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  1. Ok, I have read over this forum and cannot find a tip similar to this one so I think I am the first to submit it. I have a great idea for creating a union with the modern technology of computers and the ageless hobby of fish-keeping: an electronic tank log! I have created an Excel spreadsheet that contains all the information I need about my tank at the click of a mouse! So far it is a three-tab document with the first tab dedicated to basic tank information such as size, filter, bulb, how long the tank has been up, etc. I like to think of this as my re-order guide. If my bulb is blown, I look here. Need new filter cartridges? I look here. Next is my second tab, the medicine log. I have it set up to tell me the name of the med used, when treatment began and ended, the dosage, why it was used, and any notes. Finally my third tab is the results from my water tests. I have every test I do with it's results in a column underneath the date and any special notes. I can tell at a glance what levels are good and bad by using color-coding and individual cell formatting and know exactly how to respond! I thought it up last night while I was testing my water in my 29 gallon. I had been writing my results down, but since I normally end up spilling something (which I did...) I thought it would be great to keep my log on my computer, dry and stain-free. <b>Added bonus:</b> If you are like me and lose things a lot, you won't have to worry! Surely you aren't going to lose your whole computer, are you?
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