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  1. Hey guys. So this morning when I walked over to my tropical tank, I looked and noticed that one of my Swordtails was gone! Like disappeared! Is it possible that my Gourami could have eaten her? Thats all I can think of.. She couldnt have jumped out because the top of the tank was closed and everything. I'm all sad though because she was so pretty, but I reckon she's Gourami food now
  2. oh gosh, I love them all! I really like Orandas and Telescopes. Anything Calico is cute. And I almost die everytime I see an Oranda or Lionhead or Ranchu with chubby cheeks.. sooo precious!!!
  3. Awww she's gorgeous! I think Kreacher would be a good name for her. Good luck with your . I hope she does really well!
  4. GRRRRR.. It's so annoying when you are sooo obsessed with the gorgeous creatures that God put on this earth called Fish and everyone else in your life (with the exception of you guys) is all like "whats the big deal, Kelly? They're just fish. They don't have emotions." Its sooo aggravating when you are so passionate about something and nobody else in your world shares your passion. Does anybody understand how I feel?
  5. I dont have any goldfish YET, but i have a few tropicals if you are interested in what their names are. Gourami- Saphira zebra danios- Stripes 1, Stripes 2, and Stripes 3 (though you can't bloody tell them apart lol) 2 swordtails- Salt, and Pepper
  6. Okay, on the main home page of this website there are pictures of Koko's fish, right? The row on the top is like Pharoh and Mr T and somebody else i think. And then theres three fish down under that. Two Orandas and then one on the right end. With the big eyes. What is that? He's totally cute. I think I want one. Thanks! lol
  7. Whoah!!!! I have never seen a black moore that was orange before. Isnt that like totally rad?! Big George is so cute and you are so lucky to have an orange black moor... he's awesome! Elaine and Jerry are also very adorable! And your tank looks really good. I hope you and all your fishies have a wonderful day!
  8. Oh my goodness, this may sound so dumb but when I go to the petstore and ask for and Oranda, I want to know how to pronounce it. So, is it like O rhonda (like help me rhonda lol) or is Or and uh? Just wondering. Thanks so much for the help you guys always give me
  9. Oh my goodness, he is gorgeous! He looks like he has a grumpy expression on his face in the first pic like he's saying "get that camera out of my face" lol but its sooooo cute!!! Zoomer is a very cute Ryukin, and he has a very cute name.
  10. holy crud! I had no idea Orandas could get that big! Sheeeeeeeesh! You have a very gorgeous pond!
  11. oh gosh i envy you!!!!!!! I want an Oranda so bad! He is definitely a cutie! I just got dumped by somebody named fred, and let me tell you that your fred jr is definitely a LOT cuter than the fred i was dealing with lol. Seriously though, he is just a bundle of cuteness.
  12. 1) What do you do with your fish when you go on vacation and your family goes with you? 2) Will my very first goldfish that i get be okay in a tank by himself for a few weeks? Someone said not to get more than one at a time. Ok, those are my only questions for now. I'm still in the process of getting everything ready for my new fishy or fishies
  13. Awww.. cuteness! I have a doggy named Bella. I think your Oranda is just an adorable little sweetheart and I just wanna pinch his cheeks!
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