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    Internet searching for dropsy led me here and I could never get away. ;)
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Taking care of my pets (see below for listing), everything having anything to do with computers, playing video games (both console and PC), and spending time with my husband Barry! My Babies: ~Dogs~ Bailey, Long Haired Chihuahua Female Scotty, Short Haired Chihuahua Male ~Fishies~ Assorted tropical tank. RIP Dixie, long haired chihuahua female. Arthur, my little dragon. Male Veiled Chameleon who passed away 5/27/06. Corporal Max Klinger, my White's Tree Frog. Spotty (passed in Feb.) and Goldie (passed in June). They were my calico shubunkin and my common gold. Lost them both to dropsy, but continue to love them. Hawkeye, a tiger barb that passed in October 06 and I don't know why. Ollie, my sweet Oranda. She passed away in February 07, eggbound. The other 7 tiger barbs from my M*A*S*H theme tank (Radar, Hotlips, Frank, BJ, Potter, Olive, and Drab) due to a chlorine accident in November 07. Various apple snails of various colors and at various times over the past 5 or 6 years I have kept them.

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