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  1. Update: The white stuff is gone today, and it seems that the eye is significantly less popped and starting to clear up just a tiny bit. The white stuff didn't look as if it was coming out of the eye itself, but below the eye I guess kinda between the eye and eye socket for lack of a better way to describe it? Adding the final dose of meds in tonight, then its 24 more hours of darkness until I do a WC tomorrow to get rid of the meds and replace the epsom unti Thursday when he goes salt free.
  2. The image from tonight's update? It shows up just fine on my computer but I can post a link if that would help.
  3. Update: After a couple days in total darkness for the meds, here is what we currently have: Anyone know what that white stuff might be below his popped eye? Perhaps infection coming out? He ate two pieces of his food tonight, and I'm about to add the meds in for the night and see if there is anything else going on tomorrow when I peep in on him. His head doens't seem to be as swolen, I could see at times where it looked like a few of the scales on his head, particularly the side with the popped eye, were poking out. Never on his body or any further back than his gills. I'm glad to see that has gone away.
  4. ...empty one packet directly into aquarium. Repeat dose after 24 hours. Wait another 24 hours then change 25% of the aquarium water. Repeat this treatment for a second time, for a total of 4 doses. Then make a final 25% water change and add fresh activated carbon or replace the filter cartridge. Treatment may be repeated, if necessary. What I get from that, begninning with yesterday as the first step Yesterday: add dosage of meds Tonight: add dosage of meds Tomorrow: 25% water change Saturday: add dosage of meds Sunday: add dosage of meds Monday: 25% water change and replace filter cart Since I don't have a filter in this tank right now, can I do a 100$ WC Monday and see if I need to repeat? The 19th was the first day of the ES treatment, so ten days of that will be Thursday the 29th. I figure another 100% WC on Thursday to get rid of the ES, and I'll put in regular water with light aquarium salt for preventative. Please correct my train of thought if it has gone off track.
  5. Update: Gave the dose of meds tonight, and offered him food. He had some interested in it and nibbled a little but didn't eat it. I left it in just in case, since it's only one piece I don't see any harm in leaving in there until tomorrow and removing it when I do the 25% WC per the tetracycline directions. Question, do I add meds in tomorrow after the 25% or wait until Saturday night? The package directions are somewhat vague. I do have some pics taken with my good camera, they will give you a better look at what is going on with him. Here is the good eye. Checking out the piece of food. We call it kibble. Full on popeye side. Swimming downward a bit. Facing the camera. Thoughts on the pics are welcome. At least tonight he was active and seemed happy to be out of the dark for a little while as I checked him out and talked to him before medicating the tank and covering him back up.
  6. I covered the tank not long after I turned the light out to make sure it's dark in there since the room lights are on (but not all that bright at the moment). I'll update tomorrow when I peep in on him, do the tetracycline addition, and see if he wants food.
  7. Thanks for the response on that! I have just turned his light off and told the hubs to leave it off as long as he is getting medicated.
  8. Oooh! Is tetracycline light reactive? Should I keep the lights off? I don't remember. Thanks!
  9. Let's try through Photobucket. I clicked the FB pics and selected get link, but there might be some privacy settings that aren't letting it work. Tetracycline is in, I used the test tubes from my liquid master test kit to divide the 10 gallon treatment packet out into four equal parts (each tube treats 2-1/2 gallons) and will be following the package directions for the next few days. I have the ES back in there as well. He didn't eat tonight, but I'm not really concerned since he ate so much last night. He was swimming around a bit during the water change, and now he's lounging near his favorite plant. Fingers crossed this helps! If not my next shot will be Maracyn and Maracyn 2 combo.
  10. Tonight I returned the expired Maracyn Plus and picked up the tetracycline. We checked the date on the remaining Maracyn Plus they had in stock and they pulled it because those dates were December 2014. I double checked the date on the tetracycline before even walking to the front to check out, it's good until 2016. Kiara, I wondered myself why do daily water changes with Epsom Salt. It's not being pulled out of the water, and it doesn't seem like the water would go south if doing every other day changes at 100%. Plus, most of the meds require a longer time in between water changes so IDK. :/ About to do my 100% water change to get rid of the Maracyn Plus and add the tetracycline with the Epsom salts. I took a pic the night before last with my cell phone, and I'll poke the links up here for you. IDK if they will work since they are facebook URLs, but if not I can crack open the ol' photobucket. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152729708659075&l=8d1857a01f https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152729708629075&l=6d482e9aec
  11. I remember the protocol, I was a very active member on these forums a few years ago and was a mod for a while as well. This is why I tried to give as informative of an OP as I could with very clear, concise questions (or at least I thought so). Thanks for nothing except helping me realize my meds are expired, and I guess I will continue my search for assistance with this topic using other resources. Have a great night.
  12. Jared, Very low as in not showing on the dip strips or not making enough of a change to measure. LFS tested tap and tank water from my 30 gallon tropical for me and parameters were fine. I plan on returning the Maracyn Plus as mentioned in my post above, and asked about dosage for tetracycline since it was a highly recommended med by the fish guy at the store, but he couldn't tell me dosage because he keeps large tropical tanks. I do not need a diagnosis because I already have one since it's quite obviously popeye. I opened the thread for questions about meds with Epsom salts and water change frequency while using the two in tandem. I have posted all the tank information, jsut browse through the posts themselves. I obviously do not have a cycled filter on the tank because I am doing 100% weekly water changes on a normal basis. With popeye being a water quality problem (this I already knew as well) I will be stepping that up a notch or two, but for now my focus is getting Buster to feeling better. I have kept fish of various types for years, and believe me this isn't my first sick fishie. It's been four or five years since I have had a betta and I just don't remember the information I used to know by heart when I was more active with goldies and betta tanks. I'm not trying to attack you or seem like I'm going on the uber defensive, but you are asking me newbie questions and I have already given the relavent information in previous posts.
