XP4, an Eheim 2128 (with heater) and about 10 Fluval 404/405 304/305. You will end up cursing the day you bought a Fluval for a GF tank. Either the Rena or Eheim is a far superior piece of gear. Now, for tropicals or light salt water duty, even turtles, Fluvals are fine. But GF are such waste machines that they clog Fluvals in a heartbeat. Fluvals are less easy to clean and less easy to start than the other two I mentioned above. I just chucked both of my Fluvals on my GF tank out of exasperation with how annoying it was. My experience with two monsters in a 58-gal - your mileage may vary. Dave
  15. Amen, Sister. It is a sad day, indeed when we can't even pay a premium and get Oceanic tanks. Least Common Denominator rules, I guess. Dave
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