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  1. The only con I've experienced with dojos is their tendency to vanish lol. I've gonna days without seeing them and then they just reappear. Every now and then mine will uproot a plant too.... Other than that I love dojos.
  2. Hello everyone, It's been a few months since I was last here and I just thought I'd let you all know how my fish are doing. So far they are all getting bigger and bigger, and still seem to be very healthy fish. My shubunkin has reached maturity and has full blown breeding stars for the first time. As for my orange telescope, she has long since fully recovered from the accident she had when she got stuck under a tank ornament for four days.... haha her scales have healed and she's doing better than ever. My lionhead, has finally started to get a decent sized wen. He's still just as energetic and is getting along great with the rest of the fish. As for my Golden Loach, he has grown quite a bit and has finally figured out all the good hiding places. I've been planning on getting him a friend soon, since he's the more nocturnal one. I'll be posting pics soon in the photo section, and I hope to become a bit more active here again. haha Glad to see this site is still up and running, -Tim
  3. haha yeah pretty sure it's just the personality of the fish. I'm guessing some are just too afraid of getting stuck in there. While the brave (or curious) ones will swim through anything.
  4. So some of you may remember when I had bought Aquilo, my little Golden weather loach. I've had him for around 9 months now and he's doing great. He has grown so much! He's adapted to the tank perfectly and gets along with the other goldfish. He's not afraid of my hand at all. He'll nibble at it, and swim in between my fingers even. If anyone's trying to find a good bottom feeder to add to there tank, I recommend a weather loach. They're absolutely wonderful!
  5. you could just let algae grow on the back. That's what I did. Mine became a dark green with spotches of brown that I think goes well with my tank.
  6. hmm..........they look gentle enough for GF, but I dunno. The only source I could find was wikipedia and they didn't say much
  7. plus common plecos will get carnivorous as they become bigger and bigger
  8. I use Access for my logs. pretty much like excel, but of course both have their ups and downs...............
  9. uh oh............that's good to know. My tank is upstairs too. Though my door is usually shut anyway I'll make sure to double check. and so sorry about your little fry.
  10. yeah algae's such a bugger sometimes. There's a lot of places where my fish could munch but I don't think they like it too much...... South Dakota algae must be different then Canada algae My tank's by the window too, and there's good lighting. So algae has no problem taking over my tank........and the top of the filters. Algae can look so cool in some places, and just awful in others.........................oy
  11. Reminds me of the joke Marlin tries to tell on "Finding Nemo"
  12. I think the smallest ones are around 6 months or so....... I've never bread goldfish so I'm not sure, but that's my guess. Then the larger ones are probably a 1 yr. to 1 1/2yr, and the eXtra large even older. but that's just a guess
  13. Oh I just love that feeling where you KNOW you can get some fish, 100 gallons..............................wow.......... ............... I wish............my room (second floor, cleaning's a nightmare *no python, all bucket by bucket*) can handle my 55 gallon tank, but I'm pretty sure the floor would give out to a 100 gal. oh that's so cool that you have that! that's gotta look amazing when it's all filled up and decorated :D
  14. Yeah I'd go with what Ranchugirl said. That also reminds me, I forgot to put aquarium salt in my tank after cleaning it............
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