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  1. I had to give it up due to not being able to balance coursework homework revision and time for friends and family with it :S No fish have gone missing since, just the two. Its a mystery.
  2. I think they are just a bit too big for the black moors mouth though =/ Black Moor is pretty slow though, signs of swimbladder coming through, so it would have been pretty hard for him to munch the thing down :S
  3. Looked at the tank yesterday to notice one of my smaller fish missing.. (they are like tetras but not tropical, fogot the name :S) Just dissapear.. Not stuck in the plants.. Not behind/in the filter.. They cant get in the filter because its grilled.. I dont think my black moor would have ate it because they wouldnt be able to fit in his mouth.. Today, i looked in and one was dead, well i thought it was anyway, in the plant.. so i went to get a net, came back, gone! I dont have a clue what is happening to them! I use to have 6 of the smaller fish and one black moor Now 4 smaller fish and the one black moor.. Keeping an eye on the others. ARH!
  4. Got them a couple of weeks back now but thought i would tell you When i first went to the store i didnt have a clue wht i wanted but i explained to a worker there, who actually seemed to know about fish , what size my tank was and so on. I came out with 4...Ive forget the name Something mellows? Anyway little neon tetra like fish....without the neon. Still havnt managed to name them yet. Went back the week afta and got 2 more of the same but different colour. Named them Duck and Koala (Strange names but its a joke i hav wif my mate.) And a black moor called bobby. All have settled in and are fine. Also last week my mum found a snail in the tank, a really small one which must hav got in on one of the plants. Named him Derick.
  5. How would they tests its memory anyway? Ask it??
  6. It could have been something he caught from the store.
  7. I went pets at home with my mum yesterday to get hay and wood shavings. I had a quick look at the fish and i saw what looked like neon tetras. Ive asked about them before and ive heard they need warm water. But the ones at the pet store didnt seem to have anything to heat the water? Do any tetras not need heated water? Or am i just confused?
  8. Try not to use to many complicated words. Usually when that happens to me i stop listening. I get all confuzled
  9. I used to have a fancy with two commons and they started nipping the fancy. I had to seperate them before it got any worse.
  10. How often should you do a water change? I change 50% of the water once a week, is that alright?
  11. Thats exactly what my mum and dad think. Its just a fish. Its fine in whatever size tank. They dont really understand a thing.
  12. Since it was my birthday not long ago i have enough money for tank, equipment and so on. I know where it could go and i dont see whats wrong with it. I dont think my mum realises that a fish still has a life. There was something she said today when i asked her about it that i will not repeat it was that bad. I know she hates the fish and i think she just thinks its boring and it does nothing. Im gonna go and tell her now what you've just said. I want a new tank for her so bad.
  13. About 3 years ago i went to a pet shop knew nothing about fish just thought they needed water food. Tadah. Now i know alot more and i thank you guys so much for that. I was given four fish in about a...around 8 gallon tank 2 common goldfish (which turned out to be commets) and two orandas (turned out to be ryukins). I know what your thinking. Way too small. One died pretty quickly. Then i found this site and felt ashamed to even tell you about the size of my tank with 3 fish in it (which were now pretty big). Then problems started. Bubbles (my ryukin) started to show signs of swimbladder i wasnt able to get the test results to prove what it was. That made me feel bad. They started fighting and i finaly convinced my mum and dad to get a bigger tank (me being 12 needed permission to get one and money). We got a bigger one. Which we were told was big enough but i still think not. I dont know exactly how big it is but its around 12 gallons. We were not told this at the shop but when i roughly measured it thats what i found out. I told my mum and said its supposed to be 10 gallons per fish, but she didnt underdstand. A fish is a fish. They started fighting..well bullying. That was my first real problem that i mentioned on here, i ended up splitting them up Bubbles (Ryukin) in the old one and Squirt and Gurgle in the new one. Bubbles started improving just when he seemed to be doing so well he died. I remember being so upset. And then out of the blue Gurgle...he seemed to be the strongest and biggest out of all of them and that really shocked me now im trying to give squirt the best life possible. But its not going to good. Shes big and after seeing that video on youtube im really worried. I want a nice long tank for her thing is my mum doesnt........too much cleaning. Seriously annoying. Im told and told again to give Squirt away. But they only people i know who would look after her, know hardly anything about fish. "Put her in a nice big pond." What and be eaten.I couldnt face to give her away. Just like ive abandoned her like shes too much of a problem. I know the tanks too small because all she does go up down up down in just one stroke of the tail sometimes she doesnt even bother. Sorry for the essay.... Anyone got any ideas what i should do? Ill go and have another go at convincing my mum to let me get a bigger tank..
  14. i have a test kit i cant do it tonight ill have to do it tomo and post better go
  15. Last time i could get no test kits so i had to stick with adding fish safe/ disease safe and i still need the answer whats causing my fish to loose her scales? her tails has blood like streaks in it Tank size - nearly 10 galls Change the water - weekly Just one fish Add fish safe disease safe and the water conditioner feed fish two pellets and flakes no unusual behaviour
  16. how could u tell if the fish had it?
  17. i was over stocked when i first came to this site my fish became ill and stressed and started chasing each other
  18. i had a comet and i was wondering would she be able to have this tank i would probaly take out the obstacles but take a look www.vivoworld.com i think its a little bit bigger than the other one and my mum said i might be able to have it for xmas cos she likes the look of it n it says it has a good filter and i cant buy a new tank myself because i have no money and she really needs a new tank
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