  13. So the fish store had tetracycline in powder, when I take the Maracyn Plus back tomorrow does anyone know the dosage for that? I believe it was in pouches, and each pouch did 10 gallons. The reason I went with Maracyn plus was it's wide spectrum and liquid, so easier to dose with a graduated syringe. :/
  14. I got my Epsom salt info here: http://www.bettafish.com/showthread.php?t=80198 The bottle of Maracyn Plus I have expired 08/14/14, and I just bought it yesterday! The store had a shelf full, so I guess they didn't know. I'll be sure to tell them about it, and quite possibly return this bottle. I didn't even think to look for that before I purchased it. Update: Tonight while I had him in a cup while I did the water change he ate for me, and he took four pellets of his Omega One Betta Buffet. That made me happy, since I haven't seen him eat in 48 hours. I put the Maracyn Plus in at label directions of 1ml/gallon and the Epsom Salts back at the 2 tsp/gallon. As far as the requested water quality info, since I'm doing 100% daily water changes none of the tank values will apply. From the tap my Ammonia, Nitrates, and Nitrites are very low (dip strips ATM, gotta get another liquid test kit) and my pH is running around 6.5. Buster is the only fish in the three gallon tank, and it was getting weekly 100% water changes until this happened on Saturday night, now it has been daily. I have an in-tank heater and the water stays around 74°F. I have had him for about four months now if I recall correctly with no problems until now.
  15. I'm using Jungle Start Right, and usually a little shot of Prime. Still waiting on tonight's WC because I'm not sure of the Maracyn Plus dosing. :/ Internet searches turn up nothing, so I guess I'll just go by label directions and see what happens.
  16. Thanks. He's not eating today and just hangingn around in his fave plant. That's why I want to get info on the meds, but don't want to end up hurting him by doing an OD.
  17. HI there!! So I know it's been ages since I have been on here and I know that there are tons of new faces but I have an old school problem. I have a betta that has developed a sudden case of popeye, as in Friday he was fine and Saturday his right eye was popped way out and cloudy. I did a 100% water change immediately, and planned to get epsom salts and meds on Sunday but we had an ice storm and there was no going to the fishy store for me. Another 100% water change was done Sunday, and yesterday after work I made it to the store to get the epsom salts and Maracyn Plus. Last night I did a 100% water change and dosed with epsom salts at a rate of 2 tsp/gallon. I want to start with the meds tonight, but I don't remember if they have to be given at half dose or full dose since I remember bettas are sensitive. And, if I start with the Maracyn plus, do I need to stop the ES and do I still keep up the daily 100% WC and just re-dose? I have a three gallon tank with a heater that keeps the water at about 74°. Right now I only have two gallons in there to make the daily water changes easier becase I have to carry the tank upstairs from my downstairs desk. Thanks!!
  18. Most of mine used to go toward watering plants, but now that we have moved and the setup is different (can not use the python on the sinks, will not fit the faucet) I get it out in buckets and just toss it into the yard or down the drain. Fishtank water (especially goldfish tank water) is fantastic for house plants! I never had to use Miracle Grow when I watered with my old tank water.
  19. I always hold the test tube with two fingers: my thumb supports the bottom and my index finger is on the top holding the cap in place. No matter how much I invert or shake the tubes, I have never had a problem with leaks. They might have changed the tubes over the past couple years, I have had the same tubes for ages it seems.
  20. My tiger barb tank was my favorite, I had about 12 in my 29 gallon and they were a real hoot! I had green, albino, and regular. I have not seen many of the green ones lately, especially since my move to NJ. We have a peaceful community tank right now, but if I ever redo it with different fish I will go with all tiger barbs again. I used to call them my piranha tank. XD
  21. Yes, they do. The key is to drop the temp relatively slowly. I would bet that 10 degrees in an hour wouldn't be a good thing, but I would say 5 is okay. How big is your tank?
  22. *facepalm* D'oh! Yeah, I do the water changes in that tank about once a month or when the nitrate test kit starts giving numbers I don't like. 56 hour workweek has my brain fried. >>
  23. I had a 5 1/2 gallon tank with a single male betta. It was very pretty and he was extremely happy in there. 10 gallons isn't bad, and you can make it look very nice. When I first got into fishkeeping I had two commons in that 5 1/2 gallon tank and then I made the huuuge upgrade to a... wait for it... TEN GALLON tank!!! I thought that was the coolest ever until I realized one day that those two commons were almost as long as the tank and could not move very much in there. When one of them got sick and I found KGW I went to a 30 gallon. At the moment I have tetras and cory cats in my 30, and they are a blast to care for. I still have my workhorse goldfish filtration on there (Eheim Pro II canister filter, 300+ GPH iir) and pretty much all I have to do is drop in food every other day and wipe the walls once in a while. I love it!
  24. If you use ice straight out of the freezer be sure to add Prime to the tank, becuase the melted ice will add chlorine to your water. A litte bit will not matter much, but if you are using lots of ice then you may run into a problem. That is why frozen bottles are safer, but be sure to dip some of the water out since the frozen bottles will displace the water in your tank.
  25. I think that your little tank will be just fine without a heater, but you can't go wrong by adding one in there for good measure. Do you have a thermometer in the tank? If not, grab one that floats in the water and keep an eye on it. Room temps can fluctuate wildly, but I find that tanks (even small ones) stay pretty steady.
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