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  1. you could take a wooden shishcabob thingy stick and put it in its gills not like stabbing it but...uggh if you try it you'll get my point it doesnt hurtthe fish unless you do something wrong.Really wrong.
  2. If you ask your parents if you can do somthing so you can get paid a buy what you need.But you don't want to you don't have to.Just a suggestion
  3. where can I get glofish in Indiana? Because I've never seen them around.Not even in the fish stores.
  4. Aw... that is awsome.Could you get picture so everyone who reads this can see them.Ibet they are awsome.You're a fish mom(if that makes sense).And for the question I don't think I can answer that yet I can look it up for you though.Well good luck with them. :thumbup:
  5. There is. I will put a type of fish and things you need to know about it Here it is. I think it will go just fine as long as you have more than one of this or another kind. And when you go to buy new fish ALWAYS do research on their behavior and eating habits. Sometimes you should see water water tempature is prefered. Distichouds notospilus:they are useually peaceful fish but can become quarrulsome towards conspecifics (simaliar to red-tail sharks. prefered water tempature73-81 degrees F. full lenght of an adult is up to 6". They need 59" of the tank per fish(150cm). they like to stay at the bottem of the tank. They are herbivores/omnivores. They prefer Daphniaand vegetables and canned goods but not to many.
  6. It shouldn't matter if the females get pregnant.they will most likly eat the young but very few will survive. I'm no expert but I know that for fact. If you want to have the fry in the tank so you can wacth them grow you should put a lot of hiding spaces for the female and fry.
  7. well if the lumps are on their gills it could be Ick but Ick is normally white.But Since they are on the diffrent parts of the body I wouldn't know about that.It seems a little odd to me I've never seen or heard about something like that.
  8. ok thanks Kissy. that would be awsome to have a hot pink fish. I didn't know that was possible. well I'll make sure and look at the pictures. thank you so much. I got what i wanted for Christmas. "Information"
  9. yes but you should take a small container or something and dip it into the water and por out the water slowly but a little above the water so there are bubbles to put oxygon in to the water you may not have to do that but just in case
  10. oh and Kissy what other colors are they bright flashy colors?
  11. thank you and I also want to know how you tell male from female if possible
  12. I want an all flashy tropical fish tank with all the bright colors you can think of. Zebra danios' are they diffrent colors because I've only seen black and white ones well they probly don't. by the way I'm Anics lil'sis edit: what's a paradise fish and dwarf gourami?
  13. well ya know she is telling the truth I do try to take good care of my tank. I looked up some fish and need opinions about them from all you experts. here are the fish (theres only fous so far) Aphyosemion aureum (Gold Killie) Aphyosemion bamile korum (Bamileke Killie) Aphyosemion christyi (Christy's red-tail spotfin Killie) Aphyosemion coeleste (Sky blue Killie) I know most of the facts like what they need to eat and the tempature. etc.
  14. I just wanted to check with someone else to make sure
  15. This is Anic, not Liver. Should I do a salt dip before I put Glenn in the medicated tank?
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