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  1. I'll put it as a side note, personally that's what I'd choose too...and they're often cheaper...like I said, I just had to have some kind of suggestion there for bowls or it would have been removed from the very first site (which didn't allow pictures) for being off-topic
  2. Thanks for the pics! I've put in credit to your username...still not sure if it's out of line or not, and if so then mods please correct me, but here's the article I put it on in its first location that allows pictures (haven't cross-posted yet). It clipped his/her nose a little bit, but I think still clearly illustrates the point. I went a bit conservative by many people's standards on the sizes required for goldfish, but the main intention is to get people's fish out of those darn bowls . However, if anyone sees anything that needs correcting please feel free to let me know, I have a stable ego and just want to make sure new goldie owners get pushed in the right direction. This originally came about from seeing the title "How to Care for a Goldfish in a Fishbowl" on another site I write on, no one had written to it yet so I figured I better get my .029 in first while still striving to at least touch on the topic I was supposed to .
  3. Ooh, got to love the adult versus fresh-from-pet-store fishies there . Thanks Hidr, that's about exactly what I was looking for! One of the place I have the article can have multiple pictures...but for the other place, it'll be tough to choose just one .
  4. In the past I've been given permission to use some great pictures from people here for my informational articles, and I just wrote one about keeping goldfish in bowls and was wondering if anyone has a picture they wouldn't mind me using to really illustrate the point? Quite a while ago I had a member here offer me a picture of a goldfish swimming in a tank near the bowl it'd started out in, but I've changed computers several times since then and no longer have it. The pictures I was able to use for the Aquarium Giants article really helped it along and people actually started paying attention to just how big the lengths I mentioned were. I'm not sure if it's okay to post a link to the article or not, but if anyone would like to see it before offering a picture for use I'll gladly send the link via PM . Alternatively, if anyone knows about the rules concerning one's own links please let me know, thanks!
  5. Yeah, I've heard of Bio-spira before...as near as I can tell this product isn't refrigerated, it says the bacteria is "sealed in a live, propagable state". The reason I'm interested in seeing if this product actually works is that it also claims to slowly leech necessary minerals and calcium into the water. My main stance against all of the "reduce water changes" products is that it does nothing for the minerals and such that get used up and need to be replenished. This product looks like it could be a very good one...if it actually works like it says it does. Right now I have a lot of potential customers interested in getting aquariums but don't want to or can't do weekly or bi-weekly water changes, and it gets pretty expensive for people who have me come do all their water changes. Doing my own at-home experimenting could take a long time so I'm curious to find people who have already tried it or knows someone who has. Thanks for the input
  6. Ok, so I came across this bio-filtration type product that claims to have live beneficial bacteria in it, etc...I don't have any experience with it so I really hesitate to recommend it before I know something about it. If it has live bacteria, how do they keep it alive? The product claims to significantly reduce the need for water changes. Has anyone used it, and how does it work? The site with more information is below, please everyone let me know your thoughts. http://www.onedersave.com/
  7. Hi! I've personally never heard of them going bad but I do tend to stick to the same rules for freeze-dried bloodworms as I do for all my other dry fish food...if it's over six months old I don't feed it to my fish (though I often still use certain foods to feed my live critter cultures that are to be used for fish food). This seems to be a fairly widely-accepted rule of thumb but perhaps someone else will chime in with something a little more specific. Any chance you could ask the person who gave them to you when they were purchased?
  8. I was going to suggest applesnail.net as well, it's an awesome site! Sexing is pretty easy once you get the hang of it and find a way to entice the snail far enough out of its shell to see if there's a hole or...other...back above the left side of its head. Applesnail has pictures of what each looks like.
  9. When you say "extreme fatness" did he look like he'd swallowed a gumball and did his scales poke out like a pinecone? Dropsy is the first thing that comes to mind when a sick fish is bloated.
  10. Hehe...you should see my crab tank, I have four fiddler crabs that LOVE to get up into the flow of the filter, go parasailing, and sit by the bubble stone and fight with all the bubbles that come out. As for Sherlock...I'm not entirely certain, I've had fish before that had signs of SBD come and go so I treated them with peas and spirulina flakes anyway and the symptoms went away, is there such a thing as intermittent swim bladder infection?
  11. Try fresh alfalfa, it's much better ...I did eat some bird food once, it was dehydrated fruit pieces and very tasty
  12. Sadly I used to get that a lot too...I truly regret not working there anymore because of all the fish that are being sold without correct information being given about them but unfortunately I just couldn't handle other aspects of the job anymore...I did enjoy the derisive snort or "suppressed laugh" and the emphatic..."about .02" answer. I would then go on to explain how much space goldfish need, the myth of "growing to the size of their tank", and when they asked what COULD go in there I answered nothing, they ask why the place sold them then and I said that as long as people buy them my employer of ambiguous ethics would stock them. I guess maybe there's a reason I don't work there anymore, huh?
  13. My first were a couple of feeders a friend gave me, she knew I was into fish and "could never keep their water clean" and offered to give them to me along with their tank which they shared with three guppies....well their "tank" turned out to be a two-gallon bowl, I'd been into tropicals for a couple of years at that point (I was nine) so I already knew a bowl was a major no-no but I didn't know how unique of requirements goldies have. I put the pair in a 10G along with a pleco and a couple of snails (this was before I knew the proper care of either of those too). They reached about 4" each and died about two years later but I can only imagine what that two years must have been like for them , thankfully I ran across Kokos when I discovered that wonderful site Aquarank which led me to both Kokos and Applesnail.net, two sites I am eternally glad to have found. The saddest story I can think of in the recent past...when I still worked at W-Mart (ours wasn't too bad for fish) I'd been eyeing a shubunkin and a comet, both about 7" long, but had held off because I wasn't sure I wanted to tie up that much tank space before I'm in a position to get a stock tank. One day I came in to work and my boss told me they'd just sold minutes before I got there...I was a little disappointed, but it happens. The very next day they were returned dead; my boss and I were both shocked, they'd been in great health and the person said they were being purchased to go out in a pond...the person's response? His kid liked them so much he put them in a 1G in the kid' room! Holy crap, how did they even fit those two in a 1G? Do people have any sense at all?
  14. I haven't actually tasted it but I've been tempted, that Pro Gold smells REALLY good...it must be, because my cat (ok, my SO's cat, I don't claim her after this) ATE THE ENTIRE BAG. That's right, the BIG bag, the $20 bag, she snacked the entire thing down and I none the wiser until I went up to my fish room that evening to feed everyone and had to give them a second feeding of Salad Supreme.
  15. You're in good company...I also think it's perfectly normal, but try asking a random person off the street what they think
  16. Sounds like a NICE room! Unfortunately...you know you won't have room for long, there are so many ways to fill up that space . I just bought ten acres that I'll be putting a fish house on (oh yeah, and a people house too), tentative plans are for a 40x40 fish house but I'll eventually have a large greenhouse seperate from that for some very large stock tanks (I'm dreaming of those 10' rounds) to raise various types of fancy goldies in. That said...my current house is 20x20 for a two-year-old, two adults, three dogs, a cat, and the 18 tanks in the attic-type space (one of those rooms that slope down on the sides). Yes, I am desperate for the warm weather so we can move a temporary trailer house out onto the new land to move into until this house is sold and we can afford the house we want for the acreage. I'm with you about the city, I know I'll never leave Wyoming because this is as far as I can get from anything remotely resembling a city. Those are some gorgeous fish, if you end up breeding them I'd definitely be interested in purchasing a few babies one of these days
  17. I'm going to agree with Daryl here that it sounds like a water quality issue...what size of tank do you have and how often (and what % of old water is removed) do you do your water changes? Also, many people don't realize that goldies need some pretty strong filtration to help keep the water good, preferably at least a 10x turnover per hour (example: if you have a 30G tank you'll want a filter that turns over 300 gallons every hour). That said, Brigs are an excellent snail that lay their eggs above the water line, if you don't want babies all you have to do is scrape the clutch off and throw it away or drop it back into the water, but you do want to watch them pretty closely at first as many goldies are too nippy for snails. Good luck and welcome to the forums!
  18. *sniff* if only my fish house were built now so I had a place to put it and I would drive clear across the country to pick it up. Once the fish house is built though...man oh man, I'm going to be checking Aquabid and Craigslist and whatever else I can find and am creating road trip plans with a $5,000 budget to acquire tanks. I got the hard part done, I bought the land it's going on. Now the next hard part...actually building the thing.
  19. That's so sad when people do that . My SO's best friend has two fantails in a 10 and won't listen to a word I say about it...at least his wife finally let me clean their tanks after TWO YEARS without any maintenance! I should have charged them extra for that, they were truly awful as I'm sure you can imagine. Hehe...at least I was able to sneak in a baggie of Salad Supreme wafers because "I need to get them used up and thought your goldies might like them)
  20. Hehe...it's been on my list for quite some time actually, I took ceramics for several years and want to do some realistic-looking dragons and things (and buddhas) and have done some research on the aquarium-safe glazes, the only thing holding me up now is that darned expensive kiln! Let us know how the jade works out! Seems like ones with broken off heads you could glue back together with aquarium sealant
  21. He's gorgeous! I love that tail. Drat it all, I should never look at fish pictures, now I'm even MORE impatient for my fish house to be built (I sold off most of my 18 tanks worth of fish until I get a better setup)
  22. NO, I absolutely forbid you to eat those fishies! Pets don't belong in bowels! I must say I am thoroughly jealous of that tank, I love it! Hey, you could always give it to me, I like swimming . I too am confused about just what "actual" fish are and something (I wonder what it could be?) tells me that poster doesn't have a clue what he's talking about anyway.
  23. WOW Bruce is a big boy...I've seen some older pictures of him that weren't quite so clear. I've shied away from using Bruce for the exact reason Daryl mentioned, because he's not the norm. Thanks for letting me use your picture Daryl! I'd love to see your other fish too, but for now will put Bubba in. At the risk of "pimping", the article is here http://hubpages.com/hub/Aquarium-Giants-Which-Fish-Get-HUGE (if anyone can think of some I missed just let me know!), if a picture of a couple little gouramis shows up it's because I haven't gotten the new pic on there yet. Thanks again!
  24. Thanks for the responses! I didn't want to just go digging because some people might be offended or whatever else if I start sending a bunch of IMs...but I suppose that's probably a somewhat irrational fear when concerning some of the veteran members here . Thanks for the suggestions! and yep...Bruce is the largest fancy on record
  25. I'm not sure where to put this, and mods please let me know if this request is out of line...I'm looking for a picture of a full-grown goldfish (fancy or single-tailed) for an informative article I'm writing about "Aquarium Giants" and wanted to find something that showed just how big they can get since the nifty little tags in pet stores are so often wrong. If you have such a picture you wouldn't mind me using it would be much appreciated, preferably with some sort of comparison in the picture such as a hand so people really get the feel for the size of the fish. The purpose of the article is to let people know which of those cute little pet store fish will get very large so hopefully they'll know what they're getting into before they buy them...I'm so sick of people telling me they flushed their fish when it got too big! I'd be happy to show the article to whoever offers a picture for their final approval and will delete the pic if they decide they don't want it there. Thanks!
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